January 31, 2020

S-300V versus S-300V4

China has restricted countries from using military aircraft to evacuate citizens

Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha told reporters on Jan. 29 that Bangkok will send a commercial aircraft to China to evacuate its citizens. Earlier, the Royal Thai Air Force said four C-130s are on standby to perform the task.

First Person Perspective of an 82nd Airborne Division Paratrooper

Vipers Taking Off at Monte Real Air Base Jan 2020

U.S. Fleet Cyber Command/U.S. 10th Fleet - Now 10 Years Old

F-35B Operations • Vermont Air National Guard

Philippines to shop for two more naval helicopters

The Philippines is keen to acquire another two naval helicopters that its navy intends to deploy on its future corvettes.

Norway to deploy F-35 to Iceland

Norway will send its new F-35 fighter to Iceland for the first time in March. The detachment will be part of the Iceland Air Policing mission.

The first F-35 pilot to clock 1,000 hours on the jet

Lt. Col. Brian W. Bann, a U.S. Marine Corps F-35B pilot, is the first person to clock more than 1,000 hours on the jet.

Fights break out on site as the race against time to build the first corona virus hospital in Wuhan continues

IDF conducts retaliatory airstrikes after rocket fire in the Gaza Strip this evening

January 29, 2020

Vietnam buys Yak-130

Vedomosti is reporting that Vietnam has placed an order for at least 12 Yak-130 jet trainers. The contract is reported to be worth $350 million.

January 28, 2020

Elbit Systems / Iron Sting fired from SPEAR

Elbit Systems / Iron Sting fired from CARDOM

Life of Qatar Emiri Air Forces pilot in the Air College

Sri Lanka 2020 Recruiting

India's Militray Might Showcased On 71st Republic Day

Watch Draken Mirage F1 arriving at Nellis AFB

T-45 EMALS and AAG Testing • USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78)

Royal Thai army showcases its latest armored vehicle and military equipment parade Bangkok Thailand

CH-47 Chinook HELOCAST

Russian helicopter pilots in the Caucasus mountains

January 27, 2020

Food panic somewhere in China - mostly Wuhan

Elbit Systems / SLING

Iranian Caspian Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-80-series airliner that crashlanded in a street in Mahshahr, Iran

French Artillery Engage ISIS With 155mm Self Propelled Howitzers

Corona virus deaths rises to 80 and there are 2,744 confirmed cases, China’s National Health Commission

Behind the scenes with our Army - A Force For New Zealand

Behind the scenes with our Air Force - A Force For New Zealand

U.S. Navy MH-60S Assigned to Helicopter Combat Squadron SIX in Philippine Sea

Holocaust Survivor Never Thought She’d See This

Watch Boeing 777X touch down and fold its wing tips after first flight

January 26, 2020

U.S. Army leaders to view SB-1 flight demo on Feb. 20

The U.S. Army secretary along with senior Army officials are expected to visit Sikorsky’s facility in West Palm Beach, Florida on Feb. 20 to view a flight demonstration of the SB-1.

Free fall from Spain AF A400M

NFC Championship flyover from inside the KC135 of the 3 F-16s flying over the 49ers stadium

Hot refuelling with engine running done on HTT40

Corona virus patient is going through cytokine storm

January 25, 2020

Iranian reconnaissance plane downed by Syrian militia

Bat soup is a popular dish in Wuhan, China - Possible cause of Corona Virus outbreak

Keep an eye on Corona Virus outbreak .

41 people killed so far

Vaccine 6 months away

Nurses have no protection from virus

No medicines

B-1B Lancer Pair Departing Dyess AFB

HMS Queen Elizabeth Closer To Becoming Operational As Carrier Leaves For Trials | Forces TV

AH-64D Apaches to successfully engage targets with rockets fitted with the Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System

Mahindra LSV - with the UAE defense forces

Super Stallion Helicopters Of HMH-461

Former Navy SEAL Shot & Almost Run Over By Tank While Saving Litte Girl From ISIS

North Korea In The Age Of Trump

January 24, 2020

Corona virus epidemic is more serious than you think

Look at the number of earth excavators for the "hospital"

