April 10, 2021

Testing Indian Army's 48km TAGS Howitzer prototype


S. Korea unveils the prototype of its first indigenous fighter jet 'KF-X'


Vietnam Frigate Performs Combat Drills at Spratly Archipelago


A Vietnamese frigate has performed combat drills along with an anti-submarine helicopter near the Spratly Islands.016 Quang Trung, equipped with rockets and stealth capabilities, is used to combat submarines and other warships, Vietnam Television said on Sunday.

Ka-28 helicopters carried out emergency landing drills."On the Spratly Islands, combat preparations are at the highest levels," the national broadcaster added.016 Quang Trung, commissioned in 2018, carries a lot of modern Russian weaponry and camouflage technologies like radar-absorbing paint.Its main weaponry includes eight 3M24E rockets with a 130-km range, an AK-176MA gun and other rocket-gun combinations.It is also capable of carrying a Ka-28 helicopter for anti-submarine warfare.

PH Navy Keen on Acquiring US Cyclone-Patrol Vessels


The Philippine Navy (PN) has expressed its interest to acquire the newly-decommissioned Cyclone-class patrol vessels of the United States (US) Navy.

"The PN has manifested its interest in the decommissioned Cyclone-class patrol vessels (CCPVs) of the US Navy as a stop-gap to the decommissioned legacy PN ships. As to how many, that depends on the seaworthiness and efficiency of the CCPVs that will be offered, and this will be determined by the PN Joint Visual Inspection Team," PN chief, Vice Adm. Giovanni Carlo Bacordo said in a message to the Philippine News Agency Thursday night.Bacordo said he will be happy if the PN acquires at least five of these Cyclone-class patrol vessels which will be a boost to its fleet.

At present, the PN has one Cyclone-class patrol vessel in its service, the BRP General Mariano Alvarez (PS-38), formerly the ex-USS Cyclone, which was transferred to the PN in 2004."We have manifested our interest with JUSMAG (Joint US Military Assistance Group) and US INDOPACOM (Indo-Pacific Command)," he added.

The Cyclone-class patrol ships are a class of US Navy coastal patrol boats consisting of some 14 ships.These vessels weigh around 328.5 long tons and have a length of 179 feet, a beam of 25 feet, and a draft of 7.5 feet.Their maximum speed is placed at 35 knots and they have a range of between 2,000 to 2,500 nautical miles.Cyclone-class patrol vessels are armed with two 25mm autocannons and several high-powered machine guns. 

T-80UM2 Black eagle, Russian Main Battle Tank


The Lightning War That Crushed France | Battles Won And Lost


101st Airborne Turns The Tables On Taliban Ambush


The Central African Republic Is Enlisting Russians in Its War Against Rebels


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