March 30, 2016

US Republican Party likely heading for a SPLIT

Outsider Trump not allowed by career politicians

Corrupt controllable Hillary preferred by Establishment.

In a sign of a fractured party splitting even further apart, all three Republican presidential candidates on Tuesday walked away from their pledge to support the winner of the nomination in the general election.
Donald Trump and John Kasich said they would no longer abide by that loyalty pledge without knowing who the nominee is, while Ted Cruz made a personal and substantive case against supporting Trump.

“No, I don't anymore,” Trump said during a CNN town hall when asked if he still pledged to support the eventual party nominee if he was not deemed the winner. “I have been treated very unfairly,” he said, by the Republican National Committee, the Republican Party, and “the establishment.”
As for Cruz, Trump added: “Let me just tell you, I don't want his support.  I don't need his support. I want him to be comfortable.”

The front-runner’s remarks came shortly after Cruz said he’s “not in the habit of supporting someone who attacks my wife and my family,” referring to a recent Trump tweet going after his wife, Heidi Cruz.
“Nominating Donald Trump would be an absolute train wreck,” Cruz said. “I think it would hand the general election to Hillary Clinton.”

Kasich said he may have spoken too soon when he made the promise to back the Republican nominee. “I've got to see what happens,” Kasich said. “If the nominee is somebody who's hurting the country and dividing the country I can't stand behind him.”

The RNC pledge was initially conceived last year as an thinly veiled attempt to push Trump to rule out a third-party bid. He accepted, with the caveat that he “be treated fairly” by the party. As Trump cemented his lead in the race, the gambit appeared to have backfired.

RNC spokespersons didn't respond to messages Tuesday night seeking comment on their candidates backing off the loyalty pledge.

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