May 25, 2015

Australian navy Air Warfare Destroyer - Hobart class HMAS Hobart launched

Chinese PLAAF WZ-10 attack helicopters

New Shami Witness pops up

Twitter vigilantes far better than Sarkari babu intelligence agencies

Latest photos of ISIS activites(like the one below) being circulated thru Twitter handle @helium61

handling attack codes

Below tweet is to escape automatic detection by twitter scanning bot

Libya's Ansaral Sharia uses images of Hollande, el-Sisi and Heftir as shooting targets for sniper training

ISIS released pictures of the weapons looted in the al-Waleed border crossing

Slovakia- US Air Force A-10 Thunderbolt II aircraft at Sliac Air Base

India-Singapore bilateral naval exercise SIMBEX-15 commences in Singapore

Bilateral naval exercise SIMBEX-15 between India and Singapore commenced on 23 May 2015 in Singapore. It is 3 days exercise which will conclude on May 26, 2015. This edition of naval exercise will give traditional emphasis on anti-submarine warfare (ASW) and more complex maritime exercises. It will involve various facets of naval operations such as air and surface practice firing, air defence, maritime security and search & rescue operations. For this edition of exercise, Indian navy is represented by
INS Satpura- an indigenously built guided missile stealth frigate with integral helicopter.
INS Kamorta- an indigenous anti-submarine warfare (ASW) corvette.
P 8I aircraft- It is a long Range Maritime Reconnaissance Anti- Submarine (LRMRASW) aircraft.

From the Singaporean side, Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) ship Supreme and submarine Archer along with MPA and fighter aircraft are participating. 

Great leader with new haircut visits North Korean People's Army 264 Joint Forces Command

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