December 28, 2019

Rogue Pakistan Army targeting civilians in Uri, Tangdhar, Kupwara, Gurez Sector in Kashmir

2019, a year of achievements - Italian Aeronautica Militare

Photos from the JF-17 block Ⅲ first flight show the prototype features wide field HUD and MAWS

Special Operations Free Fall Jump Into Normandy

Super Hornet Carrier Launching and Landing 2019

Minister of Defense on new capabilities and resources of remote garrisons

Tank Chats 92 | Challenger 2: Part 1 | The Tank Museum

USS Hurricane (PC 3) tests the Mark 60 Griffin guided missile system

December 27, 2019

Chinese Uighurs terrorists spotted fighting in Syria

Is This The Future Of The British Army's Armoured Vehicle?

JS SAZANAMI (DD113) visited Mumbai, India and CO of SAZANAMI made courtesy call to Flag Officer Commanding Western Fleet

Pakistan's newly commissioned survey vessel from China, PNS Bher Masah parked in Karachi

Sweden's first Gripen E-fighter flights

view from F15 cockpit flying at low-level

MiG 27 takes to the skies one last time, Indian Air Force bids farewell to the mighty aircraft

Poland takes delivery of 4 S-70i helicopters

Poland has taken delivery of the four S-70i Black Hawks it ordered for its special forces.

Su-57 crashes

A Su-57 has crashed in Khabarovsk today and the pilot was reported to be safe after ejecting.

China still struggling to develop new military turbofan engines

A regulator stock exchange filing by the Hebei subsidiary of China’s Central Iron & Steel Research (CISRI) has disclosed the production numbers of military engines for the next decade.

Embraer C-390 successfully concludes airdrop testing campaign

Embraer says the C-390 Millennium airlifter has successfully concluded its airdrop testing campaign.

Iranian MiG-29 crashes

A Iranian MiG-29 has crashed on Dec. 25 in the Sabalan. The jet apparently hit a mountain peak.

First RQ-4B for South Korea has arrived home

The first RQ-4B ordered by South Korea has been delivered to Sacheon airbase on Dec. 23 under the cover of darkness.

State trials of Gibka-S completed

TASS reports that state trials of the Gibka-S Short Range Air Defense (SHORAD) system has been completed

British F-35B Makes A SURPRISE First Launch From UK Waters

December 26, 2019

F-35 Operations • Spangdahlem Air Base

U.S. Army prepares to test new hypersonic weapon system

The U.S. Army prepares to accommodate flight testing of hypersonic weapon system flight test vehicles, according to a Federal Business Opportunities notice issued earlier this month.

The Army Contracting Command (ACC) has released a request for information on testing support for hypersonic weapons, specifically “the current, new, and evolving Hypersonic Test Engineering, Mission Planning and Systems (HyTEMPS) requirements.”

The U.S. Army is in need of information on potential sources that can provide the necessary technical skills, facilities, and personnel to support the current, new, and evolving HyTEMPS requirements, according to a Federal Business Opportunities notice.

The purpose of this RFI is to gain knowledge of the capabilities, capacity and expertise experience of potential vendors regarding approaches to accommodate flight testing of flight test vehicles, as well as recommended contractual approaches (currently, the Federal Government is considering executing a contract award no later than June 2020 with an acquisition approach of an overall four-year [two year base and one, two year option] cost-type contact valued under $100M).

The contractor must possess a TOP SECRET facility clearance and SECRET safeguarding capability at the time of contract award. Additionally, as determined by the cognizant Government authority, all contractor personnel that perform contactor duties in support of the resulting contract at a Government site requiring access to classified information must be U.S. citizens and have (at a minimum) a SECRET clearance at the time of contract award.

According to open sources, Hypersonic strike weapons, capable of flying speeds in excess of Mach 5, are a key aspect of the long-range precision fire modernization effort for the Army and the national security strategy to compete with and outpace potential threats.

The U.S. Army is aiming to get the first long-range hypersonic weapon experimental prototype by the fiscal year 2023. The new land-based, truck-launched system should be armed with hypersonic missiles that can travel well over 3,800 miles per hour.

The new weapon system, also knows as the LRHW, will provide a critical strategic weapon and a powerful deterrent against adversary capabilities for the U.S. Army. Hypersonic missiles can reach the top of the Earth’s atmosphere and remain just beyond the range of air and missile defense systems until they are ready to strike, and by then it’s too late to react. Extremely accurate, ultrafast, maneuverable and survivable, hypersonics can strike anywhere in the world within minutes.

