February 29, 2016

RAAF - Exercise Cope North 2016

Saudi Chief of General Staff, Gen. Abdulrahman bin Saleh Al Bunyan supervises the North Thunder Exercises

Coalition airstrike on Islamic State fighting position near Al Hasakah

Migrants break through Macedonia-Greece border fence

So who is going to pay the bills for housing and food for unskilled/hostile guests?

Scores of migrants broke through a barbed-wire security fence on the Greece-Macedonia border Monday, as tensions over new restrictions along the key land route into Europe boiled over in violent scenes.

And more than 2,400 kilometers (1,500 miles) away in Calais, in northwest France, clashes erupted as authorities moved to dismantle structures at the "Jungle," an infamous migrant camp marked for partial demolition.

Crowds at a border camp near the Greek village of Idomeni on the Macedonian border, a main transit point for refugees traveling to western Europe, used a large pole to ram through the border gate, while authorities deployed tear gas and rubber bullets in an attempt to keep the chanting crowd at bay.


Pipeline plan B if Islamic State plan fails


Blue Line is plan B
Green is Plan A which Russia+Syria+Iran are stopping

Hence the North Thunder exercises by Saudis + 20 nations.


Explains why Turks are suppressing Kurds in South Easthern Turkey near Silopi.

Plan A detailed maps

Russian TV crew films Turkish fortifications, tanks on Syrian border

Location were filmed

Moscow earlier today

A woman is being held in Moscow by officers after she brandishing a child's severed head outside a metro station.

Islamic State suicide Bomber killed dozens of Shiite Militants leaders and commanders in Diyala

Chinese - Dorale Djibouti base probable location identified

YPS attack on police vehicle in Nusaybin, Turkey. 1 police officer reportedly killed

Islamic State Claims To Have Shot Down Russian Drone In Eastern Countryside Of Hama

SDF show off weapons and ammunition captured from ISIS

Photos of Multinational Field Training Exercise - Force 18 at Pune by Indian Army

Russian Air Force attack on FSA rebels HQ near Kafr Zita

Montreal Jihadist Sami Elabi Burning and Shooting CANADIAN Passport

Arab bomb scare pranks

So Australia borders Slovenia according to CNN

Children in studios don't know Austria and Australia.

And there is Slovakia and Slovenia.

Islamic State Releases Pictures Claims Attack On Abu Gharib In West Of Baghdad

Comrade + Great Leader Kim Jong-un watches anti-tank missile drill

Libya Some circuits & chemicals used in ISIS IED

Islamic State publish photos showing the destruction of Abrams tanks near Ramadi

How did they get the American TOW?

Trump leads in 8 or 12 Super Tuesday States

February 28, 2016

Animal protection laws in Pakistan

They send terrorists to neighboring countries,kill a 150+ and get away.

Let alone justice for animals

Iraqi MI-28 Havoc attack helicopter in action against ISIS in Al Anbar

SNDF shred apart a group of Al Nusra terrorists with the kornet

Russian Air Force pictures (by Ibraheem Hasan)

India Nears Completion of Nuclear Triad With secret nuclear powered submarine

India is close to becoming the world’s sixth country to put a nuclear-armed submarine into operation, a move that would give it a leg up on neighboring Pakistan and intensify a race for more underwater weapons in Asia.

The 6,000-ton Arihant, developed over the past three decades under a secret government program, is completing its final trials in the Bay of Bengal, according to a senior navy officer who declined to be identified because he’s not authorized to speak about the program. The vessel will be operated by the navy yet remain under the direct control of India’s Nuclear Command Authority headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The deployment would complete India’s nuclear triad, allowing it to deliver atomic weapons from land, sea and air. Only the U.S. and Russia are considered full-fledged nuclear triad powers now, with China and India’s capabilities still largely untested.

India’s move may prod China to bolster its undersea arsenal and assist nuclear-armed allies Pakistan and North Korea in developing similar technologies. That risks potentially more dangerous altercations in Asia’s waters, where territorial disputes have contributed to a region-wide naval buildup.

SAA targeting a terrorist vehicle in Bdama, Lattakia with a 9M113M Konkurs-M missile

Corrupt media is the biggest problem

It is becoming official now

Truck Driver confesses Media asked him to Lie about Gang Rapes that never happened.

The nimbu chai boy

Jholi Nanga Lefty "Intellectuals" may claim that Osama Bin Laden killing was Extra Judicial Killing

What remains of communism today.

YPG Kurdish woman soldier paying tribute to a panel left behind Fighters Syrian of Islamic State

Jordanian commander speaks about the importance of the North Thunder

UAE Colonel Abdel-Salam al-Shehhi commander of the UAE force is talking about the importance of the North Thunder

Field camps of Oman Pakistan Egypt UAE contingents in North Thunder maneuvers near Iraq border

What if the war games include crossing over into Iraq?

Media is the most dishonest group of people I have ever met

Cannot Agree more.
Another home run hit

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