April 12, 2016

Brussels Multicultural Terrorist had rotting animal testicles and feces in backpack to poison food and water

Multicultural cuisine

Aim was to spread diseases in Brussels.

A bomb disposal robot was used to check Ameroud’s backpack, which was thought to contain explosives.But federal prosecutors today confirmed that it contained a plastic bag full of vile material including the testicles and faeces.

Such material can be used to poison food supplies, or to create a deadly concoction aimed at spreading fatal diseases.

The Brussels prosecutor issued a statement saying: ‘The rucksack contents ... could at no time have been used to make a biological weapon. This has been verified by various tests in laboratories.’
But the dangers of a terrorists creating a primitive biological arsenal have not been ruled out.
In February, 10 terrorist suspects were arrested in Morocco, and jars were seized containing dead rats, vomit, and shredded nails. It was tested on mice and they did not survive.

The known terrorists who struck in Brussels on March 22nd killing a total of 32 people at the city airport and a Metro station came from Belgium-Moroccan backgrounds.

All were linked to the Paris ISIS cell which murdered 130 people in Paris in November last year.
After the attacks, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls raised fears about biological attacks, telling the Paris parliament on November 19: ‘There may be also the risk of chemical and biological weapons.’

Ameroud, an Algerian national, was jailed in France in 2005 over the 2001 assassination of anti-Taliban Afghan leader Ahmed Shah Massoud.

He has now been charged with membership of a terrorist organisation linked to Reda Kriket, a man arrested in Paris on March 24th and accused of planning a new ISIS attack.

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