November 23, 2020

SPIKE SR missile capabilities demonstrated in Estonia


Philippine Air Force (PAF) has only one serviceable C-130

 Three out of four C-130 cargo planes in service with the Philippine Air Force (PAF) are in maintenance, a local Senator has disclosed.

Taurus Sytems GmbH hopes to develop Taurus K-2 with South Korea

 The president of Taurus Systems Korea Co. says his parent company hopes to develop a smaller, longer-range Taurus K-2 cruise missile jointly with South Korea.

India, Singapore, Thailand navies conclude exercise SITMEX-20

The second iteration of the trilateral military exercise SITMEX has concluded in the Andaman Sea.

PLA Zhi-20 helicopter high altitude tests


Taiwanese Keelung-class and Jiyang-class warship search for missing F-16


French Transall enters the history of operations in Africa


Russian MPC will take part in the demining of terrain, roads and objects in Nagorno-Karabakh


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