July 28, 2015

Pakistani Terrorists who attacked Gurdaspur caught on CCTV

Vande Mataram!!!!

IAS officer steps in to stop fake news reporter.
Their "sources" are always unnamed and unverified

The deeper you dig, there is more  shit to find.

The idea of this channel is to create confusion through disinformation so government and public do not know how to react during a terrorist attack.

The three terrorists who attacked a police station in Dinanagar area of Gurdaspur district in the Punjab on Monday morning were caught on a CCTV walking towards their target.

Footage of 4:55 AM on Monday which shows the three heavily armed Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorists walking on a road towards an eatery.

The CCTV was installed in one of the shops on the road which was used by the terrorists to walk unchallenged towards the police station. The terrorists killed seven people including one Superintendent of Police Baljeet Singh and three home guards before all of them were eliminated.Preliminary probe into the terror strike indicates that the three terrorists had entered Indian from Pakistan through Bamiyal village close to the International Border.

The Global Positioning System (GPS) sets indicate they crossed the Ravi river to enter Punjab. Sources say that the terrorists came from Mastgarh in Pakistan.


Sending terrorists is cheaper for Pakistan than waging a un-affordable non-winnable war .

Pak Army officer pension, medical and plot allocation are excluded from this figure.


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