May 15, 2016

Top Moroccan jihadist killed by the Syrian Army in Latakia

The Moroccan leader of Harakat Sham Al-Islam, ‘Azzam Al-Mughrabi, and his bodyguard, Bilal Al-Mughrabi, were reportedly killed by a missile strike in northern Latakia on Saturday. The missile strike was conducted by the Syrian Arab Army’s Special Forces after they were provided intel and satellite images from their Russian military advisers in the Latakia Governorate. Harakat Sham Al-Islam is a notorious terrorist group that was founded by former Guantanamo Bay detainees in 2013.

Since their founding, they have aided the Syrian opposition forces in northern Syria by specifically targeting the Syrian government forces near the vast border-crossing into Turkey’s Hatay Province. This Islamist group was designated as a terrorist group by the United States in September of 2014.

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