September 30, 2017

Best Sniper Spotlight - NATO

China's home-developed Wing-Loong II, a next-generation multi-role combat drone, made its public debut Friday in Sichuan

Defense and security news

CCTV - China New Nuclear Ballistic Missile Submarines In Production & JL-3 SLBMs

Making Life Multiplanetary - Elon Musk

Drones To Monitor Coal Companies

Mortars thunder down fire in Real Thaw 17

Pakistani Jhang city police treating banned Islamic terror organization Sipah-e-Sahaba/ASWJ chief Ahmed Ludhianvi like royalty

September 29, 2017

Israeli tank

Chinese H-6K bomber being intercepted by Japanese Mitsubishi F-2

SYRIA Russian International Mine Action Centre is clearing up Deir ez-Zor

SpaceX - BFR | Earth to Earth

USNS William McLean Conducts Replenishment-at-Sea with USS Kearsarge

B-52 Aerial Fueling With French Air Tanker • Cockpit View

Commercial satellite imagery from September shows North Korea continues to work on second test stand barge for SLBM program at Nampo Naval Shipyard

Russian general Asapov killed in Syria commanded Assad's 5th corps

Photo of the French Mirage 2000N crashed in N'Djamena

IDF Hammers squadron completes 69 years

Kremlin's War Games & NOAA's Smartest Satellite

September 28, 2017

Rockets fired at home near Kabul airport, leaving at least five injured

South Korea successfully tested indigenous DIRCM

Tu-22M3 overshooting runway during aborted take-off

A video of the Tu-22M3 runway excursion incident at Shaikavka airbase on Sept. 14 has been posted online.

3×J-20 & 3×J-16, a formidable lineup in the PLA 90th anniversary parade

Artificial intelligence could make fake news even harder to spot

German Leopard 2 modernisation will see legacy L44 guns replaced with L55A1 on 68 2A4s

Aselsan - Korhan 35mm Next Generation Infantry Fighting Vehicle Combat Simulation

September 27, 2017

Bangladesh receives refurbished An-32 transport aircraft

RuAF Su-25 airstrikes on HTS targets in Latminah, North Hama

RuAF Akthubinsk Su-57

Egypt Two EAF MiG-29M2 with the final camo

South Korea K808/K806 8X8/6X6 Armoured Wheeled Vehicles Production Testing

Dagger Brigade Poland

F/A-18 Hornet Ordnance Hot Load

Russian Army - TU-95 MS strikes in Syria

September 26, 2017

German air force Typhoons and Tornados

Pakistani bikers

From Imran Khan

Russian AF strike on Islamic State in Idlib

The separation of the shuttle from the Antonov 225 almost ends in disaster

Fatal crash of Italian Eurofighter during airshow

A Italian Air Force Eurofighter crashed into the waters of Terracina on Sept. 24 during an airshow demonstration.

New German H145M in Jordan

Not all Kiwis support Singapore’s deployment of fighters in New Zealand

Singapore has completed its deployment of six F-16D+s to New Zealand’s Ohakea air base on Sept. 25. The local media reported that not all residents living nearby welcome the training exercise.

September 24, 2017

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