March 31, 2021

Russia - The final stage of the exercise with the tankers of the Kantemirovsk division


The second flight of the Il-112V military transport aircraft took place


Tsar Bomba - Not The Most Powerful


March 30, 2021

Fourth Myanmar Frigate under Construction

 Fourth frigate of the Myanmar Army (all photos : Jason007)

A fourth nationally built frigate is under construction at the Myanmar naval shipyard in Sinmalayik, Yangon. It is reported that the construction of the ship is carried out with the technical assistance of the PRC and the DPRK. 

The frigate, made with the use of Stealth technology elements in the structure, has a hull length of 135 meters and a displacement of 4500 tons.

It is also reported that this is the first frigate in the Myanmar navy to be equipped with a universal launcher with 16 cells for anti-aircraft guided missiles.

Royal Thai Navy Succesful Firing Harpoon Block 1C Missile

 Firing of Harpoon Block 1C missile from HMTS Taksin 422 successfully destroy a 100 km target (all photos : RTN)

On March, 25 2021, the Navy is conducting a historic firing of Harpoon Block 1C, defining a firing area in the Andaman Sea about 130 nautical miles west of Phuket (or approximately 240 kilometers) missile fired at a distance of 55 nautical miles, or about 100 kilometers, this is the longest shot ever fired in the ASEAN region using actual bomb heads, operated by the Navy independently of the host country or other. 

The practice of firing the Harpoon Block 1C missile is a relatively long period of time, and it is still in the lifespan of this fire. It is the success of the Royal Thai Navy that is no less than anyone else in the region, and it is a continuation of the skill, knowledge of the operation to be a guarantee of the maritime nation. 

The Harpoon missile n can be regarded as a strategic weapons.

The Most Powerful Tanks on the Battlefield Today


Shield Africa 2021 Security and Defense Exhibition will take place in Côte d'Ivoire 7 - 10 June 2021




Combat firing of air defense systems in Buryatia


March 26, 2021

Copycat J-16 Jet "Much Superior" to the Su-30: Chinese PLA Pilot


China’s J-16 fighter jet, widely considered a copycat of the Russian Su-30, is “much superior to other similar aircraft including the Su-30,” according to a People’s Liberation Army (PLA) pilot.

"In terms of performance, the J-16 is a superior to all types of aircraft I have flown. Speaking of the control capacity of the aircraft, the J-16 is a 3.5 generation plane with huge breakthroughs in radar and fire control systems in comparison with previous aircraft,” said Wang Songxi, a flying instructor at the People's Liberation Army Northern Theater Command Air Force, during an interview with China Central Television (CCTV) on Tuesday.

Wang brags that the “J-16 has no flaws” because “it is equipped with many types of weapons and can operate under all weather conditions.”Drawing comparisons with the Su-30, he says, while normal people usually can't tell the difference between the two jets from their appearance, many things are difference from the inside.The Su-30 started out as an internal development project in the Su-27 family by Sukhoi. Russian Su-27 air superiority fighters were purchased by China in the 1990s. The J-16 is a Su-30 derivative improved by replacing Russian subsystems with Chinese subsystems, and adding compatibility with Chinese weapons. It is now fitted with an AESA radar and is powered by Chinese Shenyang WS-10A engine. Weight is reduced through greater use of composite materials.

China has also developed an Electronic Warfare variant, the J-16D. It is equipped with wingtip EW pods; and an internal EW system replaces infrared search and track (IRST) and 30 mm cannon.

“There is a gap that makes the J-16 a generation more advanced than the Su-30,” Wang notes.He also says that the J-16 has an upper hand even over the single-seat, single-engine J-10C since it is powered by two engines and is flown by two pilots.Wang said he once had a chance to fly the JL-10 trainer jet and conduct ground attack exercise with rocket projectiles with remarkable results. When compared with the JL-10, the J-16's land attack capability is even stronger, Wang said.

The J-16 has reportedly been improved for better stealth capability. It is now being coated in silver-gray radar-absorbent paint, making it less visible to the naked eye and electromagnetic devices.Fu Qianshao, a Chinese military aviation expert, told the Global Times that the aerodynamic design of the J-16 stresses maneuverability rather than stealth but the coating can make it more difficult to detect.

