May 11, 2021

AJAX Brimstone Anti-tank Guided Weapon ‘Overwatch’ Variant

Royal Marines Jet Suit Boarding Ex

May 9, 2021

Chinese delegation in Argentina to discuss sale of JF-17

 A top-ranking delegation from China's National Aero-Technology import-export corporation, CATIC, is currently in Argentina to discuss defense cooperation and with the proposal to offer the Argentine Air Force supersonic capable aircraft, according to, an Argentine site which specializes in defense industry issues.

Following the retirement of its latest Dassault Mirage III in 2015, the Argentine Air Force is out of supersonic fighter jets in its fleet and has been using subsonic A-4 attack aircraft while negotiating the purchase of an intercept aircraft.

The Argentine Air Force lost most of its aircraft during the Falklands/Malvinas conflict, almost forty years ago, plus the natural obsolescence during that time.

After negotiations with Korean Aerospace Industries (KAI) failed to offer the FA-50, Argentina has received offers from Russia, which includes the MIG 35, and from China.

Poorly designed Chinese rocket crashes back to earth off Maldives into the Indian Ocean

 Rocket fireball crossing the Bosphorus near Istanbul

A 21-ton section of a rocket launched by China’s space agency finally returned to Earth’s atmosphere Saturday night, falling above the Indian Ocean near the Maldives, after the booster spent days careering toward the planet in a fast, out-of-control orbit.

The core booster of the Long March-5B rocket re-entered Earth’s atmosphere at 10:24 p.m. Eastern time, the Chinese Manned Space Engineering Office said on social media Saturday.

It emerged south of India after orbiting Earth at 18,000 miles per hour, defying some experts’ projections that it would land in the Mediterranean or the South Pacific.

China’s space agency said most of the booster’s mass burned up while tearing through the atmosphere, and the rest fell into the ocean.


The Chinese government launched Long March last week to put a component of China’s new space station into orbit. Rocket boosters usually maneuver themselves to fall into the ocean in a predictable manner after their mission is over, but Long March’s booster entered Earth’s orbit instead, causing it to speed up and circle the planet while gravity gradually pulled it back down.  


China has caught some flak for this mishap: Scientists and Pentagon officials have accused the country of deploying a poorly designed rocket and acting recklessly.

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J-10 dogfight with pilots communicating in English

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