China Navy Aircraft Carrier Shandong

December 25, 2019

Uighur terrorist group Islamic Party of Turkestan in a training camp in Afghan

Patrolling The Lawless Sahara Desert With The Blue Helmets

Mali has been plagued by Islamic terrorist attacks 

U-2: All About America's Secret Spy Plane

K-2 Black Panther 1 - Republic of Korea MND

How British Troops Are Training Kuwait's Army • EXERCISE DESERT WARRIOR 3

F-16 Downs a Cruise Missile with APKWS

Russia is developing a ground-based version of the naval Tsirkon hypersonic missile developed by NPO Mashinostroeniya

View from the Su-24 bomber in Syria

December 24, 2019

China Sells JF-17 Thunder Fighters to Myanmar at Unbelievably Low Prices

Myanmar is the first country to buy JF-17 Thunder fighters developed by China and Pakistan. Currently, the country has ordered 16 JF-17 Thunder worth about 250 million USD and began to receive them on the service.

With the current unit price of about $ 25 million, which is cheaper than the French AMX 56 tank costing $ 27.5 million, the JF-17 Thunder fighter developed by China and Pakistan is being evaluated as a combat line. New cheapest muscle in the world.

Myanmar signed a contract to order 16 JF-17 Thunder from China since 2015.

Surprisingly, instead of paying $ 25 million / unit, Myanmar had to pay only $ 16 million / unit. At this price, the JF-17 fighter is only marginally more than half the price of a French tank, a price that cannot be cheaper for a newly produced fighter.

Thus, the total contract value for these 16 fighter jets is only over 250 million USD. This amount is only enough to buy 3 F-16 Block 70/72 or 3 Su-30SM.

Observers said that in order to stimulate demand for this aircraft, China agreed with a cheaper price to promote the image of JF-17 in the export market.

Despite being advertised with many outstanding features and surprisingly low prices, but so far, apart from Pakistan as a developing country, Myanmar is the only country to order this fighter.

Although Beijing has repeatedly stated that there are dozens of customers showing interest and preparing to buy JF-17, so far no new customers have been revealed.

Joint Fighter-17 (JF-17) Thunder also known as Fighter China-1 (FC-1) Kiao Long in China, is a single-seat all-purpose fighter, developed by China and Pakistan on the basis of J-7 fighter (MiG-21 of Soviet Union).

The aircraft had its first flight in August 2003, introduced in March 2017.

The JF-17 uses a Russian-made RD-93 engine, China also studies and produces the WS-13 engine, but it is considered to be unstable.

Regarding the weapons system, JF-17 is equipped with 7 weapon pylons that can carry up to 3.4 tons of weapons including air-to-air and anti-ship missiles.

The types of missiles included include PL-5, PL-9C, PL-12 and AIM-9, Chinese-made C-802A anti-ship missiles, and several types of bombs.

It is also equipped with a GSh-23-2 23mm twin barrel automatic cannon or a GSh-30-2 30mm double barrel gun.

JF-17 is equipped with radar that can track 10 targets at the same time and destroy 2 targets simultaneously.Target detection range in front of the aircraft is over 75km and behind is 35km, target detection at sea is 135km away.

Pakistan plans to buy 110 of these aircraft, 50 of which will be delivered from China and the rest will be produced domestically and will be upgraded to Block II standards.

It is known that the JF-17 fighter version that Myanmar ordered from China is called JF-17 Block II.

This version was born in 2013, began testing in 2015.

Compared to Block I, the Block II version has more aerial refueling, improved aerodynamic styling, and enhanced electronic warfare.

Currently, Beijing and Pakistan are trying PR for this fighter line in the hope that they will be more attention in the export market.

Ocea Delivers 84-Meter Patrol Boat to Philippine Coast Guard

Mission accomplished for the French manufacturer Ocea, which has delivered the largest monohull aluminum patrol boat in the world and sees the option for a sistership lifted.

This large white building is the Gabriela Siliang, the brand new OPV (offshore patrol vessel) of the Philippine coast guard.

Launched in Les Sables d'Olonne on July 17, the imposing patrol boat has completed its testing and development from Saint-Nazaire, where it arrived in October.

