May 31, 2015

Why can human beings not live this way

In harmony with nature?

Failed state - Pakistan

Home minister blames RAW as death toll climbs to 22

Balochistan Home Minister Sarfaraz Bugti laid the blame on India’s spy agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) for the deadly attack on bus passengers in Mastung late Friday night

“RAW is involved in the incident because India is against the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor agreement,” Bugti said at a press conference in Quetta.

Bugti added that so far seven suspected militants were killed in search operations in which 500 security personnel are taking part.

The death toll of the horrific Mastung massacre that took place in late Friday night has risen to 22, after Balochistan Levies found another body this morning.Earlier during the day, a large number of people including relatives of the victims of the Mastung tragedy staged a sit-in in front of the Governor House to protest the brutal kidnapping and butchering of the bus passengers.

According to reports, the protesters also laid down dead bodies of 16 people in front of the governor’s residence. The protesters also tried to enter the CM house but were pushed back by the police when they started shelling.The protesters later agreed to bury their relatives after they spoke with Chief Minister Balochistan Abdul Malik Baloch.

“Security forces are taking action against the culprits,” he told protesters.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif also telephoned CM Balochistan and told him that an All Parties Conference will be held in Quetta some time next week to discuss how to promote peace in the region.

Pakistani strategies against Terrorists

KC-390 Protection Comes First

Indian Navy aicrcraft carrier INS Vikrant undocking postponed

To be commissioned in 2018

Computer rendering

Siltation and a minor technical glitch in lowering the building bay dock gate, which was last operated when the maiden indigenous aircraft carrier INS Vikrant was taken in post-launch for the second phase of work a year-and-a-half ago, have forced the Cochin Shipyard to defer the undocking of the carrier to Monday.

The aircraft carrier was to have been undocked on completion of structural work on Saturday.

Flooding of the dock and ballasting of the carrier, weighing about 26,000 tonnes minus the ballast, had begun on Friday.

However, unfavourable tide and a bit of siltation at the dock mouth besides a minor glitch with the dock gate forced the undocking to be put off. Sources said the carrier would continue to be outfitted for over a year-and-a-half after undocking when the second phase of construction would draw to a close. The yard considers this to be the most challenging phase during which cabling, piping, accommodation facility, air conditioning and ventilation systems would be done.

Once complete, the carrier will have some 2,300 compartments.

US Paratroopers Urban Combat

Ukrainian new tank FMBT, FICV & FMFAV

ISIS blows up infamous Palmyra Prison in Syria

ISIS claims to have seized some advanced anti-tank Kornet missiles in Baiji

Iraq - ISIS beheaded 2 men in Nineveh saying they are Spoilers in the earth (Bandits)

May 30, 2015

Yemen - Houthis arrest suicide bomber in Sanaa Mosque with chemical explosives inside sandals

A Mall is a military target according to the Saudi Government

Newport News Shipbuilding - John Warner (SSN 785) Nuclear Fast Attack Submarine Sea Trials

IS executes two young men in Derna in Libya accused of robbery

Swedish navy operations

Extraordinary blood-red sandstorms sweep over East Libya halting fighting

Will they heed god's subtle message to stop fighting ?

Libya - Islamic State releases photos of spoils of war after capturing the man-made river barracks near Libya's Sirte

Birdie-eye view of Australian HMAS Canberra

Syrian rebel pro commando raid vs. ISIS-held building North of Aleppo

The new ELINT ship of Royal Norwegian Navy FS Marjata vising Cheatham Annex Naval Station in US

The submarines operated by the states of the Asia-Pacific region as of May 2015

China's Richest Lost $6 Billion in One Day This Week. They're Still Up $83 Billion This Year

More money, more ambitions of Communist party of China

May 29, 2015

ISIS spoils in Palmyra: 40 ammo dep, 12,000 machine guns, 21 tanks, 14 trucks, anti-tank missiles

Saudi Arabia - The moment of the explosion while the Imam performing the friday sermon

Chinese Weapons Spotted on Disputed Island, U.S. Says

The United States has spotted a pair of mobile artillery vehicles on an artificial island that China is building in the South China Sea, a resource-rich stretch of ocean crossed by vital shipping lanes, American officials said.China’s construction program on previously uninhabited atolls and reefs in the Spratly Islands has already raised alarm and drawn protests from other countries in the region, whose claims to parts of the South China Sea overlap with China’s.

Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter called this week for China to halt the construction, saying that international law did not recognize Chinese claims of sovereignty over the new territories and that American warships and military aircraft would continue to operate in the area.The artillery was spotted by satellites and surveillance aircraft about a month ago, and the two vehicles have since been either hidden or removed, according to an American official who spoke about intelligence matters on the condition of anonymity. The official added that even if the weapons remain on the island, they pose no threat to American naval forces or aircraft in the region, though the guns could reach some nearby islands claimed by other countries.

With Mr. Carter in Singapore to attend the Shangri-La Dialogue, a high-profile annual Asian security meeting that Chinese officials are also attending, American officials were reluctant to publicly discuss the intelligence they had collected about the artillery.Brent Colburn, a spokesman traveling with Mr. Carter, would say only that the United States was aware of the weapons, whose detection was first reported by The Wall Street Journal.

Senator John McCain, the Arizona Republican who heads the Senate Armed Services Committee, criticized China’s deployment of artillery on the island as “a disturbing development and escalatory development.”

“Their actions are in violation of international law, and their actions are going to be condemned by everyone in the world,” Mr. McCain was quoted by Reuters as saying in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where he stopped on Friday on his way to Singapore for the security conference.“We are not going to have a conflict with China,” he said, “but we can take certain measures which will be a disincentive to China to continue these kinds of activities.”There was no immediate comment from Chinese officials about the weapons.

China has said that it was building the artificial islands largely for civilian purposes, but it has not hidden the fact that it also envisions a military role for them.In April, Hua Chunying, the spokeswoman for China’s foreign ministry, told reporters that the islands would be used to aid the country’s defense, though she did not provide details. “Such constructions are within China’s sovereignty and are fair, reasonable, lawful and do not affect nor target any country, and are beyond reproach,” she said.The United States disagrees, and American officials have stressed in recent days that the American-dominated security order in the region should be respected because it has brought calm and prosperity.

The implication is that China is threatening to upend that system, but the American officials have hesitated to say so directly, preferring to talk in generalities about all countries needing to find diplomatic solutions to their disputes in the South China Sea.Still, American officials have not been shy about pointing out that China has created roughly 2,000 acres of new land in the South China Sea, three quarters of it this year. The United States has also released video images taken by surveillance aircraft showing Chinese ships and dredges building runways and harbors on remote outcroppings in the sea.

TEASER: Gripen the Smart Fighter

Brave Balochistani freedom fighters

Humping Pakistan Army

Close up photos of PLA Navy 054A - Linyi - 547

Photos - Turkish Navy. net

054A -  Linyi - 547 - Photographed as it leaves the Bosphorus straits via Istanbul after training with the Russian navy in the Black sea.

Sensors and
processing systems:
Type 382 Radar (Upgraded fromType 381 Radar "Sea Eagle S/C") 3D air/surface search radar
Type 344 Radar (Mineral-ME Band Stand) OTH target acquisition and SSM fire control radar
4 x Type 345 Radar(MR-90 Front Dome) SAM fire control radars
MR-36A surface search radar, I-band
Type 347G 76 mm gun fire control radar
2 x Racal RM-1290 navigation radars, I-band
MGK-335 medium frequency active/passive sonar system
ZKJ-4B/6 (developed from Thomson-CSF TAVITAC) combat data system
HN-900 Data link (Chinese equivalent of Link 11A/B, to be upgraded)
AKD5000S Ku band SATCOM
Electronic warfare
and decoys:
Type 922-1 radar warning receiver
HZ-100 ECM & ELINT system
Kashtan-3 missile jamming system
Armament:1 x 32-cell VLS HQ-16 SAM / anti submarine rocket launcher
2 x 4 C-803 anti-ship / land attack cruise missiles
1 x PJ26 76 mm dual purpose gun
2 x Type 730 7-barrel 30 mm CIWS guns
2 x 3 324mm YU-7 ASW torpedolaunchers
2 x 6 Type 87 240mm anti-submarine rocket launcher (36 rockets carried)
2 x Type 726-4 18-tube decoy rocket launchers

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