June 23, 2016

Australian PC-21s to Get TERPROM

Pilatus has selected UTC Aerospace Systems' TERPROM terrain referenced navigation (TRN) system for the Australian Defense Force's (ADF) Pilatus PC-21 training aircraft. UTC Aerospace announced the selection on 13 June.

The system will be fitted on all 49 ADF PC-21 aircraft, providing trainee crews with obstruction warning and cueing, predictive ground collision avoidance and drift-free terrain referenced navigation.

TERPROM offers TRN capabilities for navigation, including in GPS-denied and low-level environments. It uses a loaded digital map and on-board sensors for ground collision avoidance and obstruction warning, while maintaining zero forward electronic emissions.

UTC Aerospace Systems will also provide simulator software for the ADF's ground-based training equipment.

Kevin Pindard, managing director, UTC Aerospace Systems Sensors and Integrated Systems, said: ‘This combination of ground-based and airborne TERPROM software allows us to support our customer, Pilatus, in delivering world-class pilot training to the ADF. With this innovative technology already in use on the Australian jet trainers, there is commonality for crew across training systems.’

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