April 9, 2016

Watch and read PAID NEWS

Beware of PAID MEDIA+Political nexus.

PAID MEDIA will NEVER work on issues which are in PUBLIC INTEREST.

What was an advertorial on 8th April 2016

Becomes news on April 9th 2016

When in doubt search the internet and social media.

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  1. Hey, come on man, give the AAP some credit. Kejriwal and his colleagues are the only people from the political community in this country who are doing something good for the people instead of focusing only on looting the country like the Congress and BJP politicians. Have you visited the mohalla clinics that are revolutionizing healthcare in delhi for the common man, water is free for everyone and instead of having to subsidize it from government funds, the Delhi Water Board has made a profit in excess of 100 crores or so. The entire defence mechanism including procurement is a mess created by the politicians and their bureaucrats who are bent upon looting the country dry through a Ministry of Defence populated by their stooges, who are working to enrich themselves rather than upgrade the defence of our country. The entire system in India is rotten and corrupt beyond belief. We need people like Arvind Kejriwal and parties like AAP to come to power so as to shake up and uproot the system and create a new system. Defence in India would become transparent and our country would be strengthened by people with honest intentions coming to power, instead of the present system where our soldiers are dying because of lack of bulletproof vests, our artillery power is getting worse every year without addition of new artillery since bofors, our soldiers do not have night vision instruments and are getting killed by terrorists for lack of effective protection as I said above, 1000 plus T-72 tanks are unusable because of damaged turrets with a home made solution available from local industry but MOD or politicians do not have time for this. There are so many issues that can be resolved in a matter of weeks if there is good intention, but the political class from Congress and BJP do not have good intentions for the benefit of the country. Their agenda is to swell their bank balance through graft, particularly in defence.

    You are a good person, so you should be more analyzing and questioning the current system than targeting somebody like Arvind Kejriwal who is trying to bring down this rotten system and replace it with something better.


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