January 21, 2017

B-2 Bomber Returns From Strike Mission Over Libya

Anti-missile shield destroyed in the province of Marib, Serwah

January 20, 2017

Syrian army captures Afra town in Wadi Barada region - west Damascus

Thailand Aims to Operate Fleet of Three Submarines by 2026

The Royal Thai Navy (RTN) has outlined a requirement to operationalise its planned fleet of three submarines by 2026, and is currently in the process of submitting this proposal to the country's military government.

The matter was disclosed by Captain Prawoot Rodmanee, chief of the RTN's submarine squadron, during his presentation at UDT Asia 2017 in Singapore on 17 January. The captain was giving a brief on the RTN's plans for the future, including updates to the service's plans to establish a submarine fleet.

Thailand is largely believed to be acquiring the S26T (Thailand) diesel-electric submarine (SSK), a modified export version of the Yuan-class (Type 041) platform from China.

Japan to Provide Vietnam With 6 Patrol Boats to Boost Security in S China Sea

Tokyo is expected to give Hanoi six patrol boats to help its maritime security efforts in the South China Sea, Kyodo news agency reported Monday, citing Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

 According to Kyodo, Abe said that the boats would be provided under the framework of a new $1-billion loan and aimed at strengthening bilateral cooperation.

The South China Sea dispute revolves around the Spratly Islands, which are believed to be rich in oil and gas reserves. Beijing’s territorial claims to the Spratly Islands run counter to those of Vietnam, as well as Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines and Taiwan.

Thai Navy to Retire Ratcharit-, Prabparapak-Class Missile Boats Over Next 10 Years

The Royal Thai Navy will retire its entire fleet of missile-capable patrol boats by 2026. Service is eyeing larger platforms such as LPDs and frigates in the coming years.

As part of its efforts to prepare the Royal Thai Navy (RTN) for future maritime security challenges, the service will progressively decommission its Ratcharit and Prabparapak classes of missile-armed patrol boats by 2026.

The vessels, which have been in service since the 1970s, are now less relevant given the rise of asymmetric security challenges, such as maritime terrorism and piracy, said Captain Prawoot Rodmanee, chief of the RTN's submarine squadron, during his presentation at UDT Asia 2017 in Singapore on 17 January.

Malaysia Bolsters Submarine Rescue Capabilities with USN Certification

The privately owned Malaysian submarine rescue ship, MV Mega Bakti, has received certification from the US Navy (USN) as an approved commercial vessel of opportunity (VOO), and can now be deployed to rescue distressed submariners, a senior Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) confirmed on 17 January.

The certification, which was received in mid-2016 following a number of pre-screening processes by the USN, will further boost the submarine rescue capabilities in the region, said Rear Admiral Abdul Rahman Ayub, Submarine Force Commander of the RMN, on 17 January. He was speaking at the UDT Asia 2017 conference in Singapore.

Mega Bakti, which is owned by Malaysian company Target Resources, is currently contracted to provide submarine rescue services for the RMN.

Indonesia Approves Acquisition of Five Airbus A400Ms for USD2 Billion

The Indonesian government has approved the acquisition of five new Airbus A400M multirole aircraft. The acquisition is a significant step in the Indonesian Air Force's modernisation efforts

Indonesia has approved a sum of USD2 billion for the acquisition of five Airbus A400M Atlas multirole aircraft to boost the country's military airlift capabilities, multiple sources from within Indonesia's government and defence industry confirmed to IHS Jane's on 18 January.

The airframes will be acquired in the transport and utility configuration, and will be operated across the Indonesian Air Force's (Tentara Nasional Indonesia - Angkatan Udara: TNI-AU's) Aviation Squadrons 31 and 32.

The acquisition, which received an official greenlight from the Indonesian House of Representatives' commission on defence, intelligence, and foreign affairs (Komisi I) in mid-January 2017, was approved with the condition that the final three airframes undergo final fit-out at state-owned PT Dirgantara's facilities in Bandung.

