September 30, 2020

F-16s Drop Inert GBU-12 Paveways over Poland


Armenian Anti-Air Defence Systems Downing Azerbaijani Drones During Battle For Nagorno-Karabakh


Tensions escalate between Armenia and Azerbaijan


Russian units return to base in Abkhazia from Kavkaz-2020


Close-Up View Of F-35A During Aerial Refueling (2020)


Osprey Aerial Refueling From MC-130J Commando II


Why You Won’t Survive Russian Special Forces Training


September 27, 2020

Indian Army deploys T-90 & T-72 tanks along with BMP-2 Infantry Combat Vehicles that can operate at temperatures up to minus 40 degree Celsius

Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force Kaga & Indian Navy Chennai at JIMEX 2020 - 27-09-2020



How does the phalanx CIWS work | How powerful phalanx CIWS


Northern Edge 2017 • Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson


IDF - The International Outrage Should Begin Now


Song Of The F-35


The Great Soviet Cosmonaut Conspiracy | Soyuz Conspiracy | Timeline


Impressive Dassault Rafale Display | Kauhava Airshow 2020


September 22, 2020

Taiwan military to allow forces to fire back after mainland Chinese air incursions

 Taiwan has redefined its rules of engagement with mainland Chinese forces, allowing its military to fire back in self-defence.

The announcement comes after People’s Liberation Army warplanes crossed a median line in the Taiwan Strait last week – apparently ignoring a tacit understanding between the two sides.

“In the face of high-frequency harassment and threats from the enemy’s warships and warplanes recently … the military clearly redefined the contingency handling regulations concerning the first strike as our right to self-defence and counter attack,” the island’s defence ministry said on Monday.

It said the island’s navy and the air force must follow guidelines that state there can be “no escalation of conflict and no triggering incidents” as well as “no provocation and no fear of the enemy” and the principle that “the closer [the enemy] approaches the island, the more active [the military must be] in dealing with it”.

Indian Air Force training woman pilot to fly Rafale


Crossing the Mukhavets river during the Russian-Belarusian exercise "Slavic Brotherhood-2020"


Russian-Belarusian exercise "Slavic Brotherhood-2020"


NORAD F-16 Fighting Falcons • Cockpit View (2020)


Where India's S-400 Is Being Built


Thai Army Received Budget to Supply Stryker Lot 3 in 2021

 From the discussion reserved the amendments of the Act The 2021 budget for Agenda 2 contains data from discussion showing the procurement of 10 more Stryker wheeled vehicles from the United States in fiscal year 2021 worth 900 million baht.

The procurement of Stryker vehicles was carried out in fiscal year 2019 with 70 vehicles (47 supplied and the United States assisted by giving 23 more free), totaling 3,720 million baht. In FY2020, another 50 Stryker vehicles worth 4,515 million baht, a project that has not been postponed or budgeted due to COVID-19 and continued procurement in this fiscal year

Thus, procurement of 10 more Stryker vehicles in the fiscal year around 2021 will provide the Army with a total of 130 Stryker vehicles, or approximately 3 Panzer Infantry Battalions, based on the Stryker Brigade Combat Team (SBCT) rating. So, if the Army wants to form a complete Stryker Brigade at the actual rate, at least 192 additional Strykers will be required. It will complete the arrangement of the Stryker Brigade Combat Team rate of approximately 17,280 million baht, calculated from the Stryker price of 90 million baht per vehicle.

Long Live for the Royal Malaysian navy Laksamana class


The Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) might experience hickups on its Maharajalela class Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) but still packed with lots of lethal punches against hostile external threats especially when pitted against a Navy from neighbouring country.

Initially planned to be replaced by the Keris class Littoral Mission Ship (LMS), the four Laksamana class corvettes will continue to serve the RMN albeit as Fast Attack Craft.A plan to fit locally develop mini Combat Management System (CMS) for all of the FAC squadrons is also in the pipeline.Nevertheless, while all six Otomat anti ship missile (AShM) launchers have been removed, each Laksamana FACs still sports 40mm aft gun as well as Aspide Surface to Air Missile (SAM) launcher.

A refit program for all ships of the class has been completed. They are slated to be equipped with Gem Electronicca Electro Optic Fire Control System (EOFCS) which manage the 76mm Oto Melara main naval gun. When the Laksamanas were armed with the Otomat missiles, they could work together with the AgustaWestland Super Lynx Mk 300 naval helicopter for Over The Horizon (OTH) targeting thanks to Teleguidance telemetric system fitted on the latter.Malaysia received 20 units of Aspide SAM in 1997 with effective range 25 km (photo : Selenia)

Following the above mentioned refit, the RMN has quickly mobilised these Italian made ships under the Naval Region Command 1 (Markas Wilayah Laut 1 – MAWILLA 1) to patrol the Straits of Melaka.All four Laksamanas were deployed to Eks Perang Pangkor last May while KD Laksamana Tun Abdul Jamil was recently involved in a Passage Exercise (PASSEX) with Indonesian Navy’s KRI Sutanto, a Kapitan Patimura class corvette on August 2020.

