December 31, 2014

Yemen produces 400 Jalal series AFVs with anti-RPG capabilities

Yemen produces 400 Jalal series AFVs including Jalal 4 & 5 with anti-RPG capabilities.

Jalal 3 small, agile armored production of which is deployed in Yemen. Armored vehicle chassis stir at the commercial SUV that provides unification and comparative cheapness of production.
"Jalal 3" was built in 2012 and named after its inventor Hassan Bin Jalal, said

Armored vehicles designed to protect the crew from small arms defeat 7.62 mm. the main operator of the new armored Jalal 3 was the Republican Army of Yemen and internal security forces.
According to the manufacturer, at the facilities of the company in Yemen have managed to collect about 400 armored vehicles series Jalal. The new models include the "Jalal 4", "Jalal 5", which provides for the protection of portable anti-missiles RPG.

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