IHS Jane's also understands that provisions will be made in the contract to allow Indonesian engineers to study and observe the assembly of various major aircraft components, including wings and fuselage shells, for the first two airframes in Seville, Spain.

Indonesian defence minister Ryamizard Ryacudu first indicated in mid-2016 that the government is considering the acquisition of A400M aircraft to bolster the TNI-AU's military airlift and transport capabilities, although no details on numbers were given then.

According to specifications provided by Airbus, the A400M can carry a maximum payload of 37 tonnes with a volume of 340 m3 in the logistics configuration. The aircraft can also accommodate up to 116 fully equipped soldiers or paratroopers, seated in four longitudinal rows, in the military transport configuration.

At its maximum payload, the A400M has an operating range of 1,780 n miles (3,300 km), while with a payload of up to 25 tonnes, the aircraft can take off and land on austere airstrips as short as 750 m.

Belgian Defense - Final preparations for candidate NCOs

SyAAF Su-22 releasing flares after bombing #ISIS near Tiyas airbase, Homs

Cloud Leopard 8X8 IFV Panoramic Vehicular Imaging System

January 18, 2017

H160 Cold Weather campaign

Beluga XL: Airbus' next-generation cargo airlifter

CCTV - China 10 DF-21C Ballistic Missiles Salvo Launch

EADS C295 Refuelling Helicopter

RAF strike on Daesh remotely piloted vehicle base in Mosul

US troops perform drills in Poland

South Korean - K-2 Black Ticket Combat Shooting Training Video

Damaging a Saudi military vehicles in Rabuah Assir

Iran’s air defenses fire anti-aircraft guns at quadcopter

An unknown quadcopter entered the no-fly zone Iran’s capital Tehran on Jan. 16 and local forces fired anti-aircraft guns at it to force it away.

First Chinese woman to fly the AH-1W

1st Lt. Chen Pin-fen from the Republic of China Army’s Aviation and Special Forces Command is the first woman from the island qualified to fly the Bell AH-1W attack helicopter.

January 16, 2017

This is the cop-hating America Obama has created

Italy - Somali migrants in Florence try to STORM into Italian government office

Spanish Police seize jihadi weapons

Protests against Merkel Mutti

CNN fake news

Future concepts from BAE Systems: Atmospheric Lens

SpaceX Iridium-1 Technical Webcast

Training mission between US Navy Hornet/Super Hornet and French Navy Rafale M during deployment in Middle East

Very low altitude training mission in northern Chad for this two French Air Force Rafale

Footage of Syrian army operation in support of RuAF against IS Jihadists in east Homs

Russia MOD - Army Air Defence Ground Forces Live Firing

January 14, 2017

Saab JAS 39 Gripen C (701110) crash in Thailand

Russian Air Force "Terminator" and Mi-35M "Crocodile"

Operations against PKK YPG SDF in Tunceli rural areas by Turkish commandos

Coalition airstrike destroys Da'esh fighting position near Mosul, Iraq

Russian Security 24 hours a day: why the C-300 can not be taken by surprise

Syrian army captures Bassema in Wadi Barada region west of Damascus

First A330neo painting

January 13, 2017

PHL Interested in Russian Drones

Will PH Buy Submarine from Russia?

Department of National Defense (DND) Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said Russia has offered to sell a submarine to the Philippines to boost the modernization program of the military.

Russia’s package offer is also accompanied with drones and military hardware according to Lorenzana.

Due to high cost of Russia’s submarine, Lorenzana said he would decline its procurement because it is too expensive and the military does not need it right now.

He said the defense department is looking at the acquisition of drones and sniper rifles. “The drones, we can get them,” Lorenzana said.

Meanwhile, President Rodrigo Duterte has expressed interest in getting sniper rifles from Russia, but Lorenzana said these were not yet available during his recent visit to Moscow.

