November 30, 2017

Venezuela Nov. 27, 1992, F-16 pilot, Lt. Beltran Vielma shot down an OV-10 Bronco with his M61A1 canon

U.S. Army Field Artillery Conducts Strikes Against ISIS

U.S. Army 3rd Brigade 10th Mountain Division 5-25 Field Artillery, Charley Battery conducts artillery strikes against ISIS near Al Qaim, Iraq, Nov. 07, 2017. 3rd Brigade 10th Mtn. Div. conducted a multitude of strikes supporting Iraqi security forces on ground to liberate the Al Qaim area in Iraq from ISIS as part of Combined Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve, the global Coalition to defeat ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

Israeli All-Female Soldier Tank Detachment

Repair of parachutes of the German Bundeswehr

J-11 fighters in Chinese Red Sword exercises

RoKAF F-16 dropped Spice 2000 PGM in East Sea shortly after North Korea launched Hwasong-15 ICBM

South Korea’s military was well prepared for North Korea’s launch of Hwasong-15 ICBM on Nov. 29. Six minutes after the missile lifted off, the South launched a 20-minute live-fire drill starting from 0323hrs.

First Il78M-90A aerial tanker rolled out

Battery Powered Train | Fully Charged

Finnish Army - UUSIMAA17 - Readiness and joint operations

November 29, 2017

RTAF is Deploying the Indigenous-Developed U-1 UAV

RTAF put the full system of RTAF U-1 on display at Defense and Security 2017. Overall configuration is resembled the R V Connex's Sky Scout configuration with some notable different such as winglet. RTAF ordered 17 U-1 from the assemble-partner R V Connex

The ground control station will be built from the second-hand container. Design by R V Connex, the station features 3 consoles as well as directional and omnidirectional antenna.

RTAF also put forward the research and development of Tigershark - now a technology demonstration platform - into the last step of its 20 years UAV development master plan that will include the study in the armed variant of the UAV before moving into the development of MALE UAV.

Chinese female sniper hits five hidden targets in five shots 350 meters away

PLAAF conducted exercise in SCS lately, JH-7A escorted by J-11B penetrated air defense unit

F-15 deploying flares

Top Chinese Central Military Commission general in graft probe commits suicide by hanging in Beijing

Had made enormous property holdings of unknown origin

General Zhang Yang, a former head of the powerful Central Military Commission’s (CMC) political work department, committed suicide last week, Chinese state media reported on Tuesday.

A source close to the former Guangzhou Military Command told Zhang, 66, had hanged himself at his home in Beijing on the morning of November 23, and the news of his death had been relayed to all five PLA theatre commands over the past few days.

Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption drive brings down more generals than 20th century warfare

A Xinhua report confirmed the circumstances of his death. It said Zhang had been linked to former disgraced CMC vice-chairmen Guo Boxiong and Xu Caihou, and was suspected of serious disciplinary violations – a euphemism for corruption.
Guo, 75, a CMC vice-chairman between 2002 and 2012, is serving a life sentence in jail for graft. Xu, a CMC vice-chairman between 2004 and 2012, died of cancer in 2015 at the age of 72 while in custody and under investigation for graft.

Xinhua said an investigation showed Zhang owned “enormous property holdings of unknown origin” – an indication he had taken bribes. It said he had been living at home while under investigation.
An article posted on the website of the PLA Daily on Tuesday said: “Zhang, a paramount and powerful heavyweight, used such a shameful way to end his life.” It described his suicide as a “bad move to escape punishment”.

The article said the investigation of Zhang had been part of the Communist Party’s anti-graft work to root out the “harmful influence left by Guo and Xu”. It said Zhang had pretended to be a loyal official, but was a person without a “moral bottom line who severely harmed the party’s image”.
Zhang and another military heavyweight, former chief of general staff General Fang Fenghui, were left off the list of PLA delegates to the party’s national congress in Beijing last month.

In late August, state media reported that Fang’s had been replaced as chief of general staff by war hero General Li Zuocheng, while Admiral Miao Hua had taken over Zhang’s political work in the CMC.
Sources close to the military told the Post earlier that both Zhang and Fang were taken away for questioning over corruption on the same day soon afterwards.
Xinhua’s report of Zhang’s death said he had been summoned for questioning by the CMC on August 28.
Another source, based in Beijing, said Zhang and Fang were brought down by an internal political struggle ahead of the five-yearly party congress.
Former CMC vice-chairmen Guo Boxiong (left) and Xu Caihou. Photo: SCMP Pictures

 fruit that smells like gym socks is skyrocketing thanks to demand from China

B-1B LANCER Marshalling

RMAF F/A-18D had to be diverted to Kuching International Airport due to nose landing gear indicator issue

A Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) F/A-18D had to be diverted to Kuching International Airport on Nov. 28 for a precautionary landing after the nose landing gear indicator indicated a fault.

French Special Forces- 25th anniversary

Serial Killer Roaming The Streets of Chicago

908th EARS KC-10 Extender Refuels F-22 Raptors At Night

November 28, 2017

Israeli Naval Iron Dome operational

Defence Minister of Singapore Dr. Ng Eng Hen after his flight of Indian Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas at Air Force Station, Kalaikunda

RAF Typhoon aircraft along-side a Qatar AF Mirage jet

Human-robot duo dance a beautiful duet

F-35 Flight SIM - LSO Station

Iraqi military admirers said the fighting capability of China's Rainbow UAV

Japanese X-2 managed to collect most flight data with 34 flights, RCS perform better than expected

A Japanese defense official told Bradley Perrett of Aviation Week that the X-2 stealth demonstrator has collected more of the data required with just 34 flights.

Latest photos of Shenyang J-31

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