July 10, 2020

Turkish Sikorsky S70 helicopter crash lands due to Engine failure

Turkish Al Watiya air base attacked

China's first Kuaizhou-11 Rocket Launch Fails

Made in China 

Xi Jinping Pong family

Chinese Communist party looks like a giant Ponzi scheme

Xi Heping - Xi Jinping's sister committed suicide after suffering at the hands of Chinese Communist party 

Xi Jinping has a sister in Canada, a brother and sister in Hong Kong and a daughter that graduated from Harvard. His sister Xi Qiaoqiao and her husband Deng Jiagui own a major real estate company named Beijing Central People's Trust Real Estate Development Corporation Ltd. According to dissident Yue Jie they have the easiest method of doing business: Many local government officials offer the company the best land in order to improve their relationship with Xi Jinping.

Made in China underground parking lot elevator door opened without the lift inside.

Car driver killed

StormBreaker® smart weapon integration on the F-15E Strike Eagle

The AMRAAM®-ER Missile Goes Long and Flies High

StormBreaker® smart weapon employed from a Joint Strike Fighter

Joint Strike Missile destroys target in challenging flight scenario

Veterans React to Under Siege and Rambo

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