October 31, 2017

Japan Air Self-Defense Force Mitsubishi X-2 Shinshin

Norway’s F-35As set to arrive home on November 2017

Vietnam Interest in T38 Stiletto Air Defense System

This Belarusian defense enterprise is our close partner. In addition to the S-125-2TM modernization package, Tetraedr has continued to cooperate with Vietnam to upgrade many weapons systems under Soviet rule.

Besides, it's possible that your side will also be offering us new advanced defense units built by Tetraedr. The T38 Stiletto mobile low-altitude air defense system developed by Tetraedr is the ultimate solution for low-level defense combat. This is a closed-loop weaponry designed to protect important ground targets against enemy air attacks.

T38 Stiletto eliminates the most advanced hi-tech guided missiles at medium and low altitudes with a radar reflective area (RCS) of only 0.03 m2, which independently performs the specified operation. Target, move, pause as well as rocket attacks after a short pause or from a fixed position.

Tetraedr equips T38 with state-of-the-art digital hardware, including radar, computer-controlled firepower, and rocket guidance on a highly automated platform.

Components of the T38 Stiletto system include the TARG (TELAR), T383, T384, and T385.

The most important of these is the TELAR T381, mounted on the MZTK-69222T truck chassis, which carries eight missiles with four launchers on each side and a central fire control radar assisted by a photoelectric device. . Inside the car is an advanced navigation map, communication system, power supply and life support systems.

According to Tetraedr, the T38 has an effective target range of 20 km, which can strike at speeds of up to 900 m / s and a range of 25 to 10,000 m. Two-stage T382 solid-fuel missile with a speed of 850 m / s, withstand overload of up to 25G, with a heavy duty 18 kg warhead with special detonators.

At present, military-technical cooperation between Vietnam and Belarus is developing more and more widely, in addition to upgrading the anti-aircraft missile system S-125-2TM, we also have you transfer technology for self-production Radar stealth aircraft RV-01/02.

Based on the good relationship between the two sides, the T38 Stiletta mobile missile system can be considered as an optimal low-level air defense solution that Vietnam can take into account, especially when it is introduced by your side. Details about tactical features.

«Tsar Bomba». Test the most power explosion in history

Russian MoD showcases Sukhoi Su-30SM 4++ gen fighter jet's vast capabilities

Pakistan Army COAS General Qamar Javed Bajwa installed Lt General Nadeem Raza as first Colonel Commandant of Mujahid force

Two F-35As arrived at Kadena air base, Japan

F-35A Lightning

P3C Orion of Japanese and P8 I of Indian Navy undertook coordinated Air ASW exercise in Arabian Sea

USAF and RAF in the Mach Loop.-NORTH OF WALES

Koreasat-5A Webcast

October 29, 2017

Indian Air Force pilots fly in Russian Su-30M2s during INDRA 2017

South Korean Hanwha Debuts KTSSM Missile, Known as Artillery Killer

South Korea’s Hanwha Systems displayed its new tactical surface-to-surface missile, called KTSSM and known as artillery killer.

The Korea Tactical Surface-to-Surface Missile (KTSSM) is a new type of ballistic guided weapon system. The missile has a range of over 120 kilometres. The tactical ground-guided weapon, which was first publicly released this time, has four missiles in one fixed launch pad.Four missiles are launched in succession. It is regarded as a powerful weapon system capable of neutralizing the enemy ‘s gunfire in the shortest time in the emergency.

The KTSSM can penetrate underground targets with its powerful warhead. The new missiles can provide South Korea’s military with the capacity to destroy hardened artillery sites equipped with hundreds of long-range guns.

Indian and Russian armoured response during the course of simulated exercise at Indra 2017

32 RuAF jets on satellite image from 26 Sept 2017 of Hmeymim Air Base in Latakia

Pakistan AF Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman flew on the last RSaudi AF F-15 mission in exercise 'ACES MEET 2017' piloted by Col. Hussaini

New Zealand Mounted Rifles - The Capture of Tel el Saba

Flights Operations At Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar

CV-22 Osprey Hoist • Helmet Cam

October 28, 2017

Pakistan AF JF-17 Block II Fighter refueling from a Il -78 tanker

World's highest radio station in Tibet - Ganbala radar station - 5,374 meters above sea level

Royal Australian Navy MH-60R badly damaged

A Royal Australian Navy (RAN) MH-60R naval helicopter was badly damaged inside the hangar of HMAS Warramunga on Oct. 9

Giant Robot League

What a time to be alive

Moment of knock out Punch - 1

Moment of knock out Punch - 2 Top View 

Japan Ground Self-Defense Force Conducts Amphibious Beach Assault, Takes Over Hostile Shore

Su 30SM Sky Defender

French Navy - Exercise Atlantic

US & UAE Army - Armour Units Desert Training For Iron Union 5

US Air Force THAAD Test

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