April 29, 2014

Malaysian Navy chief regrets lies about Scorpene submarines functions


The Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) regrets action by certain parties who spread lies about the functions of the French made Scorpene submarines.The RMN chief, Admiral Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Jaafar said the submarine team had conducted their responsibilities to the best of their abilities and he was proud of them.

"As the navy commander, I am disappointed with the lies. The submarines and MV Mega Bakti submarine rescue vessel are brought here for public viewing during armada open day."Those who wrote negatively about assets of the country, especially the Scorpene submarines, must distinguish between reality and facts," he told reporters at the 80th anniversary celebration of the RMN, here today.Abdul Aziz said the French navy also praised the ability and efficiency of the nation's submarine team.

In another development, he said RMN vessels would continue to be involved in the search operation for Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight MH370.The deployment of additional vessels in the search operation would be announced by the Deputy Minister of Defence, Datuk Abdul Rahim Bakri."I cannot make the announcement. The RMN role is to prepare equipment as requested by the government. We are always ready," he added.Media practitioners were today given the opportunity to board the KD Tunku Abdul Rahman (Scorpene) submarine and were briefed on its functions.The RMN bought two Scorpene submarines costing RM3.4 billion to enhance its ability to protect Malaysian territorial waters


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