July 23, 2019

Royal Thai Navy Coastal Patrol Boat will be Equipped with Russian AK-306 Machine Gun

Naval Ordnance Department, Royal Thai Navy publish 2 documents for the procurement of fire control systems and related equipment were announced. The project for the supply of  two coastal patrol boat.

The budget amount received is at 459,000,000 baht ($ 14,825,689), set the middle price (reference price) in the amount of 455,557,764.44 baht ($ 14,747,834.19), the source price from EA Aviation Co. Ltd (EA Aviation Co. Ltd) for Fire Control System and 2 related equipment for 2 coastal patrol boat.

Previously, the Naval Acquisition Management Office The Royal Thai Navy has issued a project document to purchase a 30mm machine gun system with 2 related equipment. The project for the supply of two coastal patrol boats on the 5th April 2019.

Budget amount that has been allocated and the reference price is valued 140,000,000 baht ($ 4,527,390), the source of the medium price from Aura Sky Group Co. Ltd., when combined with details from the purchase documents for the fire control system for the new coastal patrol boat two  ships at Marsun PCL (Marsun PCL) were selected, so it should be clear that the Thai Navy will supply Russian 30mm AK-306 type guns as the main weapon against the new ship.

According to information from Rosoboronexport The Russian government's munitions weapons management department, AK-306, is a mechanical turret system that is a Close-In Weapon System (CIWS) designed for self-defense of ships. With the ability to resist aircraft, helicopters and other air attack weapons as well as attacking specific surface targets and hunt to destroy mines, target enemy infantry without cover and the location of the firing base on the coast.

AK-306 is controlled by the camera The Eletro-Optical OPU-1 is designed to replace the old 30mm twin AK-230 guns on boats with small AK-306 water droplets attached to the six-barreled cannon. The AO-18L has a small dimension. Lightweight. There is a system for loading ammunition in the shelter under the deck

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