Ban all flights and travel from and to China

Chinese security guard collapses due to suspected China Virus

January 22, 2020

GBU-48 - Eurofighters Bomb

Islamic Jihad terrorists infiltrated into Israel from Gaza

German Navy P-3 intercepted by Su-27 over the Baltic

Russian pilots on duty in the Central Military District

Sejong DDG 2 - Republic of Korea MND

US Navy aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford to begin Aircraft Compatibility Testing

Indian Army Upgrades 130 MM Russian Gun To 155 MM 300 Sarang Artillery Gun

January 21, 2020

Lockheed Martin-led industry team launched LCS 23, the future USS Cooperstown

China-Pakistan Sea Guardians 2020 Arabian sea live fire exercise video

Hospital in Wuhan in China of hospital staff members wearing hazmat suites to protect themselves against the #pneumonia virus in the region

SHOT Show 2020 : Sig Media Range Day

IAF inducts BrahMos-armed Sukhoi-30MKI fighter squadron at Tamil Nadu's Thanjavur

Entering the Sea | Inside Navy Strategies

The engineering forces of the Armed Forces of Russia are 319 years old!

2020 S Korean Ministry of Defense Business Report Teaser

LEFT ideology destroys another country ----- Oil and ruin — exodus from Venezuela

Canadian Military joins effort to dig out St. John's

this is part of grand solar minimum mini ice age

January 20, 2020

New Indonesian Defence Minister Interested in Rafale, Scorpene and Gowind

What if Indonesia had Rafale and Scorpene submarines?

The Indonesian Minister of Defense explained to France that his country wanted to arm itself to counter the Chinese threat. Jakarta is interested in 48 Rafale, up to 4 Scorpene and 2 Gowind.

According to concordant sources, Indonesia is interested in purchasing Rafale fighter planes (Dassault Aviation), Scorpene submarines and Gowind corvettes (Naval Group). The visit to Paris on Monday of the  Minister of Defense of Indonesia, Prabowo Subianto, an ex-general reputed to be Francophile,  was deemed constructive even if we must remain very cautious at this stage. Thus, the Indonesian minister was expected in stride in Hamburg at TKMS. Tensions with China are leading to rearmament of the countries bordering the China Sea. This is the case of Indonesia, which  has deployed combat aircraft and warships around the Natuna Islands near the South China Sea.

According to sources interviewed by La Tribune, Jakarta is interested in 48 Rafale, up to 4 Scorpene submarines armed with Exocet SM39 missile and by two 2,500-ton Gowind corvettes. These purchases could be made through an intergovernmental agreement between France and Indonesia, which wishes to go quickly.

In 10 years, Paris has sold 1.36 billion euros in military equipment to Jakarta, with a peak in 2013 (480 million euros). That year, the missile MBDA had sold for more than 200 million euros a very short range surface-to-air weapon system (Mistral 3) and Nexter had placed 37 Caesar systems (115 million euros). T he three-color groups can rely on the strategic partnership signed in 2011 between France and Indonesia.

Between two and four Scorpene

In 2015, the Indonesian Air Force bought 16 Sukhoi Su-35s to renew a squadron of old F-5E Tiger IIs, at the expense of the Rafale and the Eurofighter. Regarding the Scorpene submarines already sold in India and Malaysia, Indonesia has two French proposals: one relating to the sale of two submarines off the shelf and the other to the acquisition of four copies carried out as part of a technology transfer (ToT) with the Indonesian group PT PAL. A working group has already been set up between Naval Group and the Indonesian Navy.

Why does Indonesia still want to buy new submarines? The Indonesian navy has reportedly encountered serious problems with its Chang Bogo-class  submarines produced by South Korea. It will cancel a contract signed with Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) and  estimated at $ 1 billion for the construction of three additional submarines. French submarine technology is appreciated in Asia-Pacific, a region where Naval Group already has three customers in the submarine field (Malaysia, India and Australia).

Thailand is Sending Submarine Crew to Train in China

The Royal Thai Navy on Thursday said the first group of Thai submariners would receive their training in China, where Thailand’s first submarine fleet in nearly 70 years are being built.