Torpedoes and Anti Ship Missiles for Widcat Helos have Arrived in PHL

 Anti-sub helicopters' torpedoes, missiles now in PH: Navy chief

MANILA – Munitions for the major weapons system of the Philippine Navy (PN)'s two AugustaWestland (now Leonardo) AW-159 "Wildcat" anti-submarine helicopters are now in the country."Both the Spike-NLOS (non-line of sight) missiles and the BlueShark anti-submarine torpedoes are already 'in-country'," Navy chief, Vice Admiral Giovanni Carlo Bacordo said in an interview on Thursday, when asked on the status of the weapon systems of the two AW-159 helicopters.

Bacordo said deliveries of the weapons were completed in the fourth quarter last year.Israel's Rafael Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd made Spike NLOS missile will give the AW-159s a capability to engage hostile vessels beyond visual range.

While the South Korean-made LIG Nex1 "Blue Shark" lightweight torpedoes will serve as the helicopters' anti-submarine weapon and are capable of shallow and deepwater operations and can run off to a speed of 45 knots.Once the pilots and aircrew of the AW-159s are fully trained, Bacordo said he expects these personnel to train on the use of these weapons to gain proficiency in their handling.The PN's two AW-159s were acquired to complement the Jose Rizal-class frigates' ASW capabilities.

The helicopters arrived in May 2019 and were commissioned in June of the same year.The contract for the helicopters' munition, mission essential equipment, and integrated logistic support is worth PHP5.4 billion. 

Japan plans to establish EW unit in Okinawa

Japan is now planning to establish a electronic warfare (EW) unit in Okinawa after the one at Camp Kengun in Kumamoto has been set up next year.


WW2 era B-25 crash landing in Stockton

Three people aboard warbird “Old Glory” were able to walk out of the B-25 when the plane made a crash landing at around 7:30 p.m. into an irrigation ditch in Stockton on Sept. 20.


Four PAF A-29s have arrived home in Philippines

The Philippine government confirmed on Sept. 19 that four A-29 light attack aircraft landed around 1:06 p.m. at Clark Air Base that day.


September 18, 2020

UFO sighting in UK

Bangladesh takes delivery of third C-130J

Bangladesh has taken delivery of the third second-hand C-130J that it purchased from Britain.


Philippine Air Force A-29 light attack aircraft arriving in Vietnam

Four Philippine Air Force A-29 light attack aircraft have arrived at Tân Sơn Nhất International Airport, Vietnam during their delivery flight home.


Kaman K-MAX K-1200 Heavy Lift Helicopter at Slink Fire


Paratroopers Execute Joint Forcible Entry


Gripen's Smart Maintenance Solutions


Fighter Jets Over Alaska


F-35 Distributed Mission Training


New Zealand Army Band: Te Wiki o te reo Māori


Fighter Jets • Italian • Greek • Romanian • Ukrainian


September 17, 2020

Mongolian Army air defense exercise


Taiwan issues RFI to Thales and Raytheon for ship-borne phased array radar

Taiwan has decided to approach Thales and Raytheon as potential suppliers for ship-borne phases array radar that will equip its new missile frigates.


Military contingents of China and Belarus to the Southern Military District to participate in the Kavkaz-2020


Russia - The crews of "Gradov" and "Msta-S" destroyed the "enemy" column


C-130 of Ethiopian Air Force


For the first time, Taiwan’s press release on PLA military activities show flight path of aircraft

Last last night, Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense posted a press release online on Chinese military activities on Sept. 16 in its air defense identification zone (ADIZ).

For the first time, the flight path of the aircraft – two KQ-200 maritime patrol aircraft – were shown to the public.The new approach mirrors what the Japanese Ministry of Defense has been doing all along.


GE delivers first F110 engines for F-15EX

GE says it has delivered its first F110-GE-129 engines for the F-15EX program.


French Mirage 2000 Fighter Jets - Aerial Footage


Artillery Shoots Down Drone Resembling Cruise Missile! Hypervelocity Weapon Hits Drone Mid-Air


September 16, 2020

September 15, 2020

Pakistan JF-17 aircraft crashes in Attock due to engine failure , pilot ejects safely


A Pakistan Air Force (PAF) aircraft crashed near Pindigheb, Attock, on Tuesday, the air force said in a statement.The statement said that the incident happened during a routine training mission, adding that no loss of life was reported.