This is where the ceremony of change of flag and transfer of property took place yesterday, in the presence in particular of the Ambassador of the Philippines in France.

Allotment Release for Philippines Army’s Self-Propelled Howitzer Project Approved

2 batteries of Israeli Elbit 155mm Self Propelled Howitzer was selected by DND (photo : Globes)

The Department of Budget and Management (DBM) has approved the Special Allotment Release Order (SARO) for the 155mm Self-Propelled Howitzer Acquisition Project for Philippine Army under the Revised Armed Forces of the Philippines Modernization Program.

The SARO (SARO-BMB-D-19-0025732) has an amount of PHP 339,867,865.00 to cover the 15% advance payment for the said project.

DBM approved the SARO on December 18.

Vietnam Exhibits State-of-the-Art AJAS-1000

Defense Fair Exhibtions named Viet Bac took place in Thai Nguyen City with the presence of many very modern weapons and weapons.

Within the framework of Viet Bac Exhibition 2019, besides the appearance of the most modern weapons on the payroll of the Vietnam People's Army such as the main battle tank T-90, infantry fighting vehicle BMP-2 or Pechora-2TM medium-range air defense missile complex also has very special weapons.

Attracting the most attention of visitors is the AJAS-1000 electronic noise reconnaissance system created by the German company PLATH Gmbh, this is the first time this extremely modern weapon has been carried away for public exhibition.

The AJAS-1000 Brigade 84's electronic jamming reconnaissance system is in combat readiness (photo : BaoDatViet)

First introduced in early 2010, however, information about the AJAS-1000 electronic and reconnaissance combination was only limitedly published by PLATH Gmbh.

AJAS-1000 (AntiJam Antenna System) is an electronic warfare system specializing in tracking, zoning, reconnaissance and suppression on UHF/VHF digital shortwave (from 100 - 1,000 MHz) based on the principle source orientation.

This system is capable of suppressing radio communication equipment and transmitting shortwave digital data at close range. PLATH itself is a company with more than 60 years of experience in the field of communication, electronic warfare, especially jamming and repressive equipment.

The AJAS-1000 has a modular design that makes it easy to mount on a variety of vehicles. At the request of Vietnam, PLATH has integrated AJAS-1000 on Russian-made 4x4 KamAZ-43253 truck chassis.For the AJAS-1000, the use of the KamAZ-43253 chassis helps to optimize the complex's combat capability, when all equipment including control stations, antennas and transmitters are put together on one frame. single roar.

This helps the deployment and recovery process be shortened, improving vitality and maintaining long-term combat capability.

In addition, the use of KamAZ-43253 chassis makes operation and maintenance of technical specifications become simpler than on Western chassis models or on conventional motor vehicles.

According to the manufacturer's introduction, Vietnam is now the second customer of the AJAS-1000 electronic jam reconnaissance complex, the first buyer is the Federal Army of Germany.

Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force escaorting three Russian naval vessels through the Tsushima Strait to the Sea of Japan.

The Green Mountain Boys • F-35A Lightning II Operations

December 23, 2019

Emanuele, an Italian F-35 mechanic

Raytheon to supply 2 AMDRs

The U.S. Navy has given Raytheon a $245 million contract for the production of two Air and Missile Defense Radar Program Low Rate Initial Production units (AMDR LRIP).

Vietnam displays new radar systems at defense exhibition

Vietnam’s P18M and VRS-2DM air defense radars were put on display at a defense exhibition in the northern Thai Nguyen Province recently.

India successfully test-fired Quick Reaction Surface to Air Missile off the coast of Odisha today

Armenia receives Tor-M2KM

Armenia has recently taken delivery of the Tor-M2KM air defense missile system. The system is mounted on KamAZ-63501 8×8 chasis.

Indra2019 joint exercise

F-16 fired a rocket at a test drone

Boeing Starliner Orbital Flight Test Landing

Hanwha Defense - 30mm Anti-Aircraft Gun Wheeled Vehicle System (AAGW)

Russian Long-Range Aviation Day 2019

Chinese war fighting capability

December 22, 2019

TCG Piri Reis is the flagship of Turkish New Type Submarine Programme

USAF MQ-9 Reaper armed drone used an AGM-114 R9X Hellfire missile to precisely kill a notorious a pro-Turkey Jihadist Abu Khudigah al-Urduni

Abu Khudigah al-Urduni, a prominent commander of AlQaeda's Horas al-Din

Nom de guerre
Abu Khudigah al-Urduni = Khudigah's father the Jordan-i

Most Hardcore Soldier: Roman Legionnaire

BAE Systems - HMS Prince of Wales (R09) Aircraft Carrier Simulation

B-52H Stratofortress Flight • Barksdale AFB

First 2 Su-30SM for Armenia

USN pilot who filmed UFO has spoken about his experience

A former U.S. Navy fighter pilot who filmed the video footage of a UFO encounter 15 years ago has spoken in public about his experience for the first time. Hit the link below for the interview.