A new era for the Tomahawk cruise missile


US Soldiers Participate in Squad Live Fire Training Event


RAAF - Pilot Officer John Lewin


India - Akash NG in the Pokhran Field Test Range, Jaisalmer

 The Indian Army and Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) on Tuesday successfully conducted the launch of the new generation of Akash missile from Pokhran Field Firing range in Jaisalmer district.The upgraded Army version missile has been fired from a heavy mobility truck. The new generation missile is designed for use

by the Indian Air Force (IAF) and Indian Army in order to intercept high-manoeuvring aerial threats. The Indian Army artillery will become stronger from the missile. An official source said, “The surface-to-air missile was fired on Tuesday. The Akash-NG (new-generation) missile will be used by the Indian Army and Indian Air Force to intercept high-manoeuvring low radar cross-section aerial threats. The missile intercepted the target with textbook precision. The launch met all the test objectives by performing high manoeuvres during the trajectory. The missile is capable of engaging in multiple targets in real time. The missile has an intercept range of 40km with the missile guidance system being more accurate now along with the fire control system.A defence source said, “The performance of the command and control system, on-board avionics and aerodynamic configuration of the missile was successfully validated during the trial. Several range instruments including radar, EOTS and telemetry systems were used while monitoring the entire path of the missile during the test launch.”

The source said that during the test launch, the entire flight path of the missile was monitored and the flight data was captured

by various range instruments. The multi-function radar was tested for its capability of integration with the system. The range of

the missile is from 1.8 to 2.5 Mach. The missile could be fired from tanks which are stable or even from moving surface life

warships and trucks.

Indian Navy - INS Chilka


Rafael - I-Derby ER 100 km Air-to-Air Missile Test


Israel - Additional Leap Forward in the Development of the IRON DOME


Australia Selects Saab 9LV Combat System for New Vessels

 With this announcement means Saab’s CMS will be equipped on six of the RAN’s classes of vessels: Anzac, Canberra, Supply, Arafura, Mine Countermeasures and Military Survey Vessels (image : NavalNews)Defence Industry Minister Melissa Price has confirmed the selection of the Saab 9LV combat system for the RAN’s planned mine warfare vessels and survey vessels.

To be based on the same Luerssen OPV80 design as that of the Navy’s planned 12 Arafura class offshore patrol vessels, the new vessels will be the fifth and sixth vessel classes in the RAN to operate Saab’s combat system.“We’re proud this expansion will now see us equip six of the Royal Australian Navy’s classes of vessels: ANZAC, Canberra, Supply, Arafura, Maritime Mine Countermeasures, and Military Survey Vessels,” a SAAB statement on LinkedIn reads. “In addition, we are also delivering the Australian Interface for the Hunter class frigates and Hobart class destroyers.”

The Commonwealth announced in January 2021 that the new mine warfare and survey ships would be based on the same design as that of the Arafura class, although has not yet specified how many of each vessel will be required nor when they will be built.

GDLS W MUTT with Precision Remotes TRAP T 360 M2 RWS payload. Modular Mission Payload RWS


March 24, 2021

Russia - Shooting mortars in the Samara region


China MoD confirmed that a Z-10K attack helicopter on routine training mission crashed in Changsha, Hunan Province on March 19


How Turkey's Bayraktar TB2 has become one of the most feared drones in the world


French Army new recruit training documentary


Group Arabian Sea Warfare Exercise 21 Underway in U.S. 5th Fleet


U.S. Navy’s New Tomahawk Missile is More Deadliest Ship-Killer


Know Your Tasks: M249 Machine Gun


Indian Talwar Class Frigate – The Fearsome Hunter


Crazy Air Assault Disaster Story


USS Gerald R. Ford and ITS Cavour operating together


March 23, 2021

Indian Army Orders 1,300 Mahindra Light Specialist Vehicles


The Indian Ministry of Defence signed a contract with Mahindra Defence Systems Ltd (MDSL) for supply of 1,300 Light Specialist Vehicles to the Indian Army, at a cost of INR 1,056 crore (~$146 million), in New Delhi, today.