Navy spokesman Prachachat Sirisawat said the navy will select a group of sailors to take training courses in China within this year. Their training would be completed just in time when the first of the three submarines is expected to be delivered to Thailand in 2023.

“Candidates must be able to communicate in English and Chinese, as well as physically and metally fit to work within the confined body of submarines,” Vice Adm. Prachachat said in an interview.

He would not say how many submariners would be trained, but said the training program would take two years to complete for each batch of crews.

The spokesman also confirmed the 22-billion baht deal to buy three brand-new submarines from China is sailing forward as planned. The acquisition was inked in 2017, or 65 years after Thai navy last had submarines under its command.

Three S26T submarines in total were commissioned at the price of two subs, according to the navy.

“The 3-for-2 deal is still on,” he added. “We proposed only two submarines under the agreement, but they gave us three in the price of two.”

Malaysian Army Issues Tenders for Special Forces Vehicles

The Malaysian Army has issued requests for bids from locally registered companies for the supply of vehicles for its special forces regiment.

The two tenders, which were issued on 9 January, are for 16 special operations vehicles (SOVs) and four rapid intervention vehicles (RIVs) for the service’s Grup Gerak Khas (GGK) or Special Forces Group.

According to the documents, the SOVs must enable the GGK to conduct special operations deep in enemy-held territory, and also to “manoeuvre in hostile terrain with great emphasis towards stealth, speed, and fire power”.

The vehicles will need to be delivered to the 11th Special Forces Regiment camp in Malacca: the counter-terrorism unit of the GGK.

Afghanistan's only Sikh soldier!

Jat Singh, Afghanistan's only Sikh soldier!

Indian Sukhoi with Brahmos missile direct from Thanjavur air base

What a Global Solar Minimum (~2018-2032) looks like

Global Solar Minimum is a mini ice age due to less solar fusion activity.

Russian motorized riflemen of the Kemerovo region are training in military operations in impassable snows

US Navy's VX-23 Air Test & Evaluation Squadron 23 launching and recovering aboard carrier GERALD R FORD

India's test launch of the 3,500 km range nuclear capable submarine-launched K-4 ballistic missile

Everything You Need to Know About the F-35i Fighter Jet

Annual Rifle Qualification Three Day Course of Fire

Best Sniper Competition – Scharfschützen der Bundeswehr Im Wettbewerb

B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber Aerial Refueling Jan 2020

1st CAV DIV "Headhunters" • Tanks In Lithuania (2020)

Marines Use MK-19 Grenade Launcher Like A Mortar

New K-9 Vajra-T Rollout For Indian Army

Lockheed Martin-led industry team launched LCS 23, the future USS Cooperstown

S41 Egyptian Navy

January 18, 2020

Boeing - SB1 Defiant Reaches Beyond 100 kts

E-2D Advanced Hawkeye Landing • USS Gerald R Ford (CVN-78)

Canada is so Canada sometimes that you have to shoot the snow


76th Guards Air Assault Division received a battalion set (+) of ~50 BMD-4M and BTR-MDM Rakushkas

Maiden flight of Falco Xplorer

Leonardo’s Falco Xplorer has made its maiden flight from Trapani Air Force Base on Jan. 15. The flight time was approximately 60 minutes.

Israeli Air Force reactivates 116 Squadron as second F-35 unit

The Israeli Air Force has reactivated 116 Squadron as the second unit to fly the F-35 on Jan. 16.

Greece could deploy Patriot unit to Saudi Arabia

A news report says Greece has agreed to deploy a Patriot air defense missile unit to Saudi Arabia.

January 17, 2020

Chinese made Saudi Arabian Air Force CH-4B shot down

Islamic State’s ‘very own Jabba the Hutt’ captured in Mosul

An Iraqi SWAT team this week captured a hefty high-ranking Islamic State official who is pictured crammed into the bed of a police pickup truck after his arrest in Mosul.

The arrest of ISIS mufti Abu Abdul Bari, also known as Shifa al-Nima, was announced by the Iraqi government’s security media cell in a statement Thursday.

Bari, a preacher known for “provocative speeches against the security forces” is considered one of the top leaders of “ISIS gangs,” the statement said.

