April 30, 2020

RAF Typhoons Deploy To Lithuania For A NATO Mission | Forces TV

GE gets $707 million contract to supply F110 engines to Slovakia, Bulgaria, Taiwan and Qatar

The Pentagon announced on Apr. 28 that General Electric has been awarded a $707 million contract to supply the F110 fighter engine to Slovakia, Bulgaria, Taiwan and Qatar.

F-35s On The Way To Alaska (APRIL 2020)

Canadian Armed Forces confirms contact lost with Cyclone helicopter near Greece

Blue Angels And Thunderbirds Refueling • America Strong Flyover

f22demoteam displaying the awesome power of the Raptor

April 29, 2020

Planned flights of Russian Tu-160 over neutral waters of the Baltic Sea

Saab as it delivers the first GlobalEye airborne early warning and control aircraft to launch customer the UAE Air Force

Delivery of KM-SAM Block I to RoKAF completed

The delivery of KM-SAM Block I, developed by South Korea’s Agency of the Defense Development, to the Republic of Korea Air Force (RoKAF) has been completed.

122nd Fighter Wing’s fly over Fort Wayne

Thunderbirds over New York

Bridge of Chinese Type 075 Landing Helicopter Dock

The new German rescue helicopter LUH SAR

Secret of Israel’s Military Revealed

Blue Angels Flyover • Operation America Strong NY NJ PA

A-10 Thunderbolt Flyover Fort Wayne, Indiana

U.S. Navy Blue Angels - Operation America Strong - Takeoff

April 28, 2020

NATO Battlegroup Latvia maintains readiness

Iran’s IRGC says it will soon take delivery of Fotros UAV

A senior commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Ground Force says the corps will soon take delivery of the Fotros unmanned air vehicle.

B-52 from 2nd Bomb Wing flyover North Louisiana hospitals to honor healthcare workers

A pair of B-52 bombers from 2nd Bomb Wing flew over hospitals in North Louisiana to honor healthcare workers on Apr. 24.

Lynx helicopter trying to land on a ship at stormy weather

Russia - Joint training of scouts and artillerymen in the Nizhny Novgorod region

Pentagon officially releases UFO videos

JY-27A radar has moved from its earlier position at #Mianwali airbase as of January 2020, spotted instead are (possibly) a SAAB GIRAFFE & AN/TPS-43 being tested on site

A photo posted on AVIC's wechat account in shenyang shows what appears to be the J-35's hatchcover

Russia’s Burevestnik ASAT uses small satellites to destroy its target

A comprehensive and detailed article into the Russian Burevestnik Anti-satellite weapons (ASAT) has been published by The Space Review.

April 27, 2020

OTD in 2003, the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy investigated a drifting submarine

but discovered it was their own Ming-class 361 which had not been heard from in weeks. The crew of 70 had died of suffocation.

Military helicopter throws 30 tons of water to extinguish natural fires

Syria claims Israeli jets had fired 8 missiles from Lebanese airspace towards targets near Damascus

Protect yourself against germs with this shield

April 26, 2020

2 Pakistan Army soldiers killed by Taliban during operation in North Waziristan

Two Pakistan Army soldiers were killed and five were injured during an intelligence-based operation (IBO) late last night in Khaisura and Dossali areas of North Waziristan, according to a statement issued by the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR).

"Security forces conducted an IBO on credible information about the presence of terrorists in Khaisura and Dossali areas of North Waziristan late last night. During sanitisation of area, fire exchange took place between terrorists and security forces," the statement reads.

The dead soldiers were identified as Lance Naik Abdul Waheed and Sepoy Sakum Dad.

Russian paratroopers in world’s FIRST-EVER 10km group jump

Kim Jong-un dead

This is most likely true.

If he was alive, the commies would have come out with a propaganda piece. 