The induction of vehicles is planned to be completed in four years.

The Light Specialist Vehicle is a modern fighting vehicle and will be authorised to various fighting units for carriage of Medium Machine Guns, Automatic Grenade Launchers as well as Anti-tank Guided Missiles.

The Light Specialist Vehicle is indigenously designed and developed by MDSL. These combat vehicles are agile with all round protection against small arms fire and will assist small independent detachments which are required to operate this weapon platform in the operational area.

Israel Tests BARAK ER Missile

 Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) today completed a series of live firing trials with the BARAK Air Defense System that involved the interception of a target by the BARAK ER missile.

The BARAK ER (extended range) interceptor combines the capability to intercept air defense threats at a long range of 150 km and ballistic targets as part of IAI’s BARAK interceptors’ family of various ranges.

The extended range capability is made possible in part by adjusting the interceptor and MMR radar capabilities to a 150 km range. The vertically launched missile includes a booster, a dual-pulse rocket motor, and an advanced radar homing seeker.

Future Soldier | British Army


Vietnam Received the Third Division of Missile Systems K-300P "Bastion-P"

 It looks like Vietnam received the third division of the K-300P Bastion-P missile systems. 

A new report from the Vietnamese TV channel QPVN tells about the preparation of combat crews of the coastal mobile missile systems K-300P "Bastion-P" in the newly formed 682nd regiment of the Coastal Missile Forces of the Vietnamese Navy. 

Let me remind you that the Bastion-P complexes, delivered from Russia in 2011, are part of the 681st coastal missile regiment stationed in Phan Thiet (Binh Thuan province).

Russia - Mi-26 transported a Su-27 fighter on an external sling to the Leningrad region


PreView - The Future of Military Engines


Two Aircraft Carriers Sail Together • American & Italian


B-2 Spirit • Touch Down and Hot Refuel • Lajes Field, Azores


US troops practice island warfare concepts designed to control Western Pacific sea lanes


South Korean - 703 Commando Regiment


March 22, 2021

UAP Disclosure


India - Indigenous Warship INLCU L-58 Commissioned

 IN LCU L-58, the 8th and the last ship under Project LCU Mark IV, delivered by GRSE on 31 December 2020 was commissioned on 18 March at Port Blair in the presence of Lieutenant General Manoj Pande – Commander-in-Chief Andaman & Nicobar Command (CINCAN). The ceremony was attended by Chairman & Managing Director, GRSE Rear Admiral V K Saxena (Retd), and other senior officials of the Indian Navy and GRSE.

The entire design of the 8 Landing Craft Utility (LCU) Mark IV ships has been developed in-house by GRSE as per requirements specified by Indian Navy including a speed of 15 knots. LCU MK-IV is an amphibious ship with its primary role being transportation and deployment of Main Battle Tanks, Armored Vehicles, troops and equipment from ship to shore. The ships are equipped with Bow Ramps to enable loading/unloading of combat equipment and vehicles upon beaching. These are biggest & fastest Landing Craft Utility vessels worldwide in its category.

Philippine Air Force Eyes Total of 24 Super Tucanos


The Philippine Air Force (PAF) is eyeing to acquire a total of 24 A-29B Super Tucanos. PAF is currently operating 6 Super Tucanos which were commissioned to service under 15th Strike Wing in October 2020.

“This is a project that was 12 years in the making as part of the revised Armed Forces of the Philippines Modernization Program (AFPMP). The project has fi nally come to fruition and six (6) aircraft were offi cially commissioned to the Philippine Air Force, under 15th Strike Wing, on 13 October 2020, with additional 12 more aircraft by 2022 and six (6) more on the way ahead for a total of 24 Tucanos soaring the Philippine skies by the end of 2024,” PAF said in its recently release publication Flight Plan: New Hope.“The A-29B Super Tucano is a durable, light attack aircraft, Forward Operating Base (FOB) capable with a low maintenance and operational cost, with the capability for day and night operations and non-precision and precision guided air munitions delivery,” it explained.