"The pilot ejected safely. No loss of life or property has been reported on ground," it added.
The PAF said that a board of inquiry has been ordered to investigate the cause of the crash which is the fifth such incident since the start of this year.

TikTok Owner ByteDance Is Under the Thumb of Chinese Govt which collects User information

Tik Tok is being used by Chinese Communist Party to spread anarchy in democratic countries


Photographing the War in Afghanistan


INS Talwar on mission-based deployment undertakes refueling with US Navy tanker


Tactical Airborne Laser Weapon System (TALWS)


Australia’s First Loyal Wingman Completes Engine Test


T-7A named the first in the U.S. Air Force’s new eSeries


PRIDE - The Marine Corps | Republic of Korea MND


F-22s Prep For Night Launches • Joint Base Langley-Eustis


September 13, 2020

Operation Mount Hope How The Cia Stole A Russian Hind Gunship In The Dead Of Night


Keel Laid for Third Australian OPV

 Keel laid for first Offshore Patrol Vessel built in WA

The Morrison Government’s National Shipbuilding Program has reached another milestone with the keel laying for the first Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) under construction in WA.

Minister for Defence, Senator the Hon Linda Reynolds CSC said the keel laying is an important naval tradition that brings good luck to the build of the ship and the life of the vessel by placing a coin under the keel.“This milestone marks the start of the consolidation phase for the third Arafura Class ship to be built in Australia, named Pilbara by the Chief of Navy,” Minister Reynolds said.

“It demonstrates the success of this Government’s Naval Shipbuilding plan, with eight vessels already built and another 10 vessels currently under construction at Henderson and Osborne.“Western Australia is playing a key role in the development of our national naval shipbuilding enterprise, and the Government’s $4.7 billion OPV program is spearheading the implementation of this plan and connecting with Australian industry.

“Since construction commenced ahead of schedule in March, the Luerssen and Civmec teams in WA have continued to make significant progress on building the blocks that, when complete, will form a 1,600 tonne 80 metre long OPV.“Made with Australian steel, cut locally in WA, the OPVs will offer greater endurance to undertake maritime patrol and response duties, as well as support specialist missions.”Minister for Defence Industry Melissa Price said the keel laying was of extra significance for her given the Pilbara was in her electorate of Durack.

“I have no doubt that people in my electorate and the wider WA community will be as proud as I am of the fact that this ship will be known as Pilbara, particularly given the region’s remarkable contribution to this country,” Minister Price said.“I am very pleased that Luerssen and Civmec have been able to reach this milestone in such a timely manner, and I have no doubt that is due in part to the practices they put in place to deal with COVID-19.

“This project has created about 400 jobs here in Perth and involved more than 300 businesses across the Australian supply chain.“It is on track to achieve more than 60 per cent local industry content.”The OPVs are based on the Lürssen PV80 design.The first two vessels are under construction at the Osborne Naval Shipyard in South Australia, and will be followed by 10 ships to be built at the Henderson shipyard.

Churchill Inspects Tiger Tank in Tunisia - WWII


Gripen E First Missile Launch & Drop Tank Test - Saab JAS 39E Test Flights


Russian BMPT "Terminator". Bodyguard for a tank


Indian Army snow specialist warriors in Ladakh


B-1B Lancer Display at the 2009 Australian International Airshow


Russian Day of the Tanker-2020


September 10, 2020

Multiple Chinese PLA aircraft have violated Taiwan's ADIZ over the past 2 days -Taiwan Foreign Ministry

Five Rafale aircraft formally inducted into IAF’s 17 Squadron 'Golden Arrows'


HMS Queen Elizabeth Sails From Portsmouth After Delays


US Nuclear blasts, preserved on film


Chinese Fiber glass boat "Fleet" in Pangong Lake

Russian "Tank duel": the crews of combat vehicles destroyed the "enemy" near Nizhny Novgorod


Expeditionary JPALS: Delivering Precision Landing Capabilities Anywhere


F/A-18C Hornet Touch'n'Go on Road Base #1 - Baana 20


B-52s integrate with Moroccan F-16s


IAF to formally induct Rafale fighter jets


GoPro Strapped On Artillery Shell! Monstrous 2S7 Pion & 2S4 Tyulpan World Largest Mortar Live Fire


September 8, 2020

GOONS of Chinese PLA with stick machetes photographed near Indian side of LAC in South of Pangong in Eastern Ladakh

Chinese Kung Flu Panda has been behaving strangely since the corona virus outbreak

