October 3, 2016

Chinese C-704 anti ship missiles used to sink UAE Navy HSV-2 Swift

Smuggled in via Iran
On 16 March 2011, Israel Defense Forces intercepted a shipment of six C-704 missiles with launchers and Kelvin Hughes radar units, along with other munitions aboard the Liberian-flagged cargo vessel Victoria managed by a French shipping company en route from Turkey to Alexandria in international waters by Israeli Navy. The missiles were suspected to be of Iranian origin, being shipped to Hamas in the Gaza Strip for use in attacks on Israeli Naval vessels.


C-704 is a Chinese anti-ship missile. The missile was developed by the third research institute of the Chinese Aerospace Group, also the manufacturer of the C-701

On 14 September 2016, the Indonesian president witnessed two failed firings of C-705 missiles during a demonstration by the Indonesian Navy. The first missile failed to launch on command but fired unexpectedly five minutes later and didn't hit the target. The second missile fired as expected but failed during flight.

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