PAF said that the Super Tucano is highly maneuverable and capable of reaching a maximum speed of 590 km/h or 320 knots.“It has a low heat signature and incorporates 4th generation avionics and weapons system (electro-optical and infrared system capable, laser range finder and data link, net centric data recorder) inside a modern and functional cockpit,” it added.

“With these capabilities, the PAF will use the new aircraft for Close Air Support (CAS), Light Attack, as well as Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions,” PAF said.

France, Belgium, Japan and the U.S. participating in GASWEX 21

 During the French carrier strike group mission CLEMENCEAU 21, exercise GASWEX (Group Arabian Sea Warfare Exercise) brings together American, Belgian, French and Japanese naval assets, in a combined, multilateral surface, air and sub-surface training. Around french aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle appear the US guided-missile cruiser Port Royal and the US amphibious assault ship Makin Island, the Belgian frigate Leopold the 1st, the Japanese destroyer Ariake, and the French frigate Provence. GASWEX exercise aims is to improve operational effectiveness and enhance interoperability between partners.

USS Dwight D. Eisenhower arrives in Greece

USS Dwight D. Eisenhower arrives in Souda, Crete on Mar. 20 and Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis will board the ship on Mar. 23.

Japan - Final flight of JASDF NAMC YS-11

The Japan Air Self-Defense Force retired its YS-11 on Mar. 17.

Unmanned Surface Vehicles USVs in the U.S. Navy


The AH-64 Apache Helicopter Is Arguable The Most Famous Military Vehicle


US Air Force Upgrade Brand New HH-60W Helicopter worth up to $1 Billion Dollar


Harmony Week 2021 - Flying Officer Inderbir Singh


March 16, 2021

India commissions VC 11184 - first secretive missile tracking and ocean surveillance ship


India has quietly commissioned its secretive nuclear missile tracking vessel that had been under construction since 2014, entering a select league of nations with the capability to monitor missile launches at long distances, enhancing the testing programme and adding a crucial part to a national missile defence system.

Called the VC 11184, the specialised Ocean Surveillance Ship was commissioned in October last year in a ceremony that was not made public, sources have told ET. The ship delivery was delayed by a few months due to the Covid-19 crisis but all tests and trails were cleared in 2020 to ensure it is ready to enter service.

At present, only the US, France, China and Russia operate similar vessels that are used to track missile launches at sea. The vessel will be able to monitor India’s developmental trials of missiles of greater range than ever before — virtually unlimited due to its ability to traverse the oceans.

Australia's Third Hobart-class Destroyer Sets Off for Combat Trials

HMAS Sydney (right) departing Fleet Base East for its combat systems trials (photo : Aus DoD)

The Royal Australian Navy’s (RAN’s) third Hobart-class air warfare destroyer (AWD) has set off for its combat systems trials, which will be conducted with the US Navy (USN).

The vessel, HMAS Sydney (42), departed home port at Fleet Base East, Garden Island, on 11 March for waters off the US west coast, where the trials will be conducted. “These tests are a crucial milestone in order for Sydney to be declared available for operational deployments,” reads a statement from Australia’s Department of Defence on the same day.Sydney, which was commissioned in May 2020, is the final vessel in a three-ship programme to replace Australia’s Adelaide-class (US Oliver Hazard Perry design) guided-missile frigates. The first vessel, HMAS Hobart (39), was commissioned in September 2017, while the second warship, HMAS Brisbane (41), was inducted in October 2018.The class has an overall length of 146.7 m, an overall beam of 18.6 m, and a hull draught of 4.9 m. It is powered by two General Electric LM2500 gas-turbine and two Caterpillar diesel engines in a combined diesel or gas (CODOG) configuration, and can attain a top speed of 28 kt, with a standard range of 5,000 n miles at 18 kts.

The warship incorporates the Aegis combat system, and its suite of sensors includes the Lockheed Martin and Raytheon AN/SPY 1D(V) phased-array radar and the Northrop Grumman AN/SPQ-9B surface search radar.

The AWD’s weapons include a 48-cell MK 41 vertical launching system (VLS) that can fire Standard Missile-2 medium-range Block IIIA (SM-2MR Block IIIA), and SM-2MR Block IIIB long-range surface-to-air missiles at hostile aerial threats. This VLS can also launch the Raytheon RIM-162B Evolved Seasparrow Missile (ESSM).

