July 12, 2018

Thai Army Tests Firing of the ATMM 120mm Mortar

TATA-JLR trucks used

On 4 July Royal Thai Army Infantry Center at Artillery Firing Range, Artillery Center, Fort Phaholyothin (Phahonyothin), Lopburi Province held firing test of 120mm ATMM.

The 120mm Autonomous Truck Mounted Mortar-ATMM operated by the Royal Thai Air Force Training Center at the Royal Thai Artillery Training Ground Khao Phlun Army Artillery Center in Lopburi province.

It is a milestone in the development of the project. Weapon Production Center Defense Industry and Energy Center, Ministry of Defense together with Elbit Systems Land and C4I, Israel, the series will feature shooting tests and demonstrations of at least two ATMM 120mm rubber bombs, together with surveillance and pointing systems. Forward Observer and Company Fire Direction Center.

ATM's rubber wheel is based on the 120mm Elbit Soltam SPEAR launch platform mounted on the truck. Automatic fire detection system (automatic coordinates and direction) and automatic fire control and firing system.

Engine mounted on military trucks. TATA 715c 4x4 size 2.5tons of India with engine power 155HP. Tank capacity 200liter. Operating range 350km. Top speed on road 80km/h. Top speed on terrain 30km/h.

The military says the TATA is a military truck used by the Indian Army. which has the capacity and durability to meet the needs of civilian trucks such as Isuzu or Hino can not meet this demand.

Shotgun firing axle rubber ATMM 120mm with shot angle 800-1511mils 800mils left shank 800mils right shank 800mils, distance shot 5.6km, distance shot with 120 seconds shooting rate 10 shots per minute with 4 gunner.

It will produce the 9th Infantry Regiment Heavy Bomb Regiment and 1 Infantry Training Center for 10 training systems, including the company's automatic fire control and firing 4 system, and arrow 1 system, total 5 systems.

The ATMM prototypes have been tested successfully in Israel and have already delivered four systems, all of which will be delivered to users in the future.ATMM 120mm is a joint development project between Israel and Thailand. The second project is the development of a self propelled howitzer. The ATMG: Autonomous Truck Mounted Gun 155mm six systems for Thailand Army Corps Artillery, and six systems was ordered by Thai Marines that was created in Thailand by technology transfer from the Elbit company Israel.

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