Defence Confirms Block 3i Final Upgrade for RAAF F-35As

The Royal Australian Air Force’s first two Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II Joint Strike Fighters have been upgraded with the final iteration of the aircraft’s Block 3i interim software release, the Department of Defence has confirmed.

“The two Australian F-35A have been loaded with the final release of Block 3i (3iP6) during September 2016,” a Defence spokesperson told Australian Aviation via emailed statement on January 4.

“Among other capabilities, the 3iP6 software enabled the aircraft to conduct its first weapons release.”

That first weapons release was conducted in December when F-35A A35-002 released a 500lb GBU-12 laser-guided bomb from its starboard side internal weapons bay over the Barry M Goldwater range in southwest Arizona.

A35-002 is one of the first two RAAF F-35As that are currently based at Luke Air Force Base, west of Phoenix. The aircraft were built with an earlier Block 3i software load which restricted them to an interim training and warfighting capability.

“The next block of software is Block 3F, and is the final release of software under the System Development and Demonstration phase, which is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2017,” the Defence spokesperson said.

Russian Company Delivers Missile Test Monitoring Stations to Vietnam

Four Sazhen-TA mobile stations intended for visual measurements during missile armament tests were supplied and deployed in Vietnam by Russia’s NPK Precision Instrument-Making Systems, the company said on Jan 9.

"Startup work was completed and four video theodolite posts 14Sh27 [Sazhen-TA mobile optical-electronic system] were put into service," the company said on its website.

Russian specialists also trained Vietnam’s counterparts in equipment handling and participated in launches of observation targets.Sazhen-TA mobile system for outer trajectory measurements provides for measurements of the range and angular coordinates of targets in visible and IR bands and for recording of target flight phases.

Thailand to Terminate Contract of Oplot Tanks

Thailand Ministry of Defense to terminate the contract with Kiev on supply tanks "Oplot" because of the failure by the Ukrainian side of the agreement, according to Ukrainian edition of "Vesti" referring to the statement by the head of the military department of the Thai Pravita Vongsumona.

According to General Vongsumona, according to the contract signed yet in 2011, the Thai army was to receive 49 tanks by October 2017, but began to supply problems. Last year, the Ukrainian side has provided only 20 tanks. In Bangkok, it said that the situation is mainly due to the internal situation in Ukraine.

After that the army committee of Thailand, making decisions about procurement of military equipment, reduced the volume of orders in the Ukraine, and then completely transferred to tanks in China. With China signed a contract to supply 28 armored VT-4 with the possibility of increasing the order.

Israeli strikes on Mezzeh airport in Damascus

Pakistani Terrrorist Hafiz Saeed at Markaz Al Qadsia, Lahore

IAF Chief ACM Dhanoa flies a MiG-21M... SOLO

Israeli Air Force jets have struck a Syrian military airbase near Damascus

Photo Of A CV-22 Osprey Tilt-Rotor aircraft at Night

Perdix Swarm Demo

F-22 Raptor at Nellis

Aerial Drone Footage of M777 Howitzer Artillery Live Fire

January 12, 2017

Indian Navy - INS Khanderi....Second of the Project 75 Scorpene Submarines all set for launch

Named after Khanderi Island?
Khanderi fort was built during the reign of the Maratha king Shivaji in 1660 CE to keep a check on the Siddis at Murud-Janjira fort and was the site of many battles between Shivaji's forces and the navy of Sidi

Did Pakistan Fake Babur-III Launch Video?

100% fake

Missile is while when it comes out of water then it changes color to red.

Syria - ISIS hurl gay prisoner off a roof in front of baying crowd in Mosul



First photos of J-10B fighter air refueling

Germany: Merkel guest (so-called refugee) riots in Bautzen

China-made Highway Bridge and Economic Corridor in Pakistan

Pakistan has swindled Uncle Sam for last 50+ years
Now Pakistan is swindling China (with cheap loans)

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