February 8, 2020

Malaysia Looking to Buy New Medium-Range Anti-Tank Guided Missiles

Malaysia has requested bids for the supply of an undisclosed number of medium-range, anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) that are likely to be deployed from the Malaysian Army's future 4×4 vehicles.

The request, which was published by the Ministry of Defense (MoD) in Kuala Lumpur on 24 January, invites responses by 18 February, but provides no further details.

Jane's understands that the ATGMs are meant to arm 24 new 4×4 weapon carriers that the Malaysian Army is seeking to acquire. The request for bids for these vehicles was published in August 2019, with the document stating that the service is looking for four 4×4 variants capable of carrying different types of weapons, including ATGMs, 12.7 mm and 7.62 mm machine guns, and automatic grenade launchers.

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