May 2, 2016

Taiwan deploys one squadron of IDFs closer to China

Translated from Chinese
Air Force "Logitech Force" 4-9 Yue stationed in Penghu Magong Airport, the Air Force deployed IDF Ching-kuo fighter, executed in the Taiwan Strait the first line of defense warning, interception mission, currently stationed executable ground attack missions "Xiang after the show performance "fighters.

Penghu Makung airport belongs to the Air Force training base in summer, from April to September sent by the IDF Air Force fighters stationed, governs the western waters of Taiwan's airspace safe, summer training troops, code-named "Logitech" stationed Makung airport to facilitate the training of troops.

Air Penghu Logitech forces from 1964 began, early stationed F-5E fighter, IDF fighters into the military after taking over the task. After the Logitech Force warplanes stationed in Makung airport, military, civil aircraft must coordinate the runway order to match the combat mission, to ensure the Taiwan Strait aviation security; Air Force recently demonstrated standby Ching-kuo fighter, mounted only with two sword and 1 gold sword two air-to-air missile.

The Air Force said the day is the norm horse encamping task, the task purpose is to let the Air Force combat Zhihui Bu on scheduling can be more flexible and increase troop readiness to implement the pre-transition training, upgrade its forces troops maneuvering ability, different bases have different security Hugh questions, you can learn in the process how to plan logistics transport.

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