February 7, 2016

Saudi Army - Laughing stock of the world

Ill equipped Houthi men wearing sandals are beating the crap out of Saudis.

North Korean long-range missile launch

IFR 2016 Brand Ambasadors

Syrian Army has completely surrounded Darayya

Saudi Special forces to arrive in Syria

Syrian Army : Battle of Mayer and Battle of Rityan in northern Aleppo

Saudi, Qatari, Turkish Moderate beheaders on the run

This is just the 5th Month that Russia entered the war on 30 Sept 2015

Thousands of German Patriots rally at PEGIDA Dresden 06-02-2016

Merkel listen to the voices of German patriots.

These are not right wing racists.

Indian Navy International Fleet Review 2016

February 6, 2016

Pakistan suicide bomb attack 06-02-2016

Fruits of Karma
Pakistan Army has been using terrorists and militants as a part of foreign policy against its neighbors.

Eight killed, 35 injured as suicide attack targets security forces' vehicle in Quetta

मरो सालों

A suicide attack targetted a security forces' vehicle near the premises of the heavily guarded Quetta district courts on Saturday.

At least eight people, including two Frontier Corps (FC) personnel, were reportedly killed and at least 35 others were wounded in the powerful explosion.

DIG Imtiaz Shah confirmed it was a suicide attack and the attacker blew himself up near a vehicle belonging to the FC.

The banned Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has claimed responsibility for the attack in an email sent to journalists. The claim could not be independently verified.

Balochistan province's home secretary Akbar Durrani told journalists that six people were injured in the blast.

"We can not ascertain right now whether it was an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) or a suicide bomb attack," said Akbar Durrani.

The blast partially damaged the security forces' vehicle and shattered the window panes of nearby buildings.

Television footage showed several wounded FC personnel being shifted from the scene.

Rescue and emergency teams reached the blast site. An emergency was declared in all nearby hospitals, while the wounded have been shifted to Civil Hospital Quetta.

Traffic in the area is usually jam-packed with a market, district ans sessions courts and a number of government building situated in the vicinity.
The explosion was heard in a wide area.

Quetta is the provincial capital of Balochistan. The province has been experiencing incident violence and targeted killings since more than a decade.

The largest province of the country by area, is home to a low-level insurgency by ethnic Baloch separatists. Al Qaeda-linked and sectarian militants also operate in the region.

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