Estonia spring storm 2020 has begun

Frecce Tricolori the Italian Aerobatic Team

Air Force Wants Hypersonic Missile Carrying F-15Xs To Fight Alongside Its Stealthy F-35s And F-22s

Germany’s Insane Hover Jet Transport

April 25, 2020

Rafale Double Means Double The Fun

MV-22B Defensive Weapon System • GAU-17 Minigun

Pak Navy conducted Live Weapon firing of Anti-Ship Missiles from Surface & Aviation units in North Arabian Sea

A submariner with Flag of Spain @Armada_esp shares his tips on coping with isolation

Dassault Rafale approaches for landing

Footage of Iran's first successful satellite launch

Several T69-II Tank Still Operational in Thailand

T 69-II with 105 mm still operational. Although the T69-II (Tank 30-local designation)  with 100 mm gun which is came for the first time.

Thai bought from China at friendship price. It has been decommissioned and abandoned the sea to make a number of artificial coral, but in the T69-II tank section that has been improved by changing guns to 105 mm still living in the present.

Wiki said that Thailand have bought 53 Type 69-II and 5 Type 63 entered service with the Thai Army in 1987-1989, and were decommissioned in 2004. But 5 T 69-II which were upgraded still be used as the opposing forces.

HMAS Gascoyne Minehunter Receive Five Yearly Refit

Gascoyne’s push to greater efficiency in the water

HMAS Gascoyne is receiving renewed life through a five-yearly refit, ensuring she remains ready to fight and live up to her motto “Return to the sea”.

The 52-metre long Huon Class Minehunter Coastal (MHC) is undergoing a refit in Sydney following her most recent overseas deployment.

Gascoyne’s refit saw her removed from the water in the Captain Cook Graving Dock at Garden Island where her propeller was removed and her hull repainted while all of her major systems also are being removed, refurbished and overhauled.

Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Commander Sean Aitken, said the refit had left the ship looking almost brand new but would also improve how she sails.

“Cleaning the hull and replacement of Gascoyne’s anti-fouling fittings will have a significant impact on Gascoyne’s performance once back at sea,” Lieutenant Commander Aitken said.

“We found that during our last deployment with our sister ship HMAS Diamantina, we were roughly one knot slower and had a higher rate of fuel consumption. This refit will make us a faster and more efficient vessel.”

“We’ve also inspected the rudder and shaft, replaced or overhauled our cranes, fire pumps and replaced multiple valves throughout the ship.”

The refit comes following busy previous 12 months with Gascoyne sailing more than 22,000 nautical miles in 2019 over two major deployments to the South West Pacific and North East Asia.

Commissioned in 2001, HMAS Gascoyne is homeported at HMAS Waterhen in Sydney, with sister ships Diamantina, Huon and Yarra.

Thales Doubles Hawkei Production Rate

French defence group Thales is ramping up production of the Hawkei light armoured vehicle at the company’s protected vehicles manufacturing facility in Bendigo.

Production of the seven tonne, 4×4 vehicle has been doubled this week as the company races to fill an order from defence for 1,100 vehicles and over 1,000 trailers.

Hawkei is protected by ballistic armour and a V-hull design to resist improvised explosives devices.

Thales company’s home-grown technology was proven in Afghanistan with its heavier sibling, the Thales Bushmaster.

Delivery of Hawkei began in 2017 and is supported by Thales facilities in Brisbane and Townsville.

Suppliers to the vehicle include Boeing Australia and composites manufacturer, Quickstep.

Rommel Documentary - Biography of the life of Erwin Rommel - The Desert Fox

USS America and 31st MEU - Blue Green Team in South China Sea

April 23, 2020

Satellites Track Chinese Aircraft Carrier In South China Sea

Secret of Skinwalker Ranch

Believing or not believing - Up to you

USS America Flight Deck Operations • COVID-19 ERA MAR 2020

Taliban attack Pakistan Army check post in Bajaur district during barb fencing operations

052D burst shooting

SpaceX Launches 60 Satellites on the Falcon 9 Rocket

F-16s and Eurofighter Typhoon • Spangdahlem Air Base

Royal Australian Air Force Air Warfare Centre

Anzac Day 2020 - What Anzac Day means to me

South African C-130 Hercules Suffers Nose Wheel Collapse

April 22, 2020

China’s FTC-2000G Bags First Export Contract to an Undisclosed Southeast Asian Country

China’s FTC-2000G multirole combat aircraft bags first export contract

With its first export contract for delivery of the FTC-2000G multirole combat aircraft to an undisclosed Southeast Asian country, Guizhou Aviation Industry Corp can expect a surge in interested customers, aviation experts predicted on Sunday.

