August 31, 2016

INS Satpura enters Changi Naval base, Singapore after successful deployment in Pacific RIMPAC

Chinese Uighur jihadi terrorists in action in Syria

Chinese research papers on network-centric fighter combat

Iran images of S300 PUM2 long range air defense system and its deployment

Royal Saudi Air Force Typhoon during mid-air refueling by a Kuwait-i Air Force KC-130J tanker

H-6K bomber w/ CJ-20 Strategic Land Attack Cruise Missile in official public debut at Changchun AFB Open Day

Arctic Thunder Open House Blue Angels, is there anyone better? We don't think so!!

EU Space Agency - Space for inspiration teaser

Yemen fighters break into Asar post E. Alb junction

August 30, 2016

Indian Naval Ships Kolkata, Trikand and Aditya at Port Victoria, Seychelles on a two day visit

A400M Unpaved Runway Campaign Woodbridge

Russian armed forces taking part in surprise drills

Venezuela Communist gift - PEOPLE ARE EATING ZOO ANIMALS

Left is no friend of common sense economics

Poland - Heavy Detachment US 3rd Infantry Division and 10 BKP joint exercise

RAF Chinook photo

Syria - Destroyed ZSU-23/4, N. Hama

Russian Air Force crews take part in sudden combat readiness check

Yemeni forces breaking into Tholm strategic post overlooking Najran city

Poland MOD - Armed Forces Day Parade 2016 : Military Assets Segment

Yemen - Breaking into Qullat Hasan post to complete control of Rabo'ah city in Aseer

August 29, 2016

Turkish Kirpi BMC 350 4x4 MRAP (STANAG 4569 Level 3 protection) totally blown apart by IED

Iran state TV shows deployment of new S-300PMU2 SAM system around nuclear facilities in Fordow

Russian Army Deploying artillery

French Air Force fighter (Mirage 2000) jets have just arrived at Šiauliai Air Base - Lithuania

Yemen - IS Releases Pictures Of Suicide Bomber Abu Sufiyan al-‘Adani Who Carried Out Attack In Aden

16 Leopard Tanks, 40 M113A1s, 3 AVLB + Arrive in Jakarta Indonesia

Australia: Muslim ex-deputy mayor to wife "I’m gonna rape your mum and your f***ing dad! I swear on the Koran!"

Abusing his wife Ayesha

Finnish Progressives of Red Cross helping poor refugee kids

who burnt bodies back home

Air displays at the Swedish Air Defence days 2016

Germany - Tanks, pilots and policy: the Open Day of Defense in Berlin

Model X height when falcon wing doors are open

Syrian Army Unearths Rebels' Large Supply Tunnel in Damascus

August 28, 2016

Impressive search and rescue skills by Turkish Special Forces in Jarablus

ha ha ha 

They are searching for Kurds and ISIS under beds

Saab - Historic Aircrafts Insights to some of our milestone productions

Houthis Captured More Saudi Security Positions and Weapons Seized In Najran

Saudis must stick to terror financing only

Saudi progress in Yemen war

Saudis Fleeing the battle

Assange Tells Megyn Kelly He Wants Wikileaks Source Killer Found

GoPro: the moment a Jihadist commander was killed by the Syrian army in south Aleppo

Jihadi GoPro footage

Kurdish forces (SDF) target Turkish army near Jarablus in north Aleppo

August 27, 2016

AsianDef Update

Dead Jihadists all over the place around um aqra hill in south Aleppo

Islamic State Releases Video Shows 5 Foreign Kids Executing Kurdish Captives In Raqqa

IS Releases Video Shows 4 Prisoners Executes By Old Men In Raqqa

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