16 MAR, the JMSDF held the Ship Commissioning ceremony of the Mine Sweeper Ocean JS Etajima at Yokohama shipyard

Pentagon faces new pressure from U.S. lawmakers over F-35 fighter jet


Pakistan Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa Visits Lahore Corps Field Area


RC-135S "Cobra Ball" Fly By • Offutt AFB


T-90S Tank Is The Most Advanced Main Battle Tanks In The World


March 15, 2021

Iran unveils a new "missile city" at an undisclosed location

Luftwaffe A400M delivers replacement Heron from Israel to Afghanistan

The German Air Force has delivered a replacement Heron unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) from Israel to Afghanistan in order to replace one that was forced to make a controlled landing on Mar. 5.


The Black Baron: Hitler's Secret Weapon


Multiple Launch Rocket System (U.S. Army) • M-270 MLRS


Elbit reveals its long-range anti-ship rocket system

New Stealth Helicopter, Fastest and Most Advanced Ever


Never-before-seen video of the attack on Al Asad Airbase


March 13, 2021

Somewhere on India-China border LAC 2 Tibetans soldiers serving in either country of India and China communicates in Tibetan about disengagement

Italian Navy’s first female strike fighter pilot

Italian navy Ensign Erika Raballo earned her Wings of Gold on Mar. 11 after completing undergraduate flight training with VT-9 on Mar. 11.

 200602-N-N0436-1001 MERIDIAN, Miss. (June 2, 2020) Italian navy Ensign Erika Raballo, a student naval aviator, sits on a T-45C Goshawk jet trainer aircraft after completing her a training flight with the “Tigers” of Training Squadron (VT) 9 at Naval Air Station Meridian, June 2, 2020. Raballo is the Italian navy’s first female strike fighter pilot. VT-9 conducts undergraduate intermediate and advanced strike pilot training for the Navy, Marine Corps, and select international military partners. (Courtesy photo/Released)

Without F-35Bs, Erdogan's Rogue Turkey plans to equip TCG Anadolu with UCAVs

 President of Turkish Defence Industries, İsmail Demir, revealed that Baykar will be building a new unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV) dubbed Bayraktar TB3 for the Turkish Navy’s TCG Anadolu amphibious assault ship.


French Navy frigate docks in Cam Ranh, Vietnam to repair Alouette III helicopter

 French Navy frigate Prairial arrived at Cam Ranh, Vietnam on Mar. 9 so that engineers can go on board the warship to fix its Alouette III helicopter.

IDF | Shooting Range Training


Becoming A GURKHA During COVID


March 11, 2021

BrahMos ideal weapon for Philippine Navy missile project


The medium-range ramjet supersonic BrahMos cruise missile system is the ideal weapon for the planned shore-based anti-ship missile project of the Philippine Navy (PN), its chief said Tuesday night. 

"The BrahMos Missile and Launching System is the most promising alternative for the Shore-Based Anti-Ship Missile System as assessed by the PN Technical Working Group," Vice Adm. Giovanni Carlo Bacordo said in a text message to the Philippine News Agency (PNA) when asked whether the PN intends to acquire the Mach 3-capable BrahMos missile for its inventory.Bacordo said the project is being pursued as part of the Navy's requirements for a credible defense posture as envisioned in its ongoing modernization program.

"The project proposal was already presented to the Senior Leaders, however (it is) still for further approval by the Commander-in-Chief and subsequent funding," he added.Earlier, Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said the acquisition program for the BrahMos would push through after his department and India's Defense Ministry signed on March 2 the implementing agreement concerning the procurement of defense material and equipment.

"As of now, it is a go. The implementing agreement recently signed will facilitate the G2G (government-to-government) mode of procurement," Lorenzana said.When asked how many BrahMos batteries the country would procure, he answered only one would be acquired."One battery only. Three systems na yan (it will consist of three systems)," Lorenzana said.A missile battery typically consists of three mobile autonomous launchers with two or three missile tubes each, along with the tracking systems.The BrahMos cruise missile can be launched from a ship, aircraft, submarine, or land and has a top of Mach 3 and capable of carrying warheads weighing 200 kg. to 300 kg.

