May 30, 2016

Coalition airstrike destroys Islamic State oil pump-jack near Ar Raqqah, Syria

South Korea modifying the Mk 41 VLS on Sejong the Great-class destroyers

As part of its long-term plan to arm its Sejong the Great-class destroyers with the SM-3 and SM-6 air intercept missiles, the South Korean Navy is proceeding with the Mk 41 VLS on three existing ships.

Islamic State Releases Video Featuring Its Mali, Nigeria, Senegal and Ghanaian Fighters

World wide chaos and killings

Royal Thailand Navy S-70B did well against USS San Francisco during ASW exercise

The Royal Thai Navy and the U.S. Navy carried the bilateral Exercise Guardian Sea in the Andaman Sea May 23-27 and a senior RTN officer said his service’s S-70B anti-submarine helicopter did very well in the exercise.

Immigration Riots in Australia

Pro Vs Anti Refugee riots

Indian Navy's second Scorpene under construction at Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders

Look how the French police are treating their citizens

Islamic State use tunnels/caves to avoid airstrikes + to escape after attacks on #Iraq's forces

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