April 6, 2016

Major assembly of AN−132D technology demonstrator completed

NTONOV Company has completed major assembly of the AN−132D aircraft−demonstrator. The tail unit was mounted on the aircraft. So, the airframe of the aircraft has been assembled: fuselage, wing and tail unit have been joined.

PW150A engines of Pratt & Whitney Canada to be delivered in April. Cooperation agreement of the AN−132 programme was signed with this company in October 2015.

Let us remind, the programme of the AN−132 light multipurpose aircraft of a new generation is realized by ANTONOV Company together with KACST, King Abdulaziz City Science and Technology, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The AN−132, intended for operation on short− and medium−haul routes, will perform various missions on cargo transportation and implement different layouts of the aircraft cargo cabin. The AN−132 will have cruising speed up to
500 km/h, cruising flight altitude up to 9000 m, payload up to 9.2 t.

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