Albanian NATO - Explosive Ordinance Disposal team at work

PLA's Eastern Theater Command air force recently conducted flight training drills involving climbing up and rolling over at multiple altitudes

History - Looted art in the Third Reich


ROK Special Warfare Command (SWC) | Republic of Korea MND


Elbit Systems / Hermes 900 Over the Sea of Galilee


Russian Armed Forces video - Under contract in the RF Armed Forces


The Story Behind the Iconic ‘Tank Man’ Photo


USAF weekly firefighting training at Mwaffaq Salti, Jordan

It’s an open secret that the U.S. Air Force has a massive fighter detachment at Mwaffaq Salti, Jordan. Here you can see the firefighting crew from the 332d Air Expeditionary Wing conducting their weekly training on a retired Royal Jordan Air Force F-104 from the No. 25 Squadron.


Brazilian BOPE (Special Operations Battalion) Helicopter Raid On Occupied Building


Q&A with Heron Systems


September 7, 2020

MultFlyer - A Fleet of Small Helicopter UAVs for Non-Military Tasks


Naval Forces in Central Philippines Hold Field Training Exercise

 The Philippine Navy’s Naval Forces Central (NAVFORCEN) conducted a Field Training Exercise (FTX) KADAGATAN 2020 from August 26 to 28.

According to NAVFORCEN, FTX KADAGATAN 2020 aimed to evaluate, enhance interoperability between ships and aircraft through the conduct of Naval operations at sea, Maritime Surveillance/Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR), Maritime Operations and Division Tactics.The exercise was led by Captain Emmanuel Eugenio C. Bello (GSC), Commander, NTF50; together with CDR Maynard S. Cabungcal (GSC), Commander, Naval Task Group 50.1 (Stingray), and also the Exercise Director.

“The FTX was participated by NTF50 naval assets PC371, PC372, PB356, PB358, and naval air asset NH431,” NAVFORCEN said.

It noted that exercise KADAGATAN 2020 is a local unit training purposely conducted to enhance capability and maintain the operational readiness of NFC naval assets as it continues its voyage protecting the maritime domain of the Central Region moreover in this time of the pandemic.

Royal Thai Army Plan to Buy 12 Towed Howitzer

 On August 5, 2020, the Royal Thai Army Ordnance Department has published a document on the procurement plan of 12 light artillery calibre 105mm type 1 towed guns with automatic directional systems, gun equipment and tools, basic parts and spares parts and field-level maintenance equipment. Also factory-level maintenance parts, equipment and automatic shooting and control systems, amount 2 items, budget commitments over the year 2020-2022 amount 834,400,000 baht ($ 26,722,194) medium price source United Defense Technology Co., Ltd.

At present, the Thai Army has 22 units 105mm towed artillery such as the BAE Systems M119 patented by BAE Systems. Weapons Building Command Center National Defense Industry and Military Energy Center, NSEEP has been assembling in Thailand since the year 2006.

Before that, the Royal Thai Army had procured a 105mm towed, such as the LG1 MkII from GIAT Industries (now Nexter group), France, a total of 24 units that have been ian service since the year 1996-2012 and LG1 MkI has been in service since 2011.

Including the M101A1 number 285 units that have been updated by the NSO, but have been stationed since the year 1952 also 12 units M425 and 32 units M618A2, which the NESDB created by itself in Thailand. It has been used for a long time as well.

B-52s integrate with Ukrainian MiG-29s and Su-27s


Project Aquatone's U-2 Spy Plane | Inside America's Secret Missions


Military Fail - BLYAT! 9K38 Igla MANPAD Launch Malfunction Fail 2020 Military Fail


Royal Norwegian Air Force F-35s Fly with USAF B-52


September 6, 2020

U.S. Third Army troops lie low in a barge while crossing the Rhine. Germany, 1945

Indian Coast Guard and Indian Navy bring fire on board oil tanker MT New Diamond under control

Major oil spill disaster in the Indian Ocean averted 

Royal Air Force Typhoon FGR4 Fighters Escort B-52s


Israeli and German Air Force Exercise 2020


Portuguese Paratroopers In Close Combat During Assault On Rebel Camp In Central African Republic


Russian - "Yablochko" at the closing ceremony of the VI International Army Games ARMY-2020


Ukrainian Fighter Jets Fly Alongside U.S. B-52 Bombers


September 5, 2020

A new taskforce has been set up in the United States to investigate UFO sightings - 7NEWS Australia


Nazi deadly MG 42 machine gun


Royal Danish Air Force F-16s Escort USAF B-52 Stratofortress


Change detection satellite images via social media in China seem to have spotted India's new positions on the hilltops south of Pangong Tso