Indonesian Navy releases video of monitoring of USS Theodore Roosevelt as it pass through Indonesian sea lanes

Chinese mini "LEOPARD II" copied tank


Azerbaijani T-90S A adopted by the Armenian army

It is known that at the initial stage of the conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh, the Azerbaijani military abandoned two of their T-90S tanks, and they went to the Armenian side.


Inside the US War On Terror in Somalia


Braves Company Execute Live Fire Training


U.S. Build Most Deadly Futuristic Supergun In The World: Meet The XM25 Grenade Launcher


U.S. Space Force induction ceremony


3 Days Of The Heritage Flight Training Course


Minot To USCENTCOM Area of Responsibility


America’s Elite Counter Terrorism Taskforce - Delta Force


March 10, 2021

INS Karanj, third Scorpene-Class Submarine, commissioned into Indian Navy

INS Karanj, India’s third Scorpene-class diesel-electric submarine, was commissioned into the Indian Navy in Mumbai on Wednesday. The Scorpene-class submarine was commissioned into the Indian Navy in Mumbai in presence of Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Karambir Singh and Admiral (Retired) VS Shekhawat.  

US blocks delivery of Turkish gunships to Pakistan

 WASHINGTON: The United States has prevented Turkey from supplying 30 locally-made attack helicopters to Pakistan, diplomatic sources in Washington.According to Bloomberg News, Turkey’s presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin told reporters on Monday that “the US has blocked Turkey’s helicopter sale to Pakistan, which will likely lead to Islamabad buying it from China.”The ATAK T-129 is a twin-engine, tandem seat, multi-role, all-weather attack helicopter based on the Agusta A129 Mangusta platform and is equipped with American engines.

The US is holding up export clearance for the LHTEC engine.The blockade could “cause more harm” to US interests, Mr Kalin added.Turkey and Pakistan signed a $1.5 billion deal for the Turkish-made helicopter gunships in July 2018. But the delivery date was pushed back after the Pentagon refused to issue the Turkish company an export license for the engines.The Turkish official mentioned the US blockade while briefing journalists on the impact of US sanctions on Turkey, triggered by Ankara’s decision to buy S-400 missiles from Russia.He said Turkey was forced to buy Russian missiles because Washington had refused to supply Patriot air defence missiles systems to Ankara on favorable terms. The sanctions are designed to deter any country from signing military deals with Russia and restrict US loans and credits to a defaulter.

Developed by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) in partnership with a European firm, Agusta-Westland, the ATAK T-129 helicopter is designed for advanced attack and reconnaissance missions in hot and high environments in both day and night conditions.

The United States announced the first blockade in July 2019, days before a meeting between the former US president, Donald Trump, and Prime Minister Imran Khan in Washington.In January 2020, the head of Turkey’s Defence Industries (SSB) said that Ankara and Islamabad had extended the delivery deal by another year to ensure a smooth delivery. The agreement gives Pakistan the option to buy the Chinese Z-10 helicopters should the Turkish deal not materialize.Reports in the Turkish media said that the Turkish-built T-129 ATAK helicopter was still on the Pakistan Army shopping list.In August 2020, Turkey hired a Washington law firm to lobby with the US administration and Congress for securing an export license which will help complete its biggest ever defence deal with Pakistan.

The US firm Greenberg Traurig and its subcontractor were paid a monthly retainer of $25,000 to lobby for the deal.The latest blockade, however, is likely to force the two allies to cancel the deal, persuading Islamabad to look for other options.US officials in Washington were contacted for comments on the announcement made in Ankara but did not respond.

UK Troops Prepare For UN's Most Dangerous Operation


Combat Aviation Brigade Soars in Combined Resolve XV


Chinese Army Shaanxi Baoji Brand Falcon Assault Autogyro


March 9, 2021

Life As A Seabee (Full Documentary, 2020)


Thailand Ratifies Defence Industry MOU with Philippines


Thailand and the Philippines have signed an agreement to collaborate on defence production. The accord could support Thailand’s proposed export to its Southeast Asian neighbour of the BAE Systems’ designed Krabi-class OPV (photo : BAE Systems)

Thailand’s government has ratified an agreement with the Philippines to expand defence industrial collaboration. The memorandum of understanding (MOU) – announced in early March – supports Thailand’s proposed export of offshore patrol vessels (OPVs) to its Southeast Asian neighbour.

