April 30, 2016

Vice - What It's Really Like to Fight for the Islamic State

Shows Islamic State fighters in disarray in a gun fight.

Featuring - Abu Ridhwan and Abu Hajaar(aka dumb ass according to his accomplices)

Abu Hajaar's boss gives SHORT CUT TO PARADISE pep talk.

Abu Hajaar forgets to remove safety cap from RPG

Abu Hajaar retreats

Islamic State Released New French-Language Nashid Video Featured Its Child Soldiers ("Cubs Of The Caliphate")

Pics from today's victory parade in Donetsk

100% sure, there will be no shortage of volunteers 

Pakistani Hardcore Jihadi has sent 5 sons to West for better life

Look at his face when he is asked the question.

He is in the business of getting other peoples' kids killed for Jihad

When Jounalists are unable to take criticism

This is the kind of democracy they serve

Strangely they think only they can set agenda for public discourse.

TV journalism is a one way street when people do not question "NEWS"

Social media allows people to ask questions to so called MAIN STREAM MEDIA.

This is a world wide phenomenon
Presstitution is rampant in Europe &US as well

Excellent interview why journalists&MSM are losing credibility. They're being activists & politicians, not journos.

360 View | First Stage Landing on Droneship

Use the arrows in the top left corner

Russian Northern Fleet Submarine Severodvinsk successfully fires cruise missile "Caliber"

Soldiers of the 14th division / Iraqi army repel an ISIS assault on their position

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