Considered by ISIS to be an authority in Quranic law, Bari issued religious rulings, or fatwas, ordering the execution of scholars and clerics who refused to pledge allegiance to the terrorist group when it occupied Mosul, the statement said. He also ordered the July 2014 destruction of a mosque built at the site believed to be the burial place of the biblical prophet Jonah, who once had a notable encounter with a whale.

The mosque was one of several cultural sites the extremist group destroyed as it swept across Syria and Iraq, claiming large swaths of territory for its self-styled caliphate. The group has been ousted from all the territory it once held but remains an insurgent threat in the region.

Memes including “He puts the fat in fatwa” spread on social media after photos were posted of Bari seated on cushions inside his apparent hideout in one image and loaded into the back of a pickup truck in another.

The images of his arrest would strike a psychological blow against ISIS, Maajid Nawaz, founder of the London-based counter-extremist organization Quilliam, wrote on Facebook.

“Gluttony is frowned upon by jihadists. But also, ISIS branded themselves as fighters possessing rare courage & discipline ... meanwhile this walrus was their top religious cleric,” he said.

Sh*t F!rearm Owners Don't Say

Streetfighter | Royal Tank Regiment | British Army

Grand Solar minimum (2018-32) avalanche kills 5 Pakistani soldiers

Names of those killed -

  • Lance Naik Banaras Iqbal, 
  • Lance Naik Abdul Razzaq, 
  • SPR Mohammad Rafiq, 
  • SPR Shahzad Akram and 
  • SPR Ammar Ali

An avalanche destroyed a house in the Thali area of Qamri town, killing four-year-old Rehmatullah and 19-year-old Zeenat, the local police said. Two other members of their family, Mohammad Sultan and Amir Hayat, were injured in the incident, the officials added.

However, according to the complaints received from locals, the injured couldn’t be shifted to hospitals as some roads had been blocked for the past several days.

According a press release issued by the authorities on Wednesday, Gilgit-Baltistan disaster management authority and district administrations have started clearing roads and rehabilitating telecommunication, electricity and other basic infrastructures across the region.

The Gilgit-Rawalpindi section of the Karakorum Highway has been fully restored, while the Frontier Works Organization (FWO) cleared road at four points by removing debris in Patton, Matta Banda of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Tatta Pani in Diamer.

BAE Systems’ CV90 testing SPIKE LR anti tank guided missile

Indonesian Navy Requests Anti-Submarine, Surface Kits for Five More Panthers

The Indonesian Navy has submitted requests to equip five more Panther helicopters with anti-submarine, surface warfare capabilities. The service has thus far received 10 of the 11 helicopters it ordered in 2014 (photo : Francesco Andrae)

The Indonesian Navy (Tentara Nasional Indonesia: TNI-AL) has submitted a formal request to refit five more of its Airbus Helicopters AS 565MBe Panther helicopters with initial anti-submarine and anti-surface capabilities.

The request has been submitted by the TNI-AL’s office of planning and budget allocation to the country’s Ministry of Defence for consideration.

According to a copy of the request that has been forwarded to Jane’s , the service is requesting IDR384 million (USD30,000) to upgrade two airframes with anti-submarine warfare (ASW) fittings and IDR216 million to install anti-surface equipment on three helicopters.

Ariane 5 ECA launches EUTELSAT KONNECT and Isro GSAT-30 satellites

DEFENDER-Europe 20 is the Largest Deployment of U.S.-Based Forces

OP Bushfire Assist - Japanese C-130 arrival at RAAF Base Richmond

Indo-Japanese joint exercise ‘Sahyog-Kaijin’ begins

Indian Army Day 2020

Japanese C-130H, arrive at Richmond Base in Australia on relief mission

Everything You Need to Know About the F-35i Fighter Jet

January 16, 2020

JMSDF newest Ocean Surveillance Ship named “AKI”

Indian Air Force - Rafale Everything you need to know

Naval LCA NP2's maiden ski-jump and landing from INS Vikramaditya

US Navy , USMC integration continues aboard USS America (LHA 6) with more F-35B Lightning II flight operations

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