The Thai government said in a notice that the MOU provides a formal framework for the two countries to engage in defence trade with each other and to undertake joint research, development, and production projects.

The agreement, which runs for an initial five years, also provides for greater collaboration in military logistics and related activities such as the provision of spare parts.

In early March, the Philippines also signed a similar defence agreement with India. This accord – known as the ‘implementing arrangement concerning the procurement of defence material and equipment’ – was signed between the Philippines Department of National Defense (DND) and Indian Ministry of Defence (MoD).

The accord is intended to support India’s potential export to the Philippines of the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile.

Indian Navy, Army and IAF finally agree to procure armed drones from US in $3 bn deal 

Impressed with the performance of the two leased Sea Guardian drones, the Navy, Army and the Air Force will finally jointly procure 30 armed versions of the American unmanned aerial system in what could be a $3 billion deal, ThePrint has learnt.

The decision comes just before US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s visit to India later this month. Austin’s visit could be a precursor to the impending meet of the ‘Quad’ leaders — US, India, Australia and Japan — which is likely to be held soon.According to sources in the defence and security establishment, initially one of the three services were not on board about procuring the armed predator drones but now all three are finally on the same page.They added that the Defence Minister Rajnath Singh-led Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) could take a final decision on this “soon”.

If approved, this would be the first tri-service procurement since Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat was appointed to steer the Indian armed forces into a more united force, both in terms of operational doctrine and procurement.

Raytheon Intelligence & Space


Why India Is Reorganising Its Armed Forces Into Theatre Commands | Defence Dispatch


March 8, 2021

March 5, 2021

Turkish corps commander -Lt. Gen. Osman Erbaş- killed of helicopter crash


An army helicopter crashed in eastern Turkey on Thursday, killing 11 military personnel on board and injuring two others, the Defence Ministry said. News reports said a high-ranking officer was among the victims.The Cougar type helicopter crashed near the village of Cekmece, close to the town of Tatvan, in the predominantly Kurdish-populated Bitlis province. It was on its way to Tatvan from the nearby province of Bingol when authorities lost contact with it at 2:25 pm (1125 GMT), the ministry said.

The victims included Lt. Gen. Osman Erbas, an army corps commander, said Devlet Bahceli, the leader of Turkey's main nationalist party, on Twitter. Pro-government Daily Sabah also reported that Erbas was killed. Nine of the victims died at the crash site, while two died of their injuries in hospital, officials said.

Philippines sign agreement with India that paves the way for the sale of BrahMos missiles

 Philippine Defense Undersecretary Raymund Elefante and Indian Ambassador Shambu Kumaran have signed an agreement that will support Manila’s potential purchase of the BrahMos supersonic missile.

Sri Lanka Air Force 70th Anniversary Official Theme Song

French Rafale F3-R made first operational flight with live Meteor missile


Soldier Discusses Journey to Becoming an Apache Pilot


U.S. Army Future Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System Rodeo

Four commercial UAV systems were evaluated by the U.S. Army for its Future Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System (FTUAS) from Mar. 2-5 as potential replacement for the RQ-7 Shadow.

March 3, 2021

IDF | Ready for Takeoff


EDGE unveils first UAE-made Unmanned Aerial Vehicles UAVs loitering munition QX family


The crew of the MRK "Uglich" performed artillery and anti-aircraft fire in the Caspian Sea


Russia’s Su-57 Stealth Fighter, The High-Tech Weapon System


Embraer Formation Flight


IDEX 2021 EDGE unveils two new UGVs stealth Unmanned Ground Vehicle SCORPIO-M and SCORPIO-S


Top 10 Iconic RAAF Aircraft - 4: Bell Iroquois UH-1


Royal New Zealand Navy: HMNZS Aotearoa conducts Replenishment at Sea with Royal Australian Navy


I-Derby ER 100 km Air-to-Air Missile Test


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