Indian, Russian Navies show maritime prowess in Bay of Bengal


Firing Up a Rocket Booster for Artemis on This Week @NASA – September 4, 2020


Bomber Task Force B-52s • RAF Fairford


UFO Sightings Surge Across US | Unidentified (Season 2) | History


Pakistan Army - 83TH PMA LC Passing out parade


September 4, 2020

Rogue Pakistani Lieutenant General Asim Saleem Bajwa resigns after ill gotten business empire revelations

Lt. General Bajwa claims he built -
❤ 99 companies, 
❤ 133 pizza joints, 
❤ 13+ commercial properties in the US including two shopping malls worth $39.9 million through hard work

Pakistani journalist who published the story is likely to be kidnapped and killed


The growth of the Bajwa family’s business empire in the United States and later in Pakistan directly matches the rise in power of retired general Asim Saleem Bajwa, who is now chairman of the country’s massive China-financed infrastructure project and a special assistant to the prime minister.

Asim Bajwa’s younger brothers opened their first Papa John’s pizza restaurant in 2002, the year he went to work for General Pervez Musharraf as a lieutenant colonel on the military dictator’s staff.

Nadeem Bajwa, 53, who started as a delivery driver for the pizza restaurant franchise, his brothers and Asim Bajwa’s wife and sons now own a business empire which set up 99 companies in four countries, including a pizza franchise with 133 restaurants worth an estimated $39.9 million. Out of total 99 companies, 66 are main companies, 33 companies are branch companies of some of the main companies while five companies are dead now.

The Bajwa family’s companies spent an estimated $52.2 million to develop their businesses and $14.5 million to purchase properties in the United States, while Asim Bajwa and his department were encouraging Pakistanis to invest within their relatively undeveloped country. The businesses of the Bajwa family through different companies were named as Bajco Group.

Asim Bajwa’s sons joined the Bajco Group companies in 2015 and also started establishing new companies independent of the Bajco Group in Pakistan and in the United States after he became director general of ISPR and commander of the Southern Command.

Asim’s wife was a shareholder in all the foreign businesses from the very beginning. At present, Asim’s wife, Farrukh Zeba, is associated with or is a shareholder in 85 companies including 82 foreign companies (71 in United States, seven in UAE and four in Canada). The records of US state governments and other records related to companies show that some of these American companies (all jointly owned by Asim’s wife Farrukh Zeba) also have investments in real estate sector and own some thirteen commercial properties in the United States including two shopping centers. Estimated current net worth of businesses and properties of these companies jointly owned by Farrukh Zeba stands at $52.7 million.

In his declaration of assets and liabilities signed in June as special assistant to Prime Minister Imran Khan, Asim Bajwa declared an investment of $18,468 (rupees 3.1 million) in his wife’s name. Asim declared that he and his wife have no “Immovable Property Held outside Pakistan”. Asim also categorically declared that neither he nor his wife have any “Business Capital outside Pakistan”. If in his declaration, Asim wanted to declare his wife’s investments in United States by writing Rs3.1 million in the column of “Investments”, he could never have written word “NIL” in the specific column “Business Capital Outside Pakistan”. Asim Bajwa, 57, is also now the chairman of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

Family Background:

The six Bajwa brothers and their three sisters came from a middle-class family in a small town in Southern Punjab that was struck by tragedy while they were still young.

Their father, Muhammad Saleem Bajwa, a medical doctor, started as a government employee in early 1950s and then in 1960 joined Millat Hospital, a small private hospital in Sadikabad. Bajwa was shot to death on Nov. 25, 1976 while traveling on a Karachi express train.

His family’s assets at the time of his death included a few acres of agricultural land, a house in Sadiqabad, shares in a pharmaceutical company, and some shops in the city. Their father’s brother had to help them pay for family expenses.

The two eldest sons, Tanvir and Taloot went on to become doctors like their father and practiced in different cities of Punjab. The third son, Asim joined the army in 1984. Two brothers Nadeem and Faisal came to the United States in the early 1990s after completing their education from Punjab University in Lahore. The youngest brother, Abdul Malik, 49, went to the U.S. in 2002.

Management of worldwide businesses through a parent company:

In 2007, a few months after Asim Bajwa’s promotion to brigade rank by the military dictator, the Bajco companies were brought under the umbrella of one parent company, Bajco Global Management LLC, which was registered in the United States and Pakistan (liaison office). The official documents of this parent company show that Asim Bajwa’s wife, Farrukh Zeba, is an equal shareholder in the businesses of Bajco Group along with his five brothers. Farrukh Zeba is a housewife with no known business experience.

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