August 21, 2019

US and Israel conduct joint tanker hijacking exercise

U.S. Navy completed the first system-level tests of SPY-6(V)2 radar

F-35B carried out first live-firing of AIM-9X in Indo-Pacific region

A F-35B from VMFA-121 has carried out the first operational live-fire of the AIM-9X missile in the Indo-Pacific region on Aug. 7.

DSCA has announced FMS package of 66 F-16C/D Block 70s to Taiwan

The U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agency has notified Congress on the Foreign Military Sale of 66 F-16C/D Block 70 fighters to Taiwan.

Thai UH-60s with MAWS

Photos from the Thai military taken during a recent exercise shows the UH-60 equipped with a missile approach warning system (MAWS) similar to the Elbit PAWS.

Ahmed Khan's nephew offers SSG Commando Ahmed Khan's 9 year old son for Kashmir Jihad

9 year old children in the the country against which NEW Jihad is being launched just watched a NEW satellite launched  in Moons orbit yesterday.

Watch at 3 mins into the video. 

Father got killed in Jihad now 9 year old son wants to fight in jihad.

He is also asking Chief of Army Staff Bajwa and western womanizer PM Imran Khan permission to fight Jihad in Kashmir at 3.45 mins.

Hatred and Anger only makes one loose ones thinking ability.

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