April 4, 2020

Red Flag 16-4 • Nellis AFB

U32 - German Submarine Soldiers | Full Documentary

Capt. Crozier departing USS Theodore Roosevelt

IAF formations

Police officials in Pakistan Karachi were manhandled and almost lynched while trying to enforce a ban on congregating for Friday prayers

First LRIP Hawkei Vehicles Delivered to Australian Motorised Infantry Battalion

The 1st Battalion Royal Australian Regiment released an image on its Facebook page on 24 March showing five recently delivered Hawkei vehicles (photos : Australian Army)

An Australian Army motorised infantry battalion has taken delivery of several Hawkei Protected Mobility Vehicles - Light from what is believed to be the first low-rate initial production (LRIP) batch of the 4×4 vehicles.

The 1st Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (RAR) based in Townsville, Queensland, disclosed on its website that it had formally taken delivery on 24 March of at least five Hawkeis to complement its current motorised capability of Bushmaster Protected Military Vehicles - Medium.

Under an AUD1.3 billion (USD975 million) contract signed in October 2015 Thales Australia was to supply 1,100 of the seven-tonne vehicles - along with 1,058 companion trainers - to replace the majority of the army's blast-protected Land Rover fleet in command, liaison, utility, and reconnaissance roles.

The Hawkei project has been delayed because of reliability and design issues. In July 2019 Thales bought bankrupt Hawkei engine manufacturer Steyr Motors after the Austrian company went into receivership in February 2019, putting at risk the supply of engines to the Hawkei programme.

Death Valley Days

April 3, 2020

Vietnam's New-Found Submarine Power

Vietnam’s Navy is now equipped with six powerful Kilo-class submarines, the last one arriving in January from Russia.

In December 2009, Vietnam inked a deal worth $2 billion with Russia to buy six Kilo-class diesel-electric submarines to strengthen its maritime forces. The contract, one of the largest in the history of Russian exports of naval equipment, also includes training programs for Vietnamese crew in Russia.

The country established a modern submarine fleet in 2013, after the first submarine named HQ-182 Hanoi was delivered.

Kilo-class submarines are among the most popular in the world. Algeria, China, India, Iran, Poland and Romania are among the countries that are using or have ordered them.

The making of Vietnam’s Kilo-class submarines

Vietnam’s Kilo-class submarines were built at Admiralty Verfi, one of Russia’s oldest shipyards in Saint Petersburg, where more than 2,300 ships including armored and patrol vessels, and more than 300 submarines including nuclear submarines, have been built over its 313 years in operation.

Construction of the first submarine in the pack started in August 2010 and took two years to complete. The submarine has performed more than 100 successful trial journeys with 53 officers and crew members on board who trained for months in Russia.

The rest were built and launched over the next four years. They were named after Vietnam’s largest cities and important port locations Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong, Da Nang, Khanh Hoa and Ba Ria-Vung Tau.

Kilo-class 101

Kilo class submarines feature advanced stealth technology, extended combat range and ability to strike land, surface and underwater targets. The ships displace 3,100 tons, reach speeds of 20 knots, can dive to 300 meters with a range of 9,600 kilometers, and carry crews of 52 people over 45 days.

The submarines feature 533-milimeter torpedo tubes and are armed with torpedoes, mines and Kalibr 3M-54 (NATO SS-N-27 Sizzler) cruise missiles, mainly intended for anti-shipping and anti-submarine missions in relatively shallow waters.

The Vietnamese fleet is an improved version of the Kilo class submarines, which can operate in shallow waters and can sail near the seabed more effectively than other submarines. With low noise emissions and visibility, the class has been labeled “black holes” by the U.S. Navy due to their quiet operations.

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