February 28, 2015

How he got compromised

Weakness was obvious.  He was out with a model during the incident.

Agency could try doing this outside Putin's house. Public would have "believed" the story then.

Commonsense says - If Putin wanted to kill Nemtsov it would not be near the Kremlin.  

Story going just as is should.

Confirms understanding about these media organizations as mouth pieces of their governments.

This is indeed a false flag.

The next move of CIA is to organize a fake protester candle light vigil in Moscow using all of Putin's opponents in Russia.

Wait and watch

Live from the scene

Russian Air force - The path to the fifth generation.

Russian RS-24 intercontinental missile forces will be unveiled this year the Victory Day parade

So called America's Black Site in Chicago

Alleged Domestic torture site

Northrop Grumman - Increasing a F-35 Pilot's Awareness

And you thought Apple products were expensive and Apple was hitting new highs every day

Cope North 2015 Large Force Employment Exercise

Through training exercises such as Exercise Cope North 15, the U.S., Japan and Australia air forces develop combat capabilities, enhancing air superiority, electronic warfare, air interdiction, tactical airlift and aerial refueling.

Myanmar Air Force aircraft get six new Chinese K-8 trainer aircraft

FSA 1st Coastal Brigade targeting regime forces in Al-Azizia with Grad missiles Syria

M249 Light Machine Gun Qualification

Russian drama

Cocaine Importing Agency....did you watch Jason Bourne movie series?

Putin opponent Former deputy prime minister - Nemtsov - lies dead in front of the Kremlin,

Cartoon news network jumps in to propagate conspiracy.

Western agencies need to do a better job

see underlined part

Libyan state of affairs

One Central Bank, 2 Governments, 2 Official Stamps on the same document.

ISIS claims to have carried out a suicide attack on an Iraqi border post near the Saudi Arabia

Pakistan Air Force (PAF) inducts Chinese-built warplane

In a bid to improve the country’s defence capabilities, Pakistan Air Force (PAF) inducted on Thursday a Chinese-built ‘Karakoram Eagle’ Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS)

The new aircraft, introduced at a ceremony held at an operational PAF base in Karachi, is capable of detecting hostile aerial and sea surface targets far before ground-based radars regardless of their height. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was the chief guest at the ceremony.
The aerial warfare branch of the Pakistan Armed Forces announced that the new aircraft will be a part of the No4 Squadron.

PAF proudly said that the country’s air defence is now able to look deeper in enemy territory, be it land or sea.

The aircraft maintains link with ground command and control centres to provide comprehensive monitoring of enemy units. In addition to early detection, the AWACS can direct forces to intercept or neutralise the emerging threat, well before it they can position themselves to strike at targets.
“AWACS ability of detecting sea targets would also enhance the capabilities of Pakistan Navy,” PAF further said.

Rebel 'First Army' in Syria destroys Shilka AA vehicle with a Kornet missile

Footage showing YPG fighters in the moments before storming the town of Til Hamis

February 27, 2015

Russian Air Force - Lipetsk pilots tested the new fighter jets Su-30 and Su-35

Here is more reason why Asians should not lend more more money to US

Now politicians in Washington will be officially high before going to war with other countries and publishing false statistics on strong economy.

D.C. residents can also own up to six marijuana plants, but to discourage selling, only three can be budding... LOL

What happened to the war on drugs?


TOI-Let paper at it again

Click and check yourself

If this was printed in news paper you would have believed them.










Media Pied Pipers

Royal Australian Air Force - Exercise Cope North 15 - Large Force Employment Air Combat

Exercise Cope North Guam 2015 (CNG15), conducted from the 15th to 27th February 2015, is a Commander Pacific Air Forces sponsored, multilateral field training exercise with the United States Air Force (USAF), Japan Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF) and the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF). Conducted from Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, CNG15 involves a large force employment Air Combat Exercise with Dissimilar Air Combat Training and a Humanitarian and Disaster Relief (HA/DR) exercise which runs concurrently but with separate exercise scenarios.

J-20 appears in PLAAF recruitment video

ISIS Base Destroyed in Iraq

All Central banks playing to the same tune in the orchestra

David Cameron and John Kerry provide proof about Putin's EVIL designs on Europe

US govt does not like counter views

Kerry complaining 

This is one of what IS has destroyed today including the Gate of Nergal in Nineveh

Early Human history in Mesopotamia being erased 

Kabul suicide attack martyrs one Turkish soldier

Turkey embassy vehicle was target

Ukrainian troops pull back from Artemivsk as part of ceasefire deal

We have seen Ukraine pull out from everywhere this winter.

Second day of Iran's "Great Prophet 9" military drill

ISIS destroy priceless cultural heritage from one of the world's first civilizations in Mosul

ISIS destroys statues in Iraq's Mosul  museum, one day after burning of thousands of rare books


February 26, 2015

Laws don't apply to big banks in US and UK

ISIS release disturbing new video footage

Ukraine’s central bank limits access to foreign currency

1st CSAR EC725 has been handed over to the Thai AF in France

Iran destroys its fake aircraft carrier

Images from the villages liberated around Til Hamis

US MQ-1 Predator drone allegedly monitored by an unidentified Iranian drone near the strait of Hormuz

More photos of US aircraft carrier Nimitz mock-up blown up

TOI-Let paper fake story

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