December 31, 2021

Indian Air Force Mi-35 GUNSHIP

Cockpit video of JASDF F-15 training flight out of Naha air base

December 27, 2021

Rafale Dancing In The Sky - Kaivari 2021

Russian Military Air Defense Day - 2021

Russia - Arrival of more than 20 ships of the Caspian flotilla at the point of permanent deployment in Kaspiysk

China - Joint patrol of the three services of the Hong Kong Forces to enhance defense capabilities

Sweden - Air defense system 103 Patriot is now operational


In mid-December, an exercise was carried out for a few days in connection with the Air Defense Regiment in Halmstad. The purpose was to carry out activities within the unit to test the new capability and take on initial operational capability (IOC) with Patriot, or air defense system 103 as it is called in the Armed Forces.

Russian Orion Drone Shoots Down Aircraft & Obliterates Plane

Taliban warns Pakistan of a war, tensions escalate over Durand line

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