June 26, 2011

Elbit Systems Ltd's G NIUS advantguard unmanned ground system

Elbit system Ltd

Building on the autonomous capabilities developed by G-NIUS for the Guardium UGV system, as well as the TAGS inherent maneuverability in harsh terrain, AvantGuard UGCV expands the applications envelope of unmanned vehicles to encompass Counter IED (CIED) and ground maneuvering combat missions.

The autonomous vehicle configuration utilizes advanced robotics and sensor technologies, allowing it to "think", avoiding obstacles and communicating with the operator or other vehicles. The AvantGuard is controlled by a mobile or portable Operational Control Unit (OCU), and can also operate with dismounted or mounted combat teams.

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June 24, 2011

Glimpse of PAK-DA Russian next generation strategic bomber

The PAK DA (or PAK-DA), is a next generation strategic bomber which is being developed by Kazan Aircraft Production Association for Russia. It stands for Perspektivnyi Aviatsionnyi Kompleks Dalney Aviatsyi (Перспективный авиационный комплекс дальней авиации in Russian) which means Prospective Air Complex for Long Range Aviation. The PAK DA will be a new, stealthy, strategic bomber and is expected to enter service in the 2025–30 timeframe

June 12, 2011

Qi lai!! Qi lai!! Qi lai!! The day when Chinese made Sri Lankan Air Force's F7/J-7 / F-7 Airguard aircraft failed to lock on

Tuesday’s failure to shoot down a single LTTE aircraft despite timely detection by radar has jolted the SLAF into investigating its limitations amidst evidence that the enemy has acquired a capability to neutralise the threat of a heat seeking missile attack.
An authoritative source said that Chinese F7s launched from Katunayake air base had failed to zero-in-on the enemy aircraft. "Their (F7s) missile systems failed to ‘lock on with the enemy aircraft," the source said. This would necessitate an overall review of the SLAF’s strategy, the source said. The military asserted that the LTTE could try to exploit the situation.
The initial detection had been made north-east of Mannar at 10.18 p.m. by 2D radar installed by the Government of India at the SLAF base at Vavuniya.
Thaladdi had come under attack within minutes after the detection, the source said.
Both the Indian radar and a Chinese 3D radar station located in the Western Province had detected the enemy aircraft but interceptors failed to carry out a successful missile strike. 2D radar provides direction and the distance of a target whereas the Chinese radar provides even the altitude of a target.
Sri Lanka Air Force F-7BS fighter--photoed by Rogier Westerhuis

Last September, a heat seeking missile fired by an interceptor brought down one of the two LTTE aircraft returning to their base after attacking Vavuniya air base. Although the LTTE denied the SLAF claim, a senior military official pointed out that the LTTE had deployed only one aircraft to carry out Tuesday’s operation. Each previous raid directed at military and economic targets had involved two aircraft, the official said. "May be they are now left with one aircraft," he speculated. But the possibility of their having additional aircraft couldn’t be ruled out, he said.
The SLAF said that after dropping two bombs on Thaladdi base, the aircraft had veered westwards towards the sea and flew southwards before moving back towards land at a point near estuary of the Kelani River. The SLAF said that the aircraft had taken almost the same route back to its base in the Vanni. Under anti-aircraft fire, the LTTE plane had dropped two bombs over the Kelanitissa power facility.
The damage caused to two power stations, combined cycle power plant and diesel powered Fiat GT 7 installed within the Kelanitissa complex would cause a severe deficit in the country’s electricity demand.
Although Power Minister John Seneviratne and his Deputy Mahindananda Aluthgamage played down the issue, The Island learns that the GT 7 had been severely damaged. After inspecting the damaged facility, Seneviratne said that it would take about six months restore GT 7.
Addressing a hurriedly arranged press conference at Kelanitissa, the minister expressed confidence that the CEB would be able to meet any shortfall of supply through other means. Kelanitssa workers told The Island that both stations had been switched off pending investigations. They said that the GT 7 generated 110 mega watts while the combined cycle power plant generated 165 mega watts. Altogether, they generated 275 mega watts out of 530 mega watts produced by Kelanitissa facility.

Sri Lanka Air Force F-7BS fighter--photoed by Rogier Westerhuis


Fighter pilots of No 12 Squadron (MiG 27)-Left to Right :Flight Lieutenant Krishantha Kapugama (MiG-27 Squadron pilot) Flight Lieutenant Roshan Perera (MiG-27 Squadron pilot) Squadron Leader Ranga Thiranagama (Officer commanding Training MiG-27 Squadron) Group Captain Sajeewa Hendawitharana (Commanding Officer MiG-27 Squadron) Squadron Leader Asela Jayasekera (Officer Commanding Operations MiG 27 Squadron) Flight Lieutenant Indika Premadasa (MiG-27 Squadron pilot) Not in the Picture Flight Lieutenant Shyam Ranasinghe (MiG-27 Squadron pilot)

June 1, 2011

Final Stage set for Indian Air Force Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft (MMRCA) Competition

Role Multirole fighter aircraft
National origin France
Manufacturer Dassault Aviation
First flight 4 July 1986
Introduced 4 December 2000
Primary users French Air Force French Navy
Program cost €39.6 billion (1 January 2008[1])
Unit cost Rafale C: €64 million, US$82.3 million (flyaway cost, 2008)
Rafale M: €70 million, US$90.5 million (flyaway cost, 2008)
Average unit cost: €138.46 million (including development, 2008)

Role Multirole fighter
Manufacturer Eurofighter GmbH
First flight 27 March 1994
Introduced 4 August 2003
Primary users Royal Air Force Luftwaffe Italian Air Force Spanish Air Force
Number built 260 as of January 2011 471 ordered (as of January 2009)
Unit cost €90 million (system cost Tranche 3A) 125M£ (including development + production costs)
Developed from British Aerospace EAP
Variants Eurofighter Typhoon variants

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