February 4, 2014

Iranian Navy's 'Fateh' and 'Besat' class submarines

Transport of IRIN Fateh class submarine from ISOICO new vessel shipbuilding facility

Launched IRIN Fateh class submarine

Construction ceremony for IRIN Fateh class submarine at ISOICO Shipyard

Crew station console for IRIN Fateh class submarine

 IRIN Fateh class submarine emerging from ISOICO new vessel shipbuilding facility 

Construction of IRIN Fateh class submarine within ISOICO new vessel shipbuilding facility

IRIN Besat class submarine, under construction

Astrium imagery from 27 October 2013 depicting Fateh Class at ISOICO shipyard  [IHS Jane's]

Video documentary from Iran TV 

On Sunday, the website Military.ir published the first images of the new Iranian submarine, Fateh (‘Conqueror’). The images, like the two posted here, are video stills from the official Channel 1 TV presentation, with interesting caption: Rahi Keh Amedim (‘The Path We Have Taken.’)

The Fateh, a new class of submarine, is a major milestone for the Iranian navy. It is far more capable that the previously produced Ghadir class. The Fateh is reportedly a 600-ton diesel sub, with operational diving depth of 200 meters, and range of 5,000 km. The sub’s top speed is 14 knots. It armaments include up to 12 torpedoes and marine mines.

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