June 21, 2017

Pakistani JF-17 shoots down Iranian drone over Pakistani Airspace

Terrorist supporting Pakistan at odds with all its neighbors 

An Iranian spy drone was shot down by PAF JF17 over Panjgur, Balochistan, some 45km inside Pakistan territory on Tuesday.

The incident is first of its kind in the history of two Islamic neighbours, which share a 900 kilometre long porous border.The drone’s downing was reported amid an emergency flag meeting between Pakistani and Iranian officials following the unprovoked firing of several mortar shells into Pakistani territory over the weekend.

On Sunday, Iranian border security forces launched several mortar shells near Prom, an area of Panjgur. No causality has been reported.

On May 27, a mortar shell fired from Iranian side in Panjgur district of Balochistan had killed one person.

On May 21, at least five mortar shells were fired into Taftan, Balochistan from the Iranian border.

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