January 29, 2011

Pakistan Army Aviation Helicopters

Pakistan Anti-Terrorist Iconic Photo - Day to Remember for all

mianwali aviation base

Focus on Alpha Jets of Royal Thai Air Force

Alpha Jets and Mirage in the Alps

Operators Belgium, Belgian Air Component (Alpha Jet E) - 29 based in France
Cameroon,Cameroon Air Force (Alpha Jet MS2) - 6 (5 are in service)
Côte d'Ivoire, Côte d'Ivoire Air Force (Alpha Jet E) - 7
Egypt, Egypt Air Force (Alpha Jet MS2 and E) - 14 MS2 and 40 E (MS1)
France,French Air Force (Alpha Jet E) - 99
Germany, German Air Force - 93 (Alpha Jet A) - no longer in service
Morocco ,Royal Moroccan Air Force (Alpha Jet E) - 24
Nigeria , Nigerian Air Force (Alpha Jet E) - 24
Portuguese Air Force - 50 (Alpha Jet A - former Luftwaffe aircraft)
Qatar, Qatar Air Force (Alpha Jet E) - 6
Thailand ,Royal Thai Air Force (25 Alpha Jet A - former Luftwaffe aircraft)
Togo , Togo Air Force - 6 (Alpha Jet E)
United Kingdom , QinetiQ - 6 (Alpha Jet A - former Luftwaffe aircraft)

January 23, 2011

More J 20 JXX Pix Relish

click to enlarge the pix, I must admit some of this in Chinese Propaganda to shot that THEY HAVE ARRIVED

Possible J 20 J XX helmet

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