Germany orders more Meteor missiles

MBDA says its has received an order to supply more Meteor beyond visual range air-to-air missiles to Luftwaffe.

Raytheon to supply 2 AMDRs

The U.S. Navy has given Raytheon a $245 million contract for the production of two Air and Missile Defense Radar Program Low Rate Initial Production units (AMDR LRIP).

December 20, 2019

The Bell V 280 Valor Delivers Results

Marines Operate 155mm Artillery

India's Pinaka Mk.II guided multi-barrel rocket launch system tested today from the country's east coast

Leonardo UK demonstrates new RWR technology for Tempest

Leonardo UK has demonstrated the performance of a new radar receiver/warner technology as part of its on-going development work for Tempest, the company said in a press release on Dec. 18.

U.S. Air Force Global Strike Command has named the MH-139A helicopter, the Grey Wolf

C-130 Hercules Flares At Sunset Over Wyoming

Battle of the Bulge 75th Anniversary 2019 - Manhay - Hardigny Reenactment

UH-1Y Helicopter Door Gunners Engage Targets During Urban Close Air Support Training

Chinese Aircraft carrier Shandong during offshore testing

December 18, 2019

Qatar Emiri Air Forces Rafale’s in amazing maneuvering while firing flares .. Bomb Burst

PLA Navy Commisioned Second Aircraft Carrier

China Now Has the World’s Second Largest Active Carrier Fleet: Navy Commissions First Fully Indigenous Carrier ‘Shandong’

China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy has commissioned its second aircraft carrier into active frontline service - the Type 001A Class warship ‘Shandong.’ The commissioning took place 19 months after the warship first commenced sea trials in May 2018, and the 70,000 ton warship’s entry into service has doubled the size of the PLA’s active frontline carrier fleet. The country’s previous carrier, the Type 001 Class warship Liaoning, has been in service since 2012 and completed conversion from a training carrier to an active frontline warship in early 2019. While both designs are similar, and are loosely based on the Soviet Kuznetsov Class aircraft carrying cruiser design, the Liaoning improved considerably on the Soviet design with superior sensors, armaments and propulsion systems. The Shandong further improves on the design with a broader flight deck, a redesigned bridge and island with more powerful radars, and an increased capacity for aircraft, ammunition and fuel. The Shandong can carry eight more fighters than the Liaoning with a capacity for 44 aircraft.

While the Liaoning was initially laid down as a Kuznetsov Class carrier at the Soviet Union’s Black Sea Shipyard, and was later completed and outfitted in China, the Shandong represents the first carrier to be laid down in China itself - a fully indigenous warship. Although the Shandong can carry eight more aircraft than the Liaoning, both carriers displace approximately 70,000 tons - giving the PLA Navy’s active carrier fleet a displacement of 140,000 tons. The PLA Navy has thus transformed rapidly from a service with no active carriers until September 2012 to the world’s second largest carrier fleet on December 17th 2019. The runner up, the British Royal Navy, deploys two 65,000 ton carriers - the second of which was commissioned less than a week prior on December 11th. Unlike Britain however, which is unlikely to commission any new carriers for at least four decades and may struggle to afford to operate the two carriers it does deploy, China has a number of new carriers under various stages of development and is predicted to have seven warships either in service or under sea trials by 2025.

Philippines to sign contract for BrahMos early next year

The Philippines will ink the contract for India’s BrahMos supersonic anti-ship missiles in the first or second quarter of 2020.

Russia says the Su-57 was redeployed back to Syria

Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia Gen. Valery Gerasimov told military attaches that the Su-57 was re-tested in Syria.

Colonel Zahra Gul Popal, an experienced Afghan Army officer who attended a short-term course in OTA Academy in India, got the first position among the attendees at the academy

India-China counter terrorism joint training

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