November 30, 2014

South Korean Army 11th Infantry Division (Mechanized) practices uses pontoon bridge for crossing river

Chinese air defense system uses American windows software

Iran’s Plane Manufacturing Company (HESA) unveils new training aircraft K10

The 7th International Exhibition of Aviation Industry held on Iran’s island of Kish in November, saw a new training plane, dubbed K10 and K10-1 manufactured by Iran’s Plane Manufacturing Company (HESA).

With the flight ceiling of 14,000 feet, the plane can be employed for both training purposes and recreational use.The plane is run with an Austrian-made Rotax engine producing 100 horsepower. Equipped with emergency parachute, K10 is a single-cabin aircraft that can accommodate a co-pilot as well.

Japan Air Self-Defense Force Mitsubishi F-2/F-16 with exterior FLIR configuration

Photo @ TONK298

Original configuration 

Brave Baloch freedom fighters attack Jaffar Express in Bolan, Pakistan

Ukrainian Separatists Use Toy Drones To Adjust Mortar Fire

PLAAF tries out a new prototype no 2013 of Chengdu J-20 in wintry haze

This 'stealth' aircraft is bulkier than the J-31 but not meant for export just like the F-22 and F-35 analogy.

Royal Air Force F-35B with ASRAAM and Paveway IV weapon

Dummy 'weapons' were tested on the Short Take-off Vertical Landing (STOVL) F-35B for the first time during a series of 9 flights from the US Navy's test facility by test pilot Billie Flynn

Photos - BAE systems

Joint Turkey, Afghanistan and Pakistan Special Forces Counter Terrorism Training

In Turkish Counter Terrorism Training -  the terrorist dresses up like a Kurd and not like ISIS or Taliban

Kurdish soldier dress

6th Airborne‬ Brigade (6 Brygada Powietrznodesantowa) in Poland‬ on exercises

‎Lithuania‬'s anti-terrorist unit ARAS protecting Euros arriving from Germany

‎Lithuania‬'s anti-terrorist unit ARAS (Lietuvos policijos antiteroristini┼│ operacij┼│ rinktin─Ś ARAS) protecting the convoy transporting Euros from ‪#‎Germany‬. Lithuania will adopt the ‪#‎Euro‬ starting January 1, 2015.

Chinese PLA Navy commissions 595 Chaozhou, the 17th Type056 Jiangdao class

US Arctic Airborne Operations

Heavy cargo drop followed by Airborne Soldiers jumping at the Deadhorse drop zone and UH-60 Arctic operations as well as interviews from participants of Arctic Pegasus 2014. This mobility exercise enables the military to build proficiency in Arctic Airborne operations in extreme cold-weather conditions. Arctic Pegasus 2014 is a Joint-Interagency Military training exercise held above the Arctic Circle, with a goal to enhance U.S. Army Alaska's mobility and operability in arctic conditions. It is a collaborative effort between from the 6th Engineer Battalion, the Alaska Army National Guard, Air Mobility Command, and the Alyeska. Includes sound bites from 1st Lt. Robert Tester, Executive Officer, 84th Engineer Support Co.; Lt. Col. William Conde, Commanding Officer, 6th Engineer Battalion (Combat Airborne); Command Sgt. Maj. Ronaldo Jordan, Senior Enlisted Advisor, 6th Engineer Battalion (Combat Airborne) and Staff Sgt. John Metger, Supply Sgt. 84th Engineer Support Co.

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