July 29, 2015

Russia: Aviadarts-2015 holds official opening ceremony

The 2015 edition of Aviadarts was officially launched by Gen. Viktor Bondarev

The international military aviation competition Aviadarts-2015 has opened in Russia as part of the Army Games, dubbed the “world's first military Olympics.” Military aircraft from four countries will compete in live ammunition shooting at specially constructed targets.
The international segment of Aviadarts-2015 got under way in central Russia’s Ryazan Region on Monday, with participants from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and China welcoming each other ahead of the competition.

In a competition lasting until August 15, crews of fighter, bomber, ground attack, transport and long-range aircraft will take to the skies to demonstrate their flying and dogfight skills. Such fighter jets as Su-30 and Su-25, Mi-28 helicopters and Il-76 planes will compete in the precise shooting of rocket launchers and aircraft guns, directing at targets specially created on airfields for the games.

Although live ammunition will be used, the organizers have said Aviadarts is not a war game, but rather a sporting competition, with winning crews to get medals and other prizes, including vehicles. Drones will be used to monitor the competitions.

The opening ceremony featured a parade and an address by the Chief Commander of the Russian Air Force, Viktor Bondarev. According to the event's organizers, who came up with the Aviadarts games three years ago, the competition has now grown to be part of the International Army Games. The "military Olympics" also feature such competitions as Tank Biathlon, Air Defense Battle, Safe Route games among combat engineers and Safe Environment among military chemists.

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