July 12, 2018

Vietnam will Soon Own a Facility for Maintenance and Repair of Modern Submarines

Vietnamese submarine (photo: ttxvn) Currently, the Vietnam Air Force has an A32 capable of repairing the Su-27 fighter. The Navy will have similar facilities to provide technical support for the Kilo 636 submarine. Vietnam National Defense Museum said that the X52 Factory - Marine Engineering Department has gradually formed. Over the past two years, the repair of naval vessels has gone awry. In 2017, nearly 20 ships are directly repaired. In addition, the plant is responsible for repairing the end of a submarine warranty and maintenance of many other submarines, this is the premise for superiors to trust the task more difficult.

In the process of completing material facilities and technical and professional forces for technical and technological cadres who have experience in designing, researching, building and repairing ships and boats Not afraid to take on difficult tasks. The unit also worked closely with the 189th Brigade's Submarine Training Center for engineers to capture the equipment on board.

Types of surface combattans are being repaired at Factory X52 (photo: QPVN) With 3 out of 4 component projects that are nearing completion, the X52 plant is continuing to refurbish the equipment system so that by 2019 it will be able to bring submarines into maintenance and repairs as specified by the manufacturer at home. machine, instead of roving repair at the port unit. The nearest goal of the X52 is to confidently repair items on a submarine that require complexity, accuracy and high levels of precision. From the beginning of 2018, the X52 factory is determined to actively prepare, repair and maintenance of submarines is an important strategic task must have a roadmap and high determination.

The Naval Forces with the highest objective of ensuring safety in both deep sea and ocean training. Thus, after the Air Defense and Air Force has a capable A32 refinery for overhaul Su-22, Su-27 fighter and near future Su-30MK2 fighter, Quan The Navy also plans to maintain the latest in surface watercraft and submarines. Not only that, X52 is also known as one of the largest shipbuilders in the whole army, ie We can hope that the "Made in Viet Nam" Large water splashes and modern equipment to enhance the capacity of protecting the sovereignty of the island. 

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