February 25, 2022

Life in the Taliban's Afghanistan

War in Europe - Drama in Ukraine (1/2)

February 24, 2022

Russian helicopters reportedly near Kiev, Ukraine - Capital KYIV likely to fall to Russia very soon

Video of the Ka-52 crash in Vyshegorod Kiev

Attack said to be near Trypilska thermal plant along Dnieper

Video of an aircraft shootdown over Kyiv Ukraine

🔴 Russian War In Ukraine - Russian MI-8 Helicopter Dodges Ukrainian Anti-Air Missile Near Kyiv

SAMSON RWS Family - Setting a new standard for Remote Weapon Systems

Belgorod region Russia - MBRLs probably

Russian military paratroopers land in Ukraine, near Kharkov

Video of aftermath of missile strike taking out Ukrainian air defense near Mariupol

Russian Cruise missile flying over Kherson

Russian troops crossing into Ukraine from Crimea

Bm-30 Smerch launch from Belgorod, Russia towards Ukraine

Ukraine - Footage of the airport bombing in Ivano-Frankivsk

Russian KA-52 flying over Crimea

Sirens going off in Kiev. Martial Law has been declared in Ukraine

Russian MLRS fire from Belgorod to Kharkiv

A Russian Iskander-K cruise missile being launched by Russia towards Ukraine

Ukranian frontline casualties

Russia's Defense Ministry says Ukrainian air defenses have been 'neutralized' - TASS

Ukraine's central military command reports Russia bombed several airports, including Kyiv Boryspil, Nikolaev, Kramatorsk, Kherson. Kharkiv military airport is burning

Russian VDV squads on parachute over Kharkov city, Ukraine

A cruise missile fired by the Russian army fell on Kiev Ukraine

LIVE: Full scale invasion of Ukraine

Ukraine declares state of emergency

Russian MLRS strikes impacting on the outskirts of Kharkiv in Ukraine

Map with some of the Russian attacks being reported across Ukraine



Breaking: Footage from Kyiv

Ukraine - Battle of Kyiv - Footage of Ukraine’s air defence system engaged over Kyiv right now

Attacks in Mariupol , Ukraine - 5 to 6 am local time

Indian Navy destroyer INS Visakhapatnam test-firing a BrahMos in the Bay of Bengal

February 10, 2022

First autonomous Black Hawk flight

DARPA, together with Sikorsky, has completed the first autonomous flight of the UH-60A Black Hawk on Feb. 5.

Argentina orders RBS 70 NG for Air Force and Army

The Argentinean government has ordered additional RBS 70 NG systems for its Air Force and Army, Saab reports.

Inside Ukraine's training camp for foreign fighters

WION ringside at Ukraine military drill

What Will Actually Happen if Russia Invades Ukraine

Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird | New York to London in 1h 54 mins

24 hours in the French Alps with the Chasseurs Alpins 🏔🇫🇷

How America Launches Precision Air Strikes Around The World | Battlezone | War Stories

February 4, 2022

USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) Operations in the Philippine Sea

RAAF - New Super Hornet crews graduate

Deadly Underwater Kamikaze Submarine Killers That Haunted US Navy Ships

Royal New Zealand Navy's HMNZS Aotearoa - resupplying Antarctica

Chinese Soldiers Panicked Into Retreat In Galwan, 38 Drowned - Report




The account of the Galwan violence in Australian newspaper "The Klaxon" -- pieced together by a group of social media researchers -- claims the Chinese soldiers who drowned in the Galwan river in June 2020, were in retreat after the clash with Indian troops. The report says China had lost 42 soldiers in the clash -- many more than the four it had claimed. The "PLA soldiers panicked into retreat" and at least 38 of them were washed away, the report said.

Anthony Klan, the Editor of The Klaxon, said that the Indian soldiers had come to ascertain whether the Chinese has removed their encampments in the buffer zone when the scuffle broke out. "In heading back across the river... the evidence is, the Chinese soldiers got washed away," he said, adding that much of this information was from "first-hand accounts deleted from the Chinese social media".In its report, The Klaxon said India's Colonel Santosh Babu and his troops had gone to the disputed area on June 15 to attempt to remove the Chinese encroachment, where People's Liberation Army Colonel Qi Fabao was present along with nearly 150 soldiers. But Qi Fabao "ordered his troops to form a battle formation, instead of discussing the issue on the lines of mutual consent made on June 6, 2021".

Colonel Fabao attacked the Indian troops and to allow him to escape, two other PLA officers -- battalion commander Chen Hongjun and soldier Chen Xiangrong -- started a physical scuffle with the Indian troops, using steel pipes, sticks and stones. Colonel Fabao was "hit in the head by an Indian army solider", and "rushed back with serious injuries", the report read.

Quoting the social media researchers' report titled "Galwan Decoded", The Klaxon then reported that Hongjun and Xiangrong were "immediately silenced by the Indian army".

It said that "after Col. Fabao left the arena", and watching the "bodies of Major Chen Hongrun, Junior Sargeant Xiao Siyan and Private Chen Xianrong," that "PLA soldiers panicked into retreat".He was feted as a hero by the Chinese state media, which reported his inclusion in the games.

Beijing went to "extreme lengths to silence discussion about the battle" and in particular, any "discussion about the true number Chinese casualties'', the Australian daily reported.

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