July 29, 2014

Turkish Air Force -Türk Hava Kuvvetleri at Anatolian Eagle

Anatolian Eagle 2014-2 exercise has been conducted at the 3rd Main Jet Bases in Konya Airport between 2-20 June 2014 with the partecipation of United Kingdom, Spain, Quatar, Jordan and Turkish Air Forces and NATO AWACS unit. Turkish Air Force fighters component was composed by 40 F-16C/Ds, both the block 30/40 version and the new block 50+ equipped with CFT (Conformal Fuel Tanks) and 11 F-4E-2020s, which were on their last Anatolian Eagle as "red forces" (and they will be retired from duty on 2020). On the last day of the exercise it has been possible to see the first operative Turkish A-400M, who flew a transport mission in Konya air bases.

Air Forces:
Turkish Air Force - Türk Hava Kuvvetleri
RAF - Royal Air Force - United Kingdom
Ejército del Aire - Spanish Air Force
Qatar Emiri Air Force
Royal Jordanian Air Force 

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