April 26, 2016

Germany plans to invest $73 million to upgrade facilities at İncirlik airbase, Turkey

Germany is planning on building a fixed location inside Turkey’s İncirlik Airbase, where it is already deploying Tornado jets and an aerial refueling jet along with hundreds of soldiers, for around 65 million euros, Germany’s Der Spiegel reported on April 25.

Germany is making plans on turning its temporary mission deployment at the İncirlik Base to combat the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) into a permanent mission, according to the German magazine.

Reportedly, a total of around 65 million euros will be spent on the construction of its permanent stations inside the base in Turkey’s southern province of Adana.

The German Air Force currently deploys six Tornado reconnaissance aircrafts, an A310 MRT aerial refueling jet and 200 military personnel at the İncirlik base.

According to the report, Germany foresees the spending of 34 million euros for a fully equipped command post, from where the German aircrafts at the base can be navigated.

Some 10 million euros is planned to be spent on an aviation area for the Tornado jets and the refueling aircraft.

Another 15 million euros will be spent on the construction of accommodations for about 400 soldiers.

A care facility with a café and place for leisure activities will cost around4.5 million euros.

The Tornado jets, which are adorned with “Recce” cameras, conduct reconnaissance flights over Syria and Iraq every day to collect data with high resolution photographs during the day and infra-red cameras during the night.

Germany is also conducting negotiations with Ankara for longer deployment of the German military staff, the report said.

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