October 31, 2016

Turkmenistan took delivery Chinese high-speed combat unmanned aerial vehicle

Type KLJ-7A airborne AESA radar for Junk F-17 Block III & mock-up of twin-seater version JF-17B

Corrupt Hillary in trouble for sure


Awesome Views from Airbus A380 chasing A340

Syria - Aftermath pics of a miserable failed attack on SAA position in northern Ibta'a in Daraa

‫Saudi mercenaries dead after a failed attack at Albuq land port

October 30, 2016

Battle of Aleppo circa 2016

Battle of Aleppo is prelude to WW 3 in the Middle East.

Stay away from ME 2017-2021
Everything is burning- 
from Yemen in East to Mali in the west 
from Turkey in the North to Somalia/Kenya in the South

One side calling it liberation, other side calling it defense of Aleppo.

Footage of JFSham rebels tanks heading over to the 3000 Apartments area this morning  30-10-2016

head mounted camera (Not a GoPRO)

Suicide bombers in Aleppo


Chinese Uyghurs in Syria participating in Aleppo battle

Shahid Allah Turkistani blows himself up

By Hamam Turkistani

Islamic State starts Shia hunting season across the Globe

267 Shia Muslims killed in 16 attack across 3 countries

Pakistani Taliban TTP claims two IED attacks on Pakistani forces in North Waziristan

Pakistani TTP are still alive and well

TTP show devastation from Rogue Pakistan Army/ PAF bombings 

From 8.35 mins onward

Quran burnt in Pakistan Army bombing

Islamic State position roasted

320 years of Russian Navy

And I told them there are NO TERRORISTS Hiding in Pakistan

Meanwhile in USAF, Someone's about to lose their hearing

Tesla/Solar City Solar roof glass tile vs. conventional roof tile

Elon Musk puts solar panels into roof tiles.

Fraud of Saudi reported Mecca missile attack

SCAM-->LIES SCAM-->LIES SCAM-->LIES------>Hillary ---REPEAT----

Hillary's emails found with Anthony Weiner's penis photos on Huma Abedin's computer



Everything around this woman is a SCAM

Huma Abedin Anthony Weiner and Loretta Lynch

M240B Machine Gun Training

Turkey's army executing Kurdish women and throwing them off cliffs


Philippine President says God has told him to stop swearing

As long has he gets rid of drug mafias

PLA Navy AG-600 amphibious flying boat

Trump Rally in Arizona

Anti - Establishment sentiment rising all around the world

Exposes OBAMA now

This Anti - Establishment FIRE catches on to Germany and France next.

Liwa al Quds close quarters fighting in Aleppo filmed by ANNA

Pakistan Army Lieutenant Colonel Shahid killed and Major Jalal injured by government containers

Lieutenant Colonel Shahid killed

Major Jalal iniured

An officer of Pakistan Army, Lt Col Shahid, died after falling into a ditch near Hazro on Saturday evening, while another officer Maj Jalal sustained serious injuries.

According to Inter-Services Public Relations, Lt Col Shahid and Maj Jalal were travelling from Rawalpindi to Nowshera in a military convoy. “Since the routes were blocked with containers, both officers got down from vehicles and were on foot to find an alternate route for the convoy,” the statement read.

“In the dark of the night both officers fell from the road edge into a ditch along the motorway near Hazro,” it added.

Due to the incident, Shahid died on the spot while Jalal sustained serious injuries.

NAVAIR - Solid Fuel Ramjet Missile Unveiled

October 29, 2016

Tesla's solar roofs could revolutionize the industry

Elon Musk = Edison of our time


Not like the other "visionaries" who do just one thing and become "visionaries"

Notice he is doing the Steve Jobs types of presentations

Pakistani coffins come home

A State policy of using terrorism for foreign policy objectives 

Reaction to Houthi missile attack on Mecca

Trump campaign manager @KellyannePolls says FBI Director James Comey is in a “terrible spot”

FBI will be caught in twisted underpants.

He is opened investigation just in case DJT gets elected.
So his a$$ gets saved

So Democrats want to rig elects and blame it on Russians?

Pakistani Political drama

with Indian music

Wife changing politician trying to topple PM Nawaz with the help of Pakistan Army

Russian Air Force Su-27 in Lipetsk Air Base

Crooked Hillary Clinton Email Probe Reopened By FBI

Will FBI Nail her?

October 28, 2016

CNN host gets REALLY triggered when Ktie Hopkins calls it the "Clinton News Network"

Main Steam Media = Banana news

Use CLINTON's Pay for Play model

Pakistan busy making Nukes and Missiles but its youth outnumbered Syrians in Turkey

Pakistanis on the way to Europe.

Destroyed their own country, now on way to Europe to destroy Europe

Syrian Mi-24 drops mortar rounds on targets near Damascus || Ghods Mohajer reconnaissance drone

World War 3 will be fought in Syria

Yet to begin.Buckle up.

War in 5 year - 
inspite of destruction of all Syria, Bashar Al Assad has NOT RUN OUT OF CASH. 

2A28 cannon on Syrian Rebel captured BMP

Large VBIED detonated against a pro-govt. checkpoint in al-Assad district of West Aleppo

Like a scene from an apocalypse movie.

Even after all the destruction, they are Still shouting Allah hu Akbar inside Syria

India-Indonesia - 3rd phase of 28th India-Indonesia Coordinated Patrol (CORPAT) and 2nd Bilateral Exercise concludes

Baby Rhino hanging out TOO MUCH with neighbourhood lamb

Trump son DJT Jr helping push a ladies car off the road in Arizona's 101 degree heat

Houthis fire missles on Mecca

Dead bodies of Pakistani policemen killed in Quetta

Pakistani states policy of using Jihadis as a foreign policy instrument comes back to haunt itself

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