April 12, 2016

Migrants use train carriage as BATTERING RAM to break through police barricade

The idiots inside 

HUNDREDS of migrants used a train carriage as a battering ram as they tried to smash through a police barricade on the Greece-Macedonia border.

The refugees pushed the wagon with their bare hands after filling it with rocks they had stashed inside to use as weapons against officers.

The group of migrants used the locomotive as a battering ram after hijacking it from Idomeni station.

Tensions are running high after the closure of the border between Greece and Macedonia, with thousands of refugees camped along the former crossing.

Many are living in the squalid Idomeni Camp, home to roughly 12,000 people.

One member of the mob said: "Yesterday they oppressed us, hit us with tear gas, rubber bullets, five caliber.

“They detained 10 of our friends, took them, beat them up, they even broke some bones.”

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