May 27, 2016

Fourth Frigate Gepard for the Vietnamese Navy was Launched in Tatarstan

The fourth frigate "Gepard-3.9" for the Navy of Vietnam into the water at the Zelenodolsk plant named after Gorky in Tatarstan. Told Tass the official representative of the plant Andrey Spiridonov.

"Fourth" Gepard-3.9 "launched in a ceremony attended by representatives of Vietnam and the" Rosoboronexport ", - said Spiridonov." A bottle of champagne on board the vessel broke Commissioner Vietnamese Navy Vice Admiral Dinh Nhat Over ", - he added.

As noted by the agency, until the end of summer, the frigate will be in the water area of ​​the plant where the vessel will install the latest items of equipment. "On sea trials planned to send a frigate in September 2016", - said Spiridonov.

In 2011, the plant delivered the first two Vietnamese Navy frigate "Gepard-3.9", the third "Gepard-3.9" was launched in April 2016.

Patrol Frigates Project 11661 (code "Gepard") are constructed at the Zelenodolsk plant named after Gorky in 1990. They are designed to search and anti-submarine, surface and air targets, a patrol, conducting convoy operations, as well as protection of the marine economic zone. Ship displacement of 1.5 thousand tons, they are equipped with artillery, antiship, anti-aircraft and anti-submarine weaponry.

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