Local media reports reposted Saturday to the WeChat account of the Guizhou Province-based developer affiliated to the state-owned Aviation Industry Corpof China (AVIC) said the deal was signed in late January, about 15 months after the domestically developed plane's first test flight.

The commercial process has been completed and the first batch will be delivered in early 2021, with full delivery expected to finish within two years, the reports said.

The reports did not reveal further key details about the deal, such as the cost or the number of aircraft.

"It took less than two years for the FTC-2000G from its test to signing its first export contract with a certain Southeast Asian country, which is an unprecedented speed in the history of AVIC's made-for-export warplane development," one report quoted Wang Wenfei, chairman of Guizhou Aviation Industry Corp, as saying.

The deal shows the Chinese aircraft convinced the client with its performances, versatility and cost efficiency compared with competitors like the South Korea's T-50, said a Chinese military expert who asked for anonymity on Sunday.

It is worth noting that COVID-19 did not hinder the deal, he told the Global Times.
Senior military officers from 16 Asian and African countries have visited the Guizhou company to evaluate the FTC-2000G since its maiden flight on September 28, 2018 and its public debut at Airshow China 2018 in Zhuhai, South China's Guangdong Province on November 6, reports said.

If the first contract goes smoothly and satisfies the buyer, the product's reputation on the international market will be boosted and likely attract more business opportunities, the expert said.

As an independently developed multirole aircraft, the FTC-2000G can serve as an attack aircraft with a large combat radius, strong penetration capability and conduct air-to-ground combat missions like close-in support, air interdiction and in-depth strike.

When deployed as a fighter jet, the FTC-2000G has good mobility, situational awareness and high survivability in dogfights, aerial escort and patrol missions. The aircraft can also function as a transonic trainer with high safety and reliability and conduct medium- to advanced-levels of tactical combat training missions, the aircraft's chief designer Hu Jianxing said in the reports.

DoD to Contract Additional Triton UAVs for Australia

The US Department of Defense (DoD) is to issue Northrop Grumman with a sole-source contract to supply Australia with two more MQ-4C Triton high-altitude, long-endurance (HALE) unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

A notification posted on the US government's beta.sam.gov website on 14 April noted that Australia is to add to the one Triton UAV for which a contract has already been placed by exercising its options for two more as part of a wider US Navy (USN) procurement plan. The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) plans to field a total of six such vehicles.

"This contract modification establishes two unfunded option lines for five additional MQ-4C unmanned aircraft [three for the USN and two for the RAAF] and two additional main operating bases [one for the USN and one for the RAAF] and related production support, to include but not limited to: the procurement of long-lead material and associated effort; systems engineering; production management; integrated logistics support; and associated technical, administrative, and financial data," the notification stated.

Australia currently has the long-lead items for the one Triton under contract, to be built as part of the USN's wider fiscal year (FY) 2020 low-rate initial-production (LRIP) Lot 5 (which also includes one main operating base [MOB] and one forward operating base [FOB] for the country, as well as three Tritons, one MOB, and one FOB for the USN). In February the DoD said a second would be contracted shortly, which would account for one of the two options now to be exercised. According to the DoD notification, this second and a third Triton will be included in FY 2021 LRIP Lot 6 (along with one MOB and one FOB for Australia, and three Tritons, one MOB and one FOB for the USN). The notification did not say to which production lot the final three Tritons for Australia would be allotted, though it did note that "additional [UAVs] may be procured within LRIP Lot 5 and/or LRIP Lot 6".

Thai Navy Confirmed Slashes 33% of Budget, Two Subs on Hold

Second and third submarines deferred as funds diverted to virus fight

The Royal Thai Navy has cut its 2020 budget by 33%, or 4.1 billion baht, of its unspent total so the money can be used to fight the coronavirus outbreak and on rehabilitation.

The spending, which includes payments for the country's second and third submarines from China, will be deferred to fiscal 2021, naval deputy chief of staff Prachachart Sirisawat said on Saturday.

