April 20, 2015

Video of Taiwan testing F-5 fighter leaked on Chinese video site Youku.com

Sensitive video footage of Taiwan's military testing a fighter jet has been leaked onto a Chinese video-sharing website, reports Duowei News, a US-based Chinese political news outlet.The 44-second video uploaded on popular video streaming site Youku shows Taiwan's RF-5E, the dedicated reconnaissance version of the F-5 supersonic light fighter jet, speeding along a runway at a military airbase in Hualien on the country's east coast.

The fighter jet did not successfully take off in the end but the video managed to capture a significant portion of the military base, including hangars and other facilities.The Republic of China Air Force confirmed on April 19 that the video was surreptitiously taken from the rooftop of a Carrefour supermarket outlet situated next to the base, adding that the store's owners have been contacted to ensure that customers do not attempt to do the same thing again.Civilian airlines using Hualien Airport, which is situated in the civilian area of the airbase, are required to sign a contract agreeing not to record video, take photos or take measurements of the military facilities and must prevent passengers from trespassing.

The incident comes heightened awareness over military security in Taiwan following the well-publicized Apache scandal, in which an ROC Army pilot gave a local TV personality and other civilians access to the country's most advanced attack helicopter, the AH-64E Apache, in violation of the military's regulations on visitors to military bases.Chinese netizens have laughed off Taiwan's latest military security breach and the idea that highly classified information had been leaked.

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