June 3, 2020

Thai Army Plans to Improve the Bofors 40mm L70 AAA

According to the Army Ordnance Department Royal Thai Army announces a project to repair a 40mm L/70 Bofors anti-aircraft artillery gun, fixing the reference mid price on February 26, 2020 valued 446,500,000 baht ($ 13,996,873.07), unit price 23,500,000 baht ($ 736,677.53), source middle price (reference price), to the Armisys Supply Company Limited.

The project announcement corresponds to the document. Thai Innovation Account Additional March 2020, which registered the Security Equipment Code 13020008, the 40mm L/70 type anti-aircraft artillery equipment, which is a Thai innovation work of Thai Armisys Supply.

It is understood that the Thai Army has a map will repair, improve, enhance the efficiency of the Swedish Bofors 40mm L/70, which has been used for decades to extend the service life and remain active.

Currently, the unit depends directly on Air defense units such as the Royal Thai Air Force Artillery Battalion The 1st Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment, with AA Bofors 40mm L/70 stationed with radar, and fire control radar the Hollandse Signaal Flycatcher since the 1980s.

Before that, the Office of Army Military Research and Development, together with Kasetsart University developed, designed and manufactured a set of waterproof rubber ring used in the heavy-duty, smooth-moving round cannon, the GOR. 34 GHN45A1, the medium-curvy trajectory cannon, the cover of the C25 M198, and the smooth-grind heavy-duty gun 20 M71 of the 155 mm replacement type. The production line has been discontinued.

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