The government earlier asked state agencies to trim their 2020 budgets by at least 10% of their outstanding amounts as of March 31 so the savings could be added to the central or contingency fund used in fighting the Covid-19 situation and drought.

At the navy, a meeting chaired by chief of staff Adm Sittiporn Maskasem agreed to the 33% cut, more than what the government had asked for.

Other projects to be delayed are the construction of a submarine port and the maintenance project for the vessels; the anti-submarine warfare helicopter maintenance and upgrade project; the network-centric warfare system development project; the naval warfare training simulator (NWS) and the secondary weapon system, among others.

In terms of welfare, a project to build lodgings for 64 families will also be put on hold.

The first submarine is scheduled to reach Thailand in 2023.

According to the 2020 budget act, the navy is allocated 20.5 billion baht of the Defence Ministry’s 104.7-billion-baht budget for fiscal 2020 ending in September.

Of the 518.8-billion-baht central budget being used to fight Covid-19, only 96 billion baht is set for contingencies since 51% goes to pensions for all state officials.

South Korea will Support Local Firms to Develop Key Components for KF-X

S. Korea to extend support for developing homegrown parts for key weapons

SEOUL (Yonhap) -- South Korea will extend support for local defense firms to develop key components of major weapons with indigenous technologies to boost the defense industry and create more jobs, the arms procurement agency said Thursday.

The Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) designated 11 ongoing military hardware development projects, and began receiving applications from local firms Thursday to replace their foreign-made parts with indigenous ones.

Those subject to the assistance program include the KF-X project that aims to develop a next-generation fighter jet, and the one to build a light armed helicopter (LAH).

Around 30 billion won (US$24.42 million) will be earmarked to support the chosen companies over the next five years, DAPA said, adding that the winners will be announced in June.

"South Korea enacted a law in February designed to nurture local arms industries. We will continue backing competitive local defense companies and to create more jobs," DAPA chief Wang Jeong-hong said.

What the world looks like when humans stay home

Rotorcraft Operations • Katterbach Army Airfield

April 21, 2020

North Korea's Kim Jong Un is Sick or is DEAD

Allied Air Command released video footage of the Belgium Air Force interception of a group of Russian Federation Air Force fighters above the Baltic Sea on April 17th

Lockheed - Simulation and training is redefined with Prepar3D Version 5

50 Insane Fighter Jets Facts That Will Shock You!

Alabama Air National Guard F-16s • Red Flag

Bill Gates becomes target of coronavirus conspiracy theories

There are documents which indicate that Bill Gates wants to insert microchips in all humans.

The 94th Combat Support Hospital Mobilized to Assist in the Northeast U.S.

April 20, 2020

Lawsuit sues China for six trillion dollars in coronavirus reparations

There are calls for a Nuremberg type trials

Evidence mounts COVID-19 came from a lab in Wuhan

Pakistan Army soldier killed in North Waziristan terrorist attack

A Pakistan Army soldier was martyred and three others were injured on Monday in an attack by terrorists in North Waziristan, said the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR).

The military’s media wing added that five attackers were killed by the army’s retaliatory fire. Terrorists attacked an Army checkpost located 10 kilometres west of the Miranshah, the district’s main town.

The martyred soldier was identified as 43-year-old Havildar Akbar Hussain Khan. A resident of Tehsil Dir Kot with four children.

Italian Army orders 15 AW169 military helicopters

The Italian Army has placed an order with Leonardo for 15 AW169 helicopters. This is the second successful sale of the military variant.

GoPro AIRBORNE JUMP | First Person View

New Zealand Army Band: Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Russian Flag of Russia intercept of Flag of United States US Navy P-8 in international airspace above Mediterranean Sea

April 19, 2020

The Wuhan, China virus lab at the core of a controversy

Of all the many Chinese cities with wild animal markets how is it that virus broke out in Wuhan ?

In the 3rd photo below there is a door called D67 - Animals room 2

Nestled in the hilly outskirts of the city at the heart of the coronavirus crisis, a Chinese high-security biosafety laboratory is now the subject of US claims it may be the cradle of the pandemic.

Chinese scientists have said the virus likely jumped from an animal to humans in a market that sold wildlife in Wuhan, but the existence of the lab has fuelled conspiracy theories that the germ spread from the facility.

