November 30, 2015

Afghanistan Dissident Taliban Leader Mullah Dadullah Killed

German reverse propaganda man on Twitter

US-Japan Fleet: South China Sea

Obama here are some MODERATE REBELs in Bahrain

Please supply them with weapons.

Please don't discriminate just because they are Shia fighting against a Sunni govt.

You should not be partial only to one side like in Syria.

Massive Iraq army reinforcements have reached Anbar for battle of Ramadi city centre

Pakistani politician condemns Ban on Terror outfit Lashkar-e-Toiba

भारतीय धर्म निरपेक्ष पेड मीडिया इस की रिपोर्टिंग नहीं करते.

साक्षी महाराज द्वारा किसी देहात में दिए बयान पर पूरे देश को असहिष्णु घोषित कर देते है

Yazidi Children As Islamic State Child Soldier

Azaz in ruins after several days of intense Russian Airstrikes

The Russians must target unmarked C-17 Globemasters and C-130 Hercules which drop weapons and ammunition to the Islamic State Army during night time.

Reaching there

Our stupid politicians will surely make us get there.

Aftermath of Saudi-led air-strikes on Sanaa today Yemen

Turkish Government gone berserk

Now Killing Kurds

Turkish helicopter hovering over Kurdish majority city of Dêrik Turkey

UAE Martyrs killed in Yemen

Hypocrisy - Thy name is West

RAF Typhoon jet crash


Japanese helicopter carrier Izumo lit up

Graphic - Al Qaeda Affiliated Al Nusra Front Beheads Khalid Al-Sami and Hamoud Ali Abdullah In Idlib

Last C-17 Globemaster III

Computer Generated photos - Indian Air Force PAK FA T-50

T-72 and BMPs captured by drone in Syria

Drones will be game changers in future warfare

IHH Humanitarian Relief footage of an alleged bakery in Idlib Syria hit by a Russian airstrike

BSF jawan Abdul Rasheed among 5 held in Jammu, Kolkata for ‘spying’ for ISI

The men held in West Bengal’s capital have been identified as Irshad Ansari (52), his son Asfaq (23) and Mohammed Jahangir (48).

Hand-drawn plans of warships and maps of the GRSE compound and the Netaji Subhash Dock.

GRSE if you visit is a hub of आमिर खान और ममता बनर्जी  के शांतिपूर्ण लोग

A BSF constable and his cousin were arrested in Jammu and Kashmir on charges of spying for the ISI while three suspected agents of the Pakistani intelligence agency were caught in Kolkata, authorities announced on Sunday, blowing the lid off lurking threats to India’s national security and official secrets.

Acting on a tip, Delhi Police arrested head constable Abdul Rasheed who was posted with the BSF’s intelligence unit in Rajouri and Kafaitullah Khan, alias Master Raja, a library assistant at a senior secondary school in the Himalayan state.

Joint commissioner of police (crime) Ravindra Yadav said the two men were caught after officials “received a tip-off about anti-national activities sponsored by the Pakistan ISI” through some of their “civilian handlers and some security force personnel”.New Delhi has for years accused the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Pakistani army of sponsoring terrorism in India and snooping on confidential information, charges that Islamabad denies.

Yadav said the two accused had collected “sensitive information” related to the deployment of armed forces and air force operations in Jammu and Kashmir. Kafaitullah visited Pakistan in 2014 where he came in touch with ISI agents who lured him with money to deliver information, the officer said.
“Kafaitullah was arrested from New Delhi railway station on November 26. Based on his interrogation, Abdul was arrested from J-K on Sunday,” said Yadav. “We recovered several documents linked to national security from Kafaitullah. We have arrested them under the Official Secrets Act.”

BSF IG (headquarters) Aditya Mishra said they received information from Delhi Police three days ago about one of their men being a suspect in the case.
“We questioned the suspect and prima facie, the allegations were found to be true. He was detained and handed over to police on Sunday,” he said.

The two men revealed they passed on the secret information through WhatsApp, Viber and other social networking apps, officials said.Police believe Kafaitullah’s arrest is a major breakthrough because he has several contacts in the armed forces and was using them to gather information.
The three men nabbed in Kolkata on Sunday supplied sensitive documents and maps to the ISI of the Garden Reach Ship Builders and Engineers, a premier warship building company under the defence ministry, said officials.

“We have arrested the three on Sunday afternoon and recovered fake Indian currency notes worth Rs 5 lakh,” said Rajiv Mishra, joint CP (headquarters) of Kolkata Police.
“We have also found hand-drawn plans of warships and maps of the GRSE compound and the Netaji Subhash Dock.”

Police in Kolkata made the arrests after being tipped off by their counterparts in Uttar Pradesh who caught another suspected ISI agent in the Meerut Cantonment Area on Friday.
The men held in West Bengal’s capital have been identified as Irshad Ansari (52), his son Asfaq (23) and Mohammed Jahangir (48).

While Irshad is an active member of the port area’s labour union, Asfaq is a former general secretary of a reputed college’s students’ union backed by the ruling Trinamool Congress.
“We removed Asfaq from the post of general secretary of the college union two months ago owing to some of his questionable activities,” said Ashok Rudra, state president of Trinamool Congress Chhatra Parishad.

Saudi Bombs and Killings

Greek Prime minitster Tsipras lashes out against Turkey for air-space violations

Turkey will be remember as the rogue country which started World War 3

November 29, 2015

AsianDef Update

चढ़ो इंडिया चढ़ो

असहिष्णु भारत से

प्रति व्यक्ति 10,000 थप्पड़
मै 1 लाख दूंगा, 100% गारंटी

आप बैकहैंड भी हिट कर सकते हैं, एक पास में 2 हिट

I am trying to see if I can automate it and keep it overnight.

AsianDef Update

AsianDef Update

AsianDef Update

AsianDef Update

AsianDef Update

AsianDef Update

AsianDef Update

AsianDef Update

AsianDef Update

AsianDef Update

November 28, 2015

Turkey getting ready to implode from within

This is why Erdogan(who manipulated recent re-elections) is looking for External war 

Putin cleans PARASITES and TERMITES from Syrian -Turkish border

NOTICE the Syrian OIL flowing from the Trucks smuggled in from Islamic State.

Fuck Turkey which supports Islamic State.
Fuck Erdogan who supports Islamic State.

Al Shabaab fired rockets in an attack on a base for AU peacekeepers in Bardere, Gedo

Al Shabaab now have artillery

Al Shabaab mean the (Somali)Youth

Turkey deploys tanks and heavy weapons on Syrian border

This is serious for escalating into WW 3.

Wait and watch
The Turks under Erdogan will cross the border

Abe to seal deal to produce US-2 in India during state visit

Royal Thailand Air Force- Chinese PLAAF Airshow 2015

Kurdish Female Fighter Intense Training In The Mountains To Fight Against Islamic State

Diplomatic rebuff by Russia: Courtesy Turkish flag is NOT hoisted on Korolev130

They should have burnt the Turkish Flag while passing the straits

First FA-50PH for the Philippine Air Force arrive home

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