October 4, 2016

Dassault Aviation alliance with India's Reliance

Lets wait to see if ADAG can pull this one off


After the sale of 36 Rafale, Dassault form a joint venture with the largest private company in India. This partnership should help meet the demands of compensation.

Dassault will be associated in India with Reliance Group, a company controlled by billionaire Anil Ambani, to create the joint venture Dassault Reliance Aerospace. In India, the Ambani family controls companies that generate more than 20% of exports ...

Announced in the wake of the sale of 36 Rafale, 23 September, for almost 8 billion euros, this project should allow Dassault to reinvest, as required under the contract, in military and aerospace activities on site as compensation. "Dassault Reliance Aerospace will be a key player in implementing the Rafale contract offset obligations in India," confirmed the two groups in a statement.

In India, Reliance choosing not surprised. ? In 2012, Dassault, which had been designated winner to equip the countries of fighter aircraft, has signed a partnership agreement with Ambani. At the time, the French group had signed with Reliance Industries, the conglomerate of Mukesh, Anil's elder brother. Meanwhile and following of family negotiations, Mukesh abandoned the defense sector in favor of his younger Anil and Reliance Group.

Gnashing of teeth

The latter made his first steps in defense by taking control in March 2015, the shipyard Pipavav Defence and Offshore Engineering. The arrival of the billionaire in the sector often cringe. Not so much because of the inexperience of the group or its' limited ability to manufacture finished products, "as insinuated by the boss of a group of Indian defense, but because of the statements often die-piece Anil Ambani. "On several occasions, he announced he was the chosen partner in joint ventures, without it is done, says a trader, referring to the production of Kamov 226T helicopters in partnership with Russia. He even said he would Antonov military transport aircraft in India! "" Anil Ambani is in debt, he even struggled to repay loans, says an industry, but it is very well connected with our NSA, the National Security Advisor. "

From scratch in a complicated sector does not effrayie the Ambani. The elder, Mukesh, first wealth of the country is trying to revolutionize the telecom market with its start-up Jio, even as his brother Anil has cemented his own empire in telecoms after various mergers. Dassault and prefers an alliance with a group dynamic private or controversial, an alliance with the public aerospace company Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL). Eric Trappier, CEO of Dassault Aviation, promises that the joint venture will "develop major Indian programs with major technology transfer for the benefit of the entire aerospace sector."

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