The United States has now brought the allegations into the mainstream, with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo saying officials were doing a “full investigation” into how the virus “got out into the world”.

Here are some key questions about the Wuhan Institute of Virology:

What is it?
The institute is home to the China Centre for Virus Culture Collection, the largest virus bank in Asia which preserves more than 1,500 strains, according to its website.

The complex contains Asia's first maximum security lab equipped to handle Class 4 pathogens (P4) — dangerous viruses that pose a high risk of person-to-person transmission, such as Ebola.

The 300 million yuan ($42 million) lab was completed in 2015, and finally opened in 2018, with the founder of a French bio-industrial firm, Alain Merieux, acting as a consultant in its construction.

The institute also has a P3 laboratory that has been in operation since 2012.

The 3,000-square-metre P4 lab, located in a square building with a cylindrical annex, lies near a pond at the foot of a forested hill in Wuhan's remote outskirts.

A-29 Super Tucano Close Air Support Exercise • Afghanistan

Air-to-ground missile launch pylon for the current hH-6 series bombers

Airbus achieved first ever fully automatic boom air-to-air refuelling

U.S. Army wants 20mm that fires 360 degrees for FARA

The U.S. Army has issued a request for information (RFI) to arm its Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA) with a 20mm cannon.

Navy Seabees Prepare Expeditionary Medical Facility (EMF) - Guam

Nothing Can Truly Kill The A-10 Warthog

F-35B Operations • USS America (LHA-6)

April 17, 2020

Libya - another Bayraktar TB2 UAV operated by Turkey in support of GNA downed near Nasmah

NEW Vortex Razor HD 1-10x24 Gen III Optic

The first use of T-72B3M tanks by tankers of the Central Military District in the Southern Urals

Changing of the guard in Afghanistan and Mali

F-15 Strike Eagles Depart Seymour Johnson AFB

Australia Awards Contract for New Navy Facilities

750 construction jobs in WA for new Navy facilities

Western Australia will receive a timely, major economic boost with up to 750 construction jobs supported through works set to commence later this year on new Defence facilities at HMAS Stirling and Henderson.

Minister for Defence Industry, the Hon Melissa Price MP, today announced the award of a $365 million managing contract to Lendlease Building Contractors for the first tranche of works at HMAS Stirling and the Australian Maritime Complex.

The new facilities will support Navy’s new Perth-based ships, as well as the increased number of Navy personnel living and training at HMAS Stirling.

Minister Price said the Morrison Government’s record investment in defence capability was more important now than ever.

“Major infrastructure projects like these will continue to support our defence and construction industries at a time of great uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic,” Minister Price said.

“The Morrison Government has ensured local industry is given maximum opportunity to be involved, with Lendlease committing to an 85 per cent target for local sub-contract work under our Defence Policy for Industry Participation.

“These works are the third package to be delivered under the Navy Capability Infrastructure Sub-program, which will total approximately $2.1 billion of new facilities and infrastructure to be delivered across Australia over the next six years.”

The facilities at HMAS Stirling include living-in accommodation and a specialist training centre to train Navy’s crews in operating and maintaining the new Arafura Class Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs).

The Australian Maritime Complex site will be used by Navy, in concert with key industry partners, for operational maintenance and through-life support of the Arafura Class.

Today’s announcement follows the commencement of construction of the remaining ten new Arafura Class OPVs, being built at the Civmec shipyard in Henderson. The first two OPVs are being built in Adelaide.

The first of the Arafura Class vessels, HMAS Arafura, will be based at HMAS Stirling, is planned to commence trials in 2021 and begin operational employment from 2022.

Most Badass Military Vehicles

Who We Are: U.S. Army Reserve

Royal Australian Air Force Air Warfare Centre - Full Version

Royal Australian Air Force Air Warfare Centre - Short Version

Vietnam Can Turn an American Patrol Ship Hamilton into a Frigate

When transferred to the Vietnamese Navy, the Hamilton-class patrol ship was completely disassembled the armed equipment on board by US. However, we can completely refit these warships.

