January 31, 2016

Dopey Al Waleed attacks Donald Trump on Twitter Again

World has enough of these table cloth wearing Arrogant maniacs.

This Camel Bedouin Talal does not realize-
  • The more he attacks Trump, the more Trump becomes popular.
  • The mood in the public has changed.
  • Not many people want to see the change or want to change with the times.

Prince Alwaleed bin Talal has taken on the US GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump in a Twitter war that is fast leaving all Twitter trends far behind.

Alwaleed is the founder of Kingdom Holding and is also Citigroup's largest individual shareholder
Alwaleed said on Twitter that he has bailed out the billionaire twice – then adding that his help might be needed a third time.

This was in response to Trump’s retweet of a photoshopped image showing the prince with Fox News host Megyn Kelly, calling him a co-owner of the network.

Huffpo, via Buzzfeed, reports that the prince's tweet included news stories showing that he bought Trump's yacht in 1991, which had been turned over to creditors when he was $900 million in debt,

After trump’s call to ban Muslims from entering the United States, bin Talal urged him to quit the presidential race.

This is the world which the Saudis want to live in the future



#Saudi #Alahsa region ruler hosts #Wahhabi SaadAlBuraikwho called 4 enslaving Jewish women @USEmbassyRiyadh @cnn pic.twitter.com/8mHFRyIQSx
— Ali AlAhmed(@AliAlAhmed_en) January 29, 2016


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