January 28, 2015

US funded and unfunded liabilites

With US in deep debt, it is trying to destroy Russian Rouble

Thats Trillion with a T

This debt is never going to be paid back.


Syria war - Hazzm Movement destroys a 152mm D-20 near Sevat, Syria using TOW ATGM

Kim Jong-un visits North Korean soldiers in combat training

JF-17 Thunder inducted in PAF Combat Commanders School

Pakistan's Air Force yesterday formally inducted indigenously-built JF-17 Thunder fighter jets into its combat school.The PAF said that a special ceremony was held at the Combat Commanders' School at PAF Base Mushaf to include the fighter in the country's defence force.

The jets carried out a display that was met with applause by a jubilant crowd that had gathered for the ceremony.

Pakistani female teachers learn to use AK-47 on campus

Made in China armed Rainbow UAV crashes during trials in Nigeria

Missiles still loaded on the overturned UAV

The IS' Ninawa division published photos of fighters in its sniper battalion

Russia Rouble Rubble

International banking cartel at work.

Putin and Russian Army can be only stopped this way.

Russians have already survived Napoleon, Stalin, Hitler and 1991 collapse.