May 29, 2020

Sea fighting drill Lotta 20 - Readiness is always secured

RQ-4s coming to Yokota Air Base, Japan again

The U.S. Air Force is deploying six RQ-4s to Yokota Air Base, Japan this week. This was disclosed in a notice from Japan’s Ministry of Defense.

Blue Impulse’s flight over Tokyo to salute COVID-19 essential workers

Indian Air Force sends Chinook to village on the border with Myanmar

A Indian Air Force Chinook helicopter has been operating in the Vijaynagar area in Arunachal Pradesh. Less than 5 kilometers from the border with Myanmar.

Military Excalibur Round Precision Hit From 65 kilometers at U S Army Yuma Proving Ground

Boeing resumes production of 737 Max planes

Lost Soviet Tanks and experimental Panzer Maus factory.

Enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group

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