February 18, 2014

RUDRA unmanned ground vehicle with remote weapon station for counter insurgency missions.

Robots have been used since WW 2, hence the idea will be reality within a few years time.

Here are American GIs playing with Nazi Doodlebugs

The research and development establishment of India has developed the "RUDRA", a new gun mounted remotely operated vehicle. The RUDRA is especially designed for Army and Paramilitary forces to provide an autonomous vehicle to perform counter insurgency operations, hostage situations and hold-ups within buildings reducing risk for the soldiers.

The RUDRA is a remotely operated vehicle designed for offensive operations mainly in urban areas for hostage situations and counter insurgency missions. It is equipped with a 7.62mm caliber Light Machine Gun and a AGS-30 Grenade Launcher with belt feed ammunition.The RUDRA has adequate vision capability to operate both in the day and night conditions. It is controlled through a remote Master Control Station allowing the operator easy use and deploy ability. It is also equipped with an indigenous Pan-o-Vision camera which enables 180 degree view to the operator on real time. This feature allows an all-round view during a critical mission.

The RUDRA can be used with its LOS (Line Of Sight) to a maximum range of 500 m and 200 m in urban area with a maximum endurance of 3 hours.The RUDRA uses a 6x6 wheeled platform which able the vehicle to be used in all-terrain as well as suitable for urban environment.

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