In theory, when delivered to foreign countries, all weapons on the Hamilton patrol ship will be removed. The only thing that "luck" was not eliminated was the 76 mm gun on the ship.
However, this does not cause the Hamilton ship to lose its power, but on the contrary, it is an opportunity for those receiving the Hamilton ship to enter service (such as Vietnam) to re-equip the ship's weapons system.

In the past, particularly during the Cold War, the United States used to equip an enormous amount of weapons on Hamilton-class patrol ships.

This means that the ship itself can serve as a surface warship. In terms of its payload, Hamilton was fully armed and capable of acting as a frigate.

Specifically, at the time of being armed with "to the root", the American Hamilton ships even added the Mk 141 launcher so that it could launch Harpoon anti-ship cruise missiles.

These launcher are located just behind the main faction, in front of the ship's command tower. In service of this anti-ship cruise missile system, the Hamilton ship is even equipped with surface reconnaissance radar as well as hydrodynamic positioning devices.

At that time, Hamilton was even equipped with 6 torpedo tubes. Unfortunately, these are only 324mm torpedo tubes - not the standard 533mm torpedo tubes.

In addition, the Hamilton ships are also provided with a high-speed artillery system (CIWS)  which allows it to defend itself close to anti-ship missiles, cruise missiles of the enemy.

With Vietnam, we can completely renovate the Hamilton patrol boat in the direction of the frigate, equip it with KT-184 launchers of KH-35 missiles; provide additional Pozitiv-ME radar for air reconnaissance, put Garpun-Bal fire control radar to the top of the tower.

Meanwhile, with its 3,000-ton water extension, Hamilton's "frigate" in the Vietnamese Navy will have extremely formidable power.

Sikorsky HAWK HQ

April 15, 2020

They were lucky to survive of that tail strike in rainy day and wet RWY

This State-of-the-Art Aircraft Carrier Relies on Old Technology

How Much Damage Can the T-84 Oplot Deliver?

How Greek Fire was Used to Target Enemy Ships

Biowarfare Experts On Coronavirus (COVID19)

Norwegian Armed Forces are increasing their presence in lower Norrland

Military Regiments of British Army

Wing Drone Delivery Service Helping Deliver Critical Supplies During Covid-19 Crisis – AIN

Exercise Pitch Black 2020 cancelled

The Australian Ministry of Defense has confirmed that exercise Pitch Black 2020 has been canceled to “ensure compliance with COVID-19-related Government restrictions.”

Early days at Davis–Monthan Air Force Base

Locusts After COVID-19 - The pandemic threatens the people of East Africa

Boeing P-8A Poseidon • Sigonella Italy

April 14, 2020

USS Porter stands watch in the Black Sea, while P8As from VP4 fly in the Mediterranean

Pakistan Army Soldier killed in North Waziristan

Pak Army killed two terrorists during an exchange of fire in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa’s North Waziristan district, a statement issued by the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) said on Friday.

During the exchange of fire with the terrorists at their hideout in Dargai, some eight kilometres north west of Dattakhel, a soldier was also killed, the military’s media wing said.

According to the ISPR, the martyred soldier, identified as Naik Adil Shahzad a resident of Karer village in Mansehra, is survived by his wife and a son.

Chinese Long March 3B rocket fails during launch of Indonesian satellite

It's the second Chinese rocket failure in a month

A Chinese rocket carrying a new communications satellite for Indonesia has failed to reach orbit in a launch gone awry, the second failure for China's space agency in less than a month, state media reported today (April 9).

The Long March 3B rocket lifted off today at 7:46 a.m. EDT (1146 GMT) from China's Xichang Satellite Launch Center in the southwestern province of Sichuan, where the local time was 7:46 p.m. on Thursday night, according to the Xinhua News Agency. The rocket was carrying the Palapa-N1, also known as the Nusantara Dua, a next-generation satellite for broadband and broadcast communications built for the Indonesian joint venture of Indosat Ooredoo and Pasifik Satelit Nusantara.

The first and second stages of the three-stage Long March 3B rocket appeared to perform well during the outset of Thursday's launch. But something went wrong with the third stage, raining debris back to Earth and destroying the Palapa-N1 satellite, Xinhua reported. 
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