July 30, 2011

Beware of photoshopped photos on the web especially the Chinese fakes

Here is what really happened to a SU 27 air craft of the Russian air force

This was photo-shopped to something below and a story was weaved out of the below pics

Here is what really happened

The ejection stills are a fake. The Flanker took off without a canopy and with its rear seat removed, but nobody ever ejected from that aircraft. The pictures showing the ejection are obviously photo shopped, they are of a different Flanker which is sitting on the ground

Many Chinese bloggers are known to do this.

July 17, 2011

Sri Lanka Air Force's MI - 24 Helicopter - No. 7 Squadron SLAF

Hingurakgoda Air Base (Polonnaruwa)


July 8, 2011

J-10 Fighters deployed in Air Base Near Sino-India-Nepal Border at Shigatze Air Base

Besides of the J-11 fighter fleets, Chinese Air Force has begun to deploy its home-made J-10 fighters on the air bases, which locate on the high-land area. These images of J-10 fighters and Z-8 helicopter are perhaps pictured near an air field on Tibet plateau.


And the Z-8 in the photo is probably the AC313, China's first independently developed civilian medium-lift helicopter. AC313 is a 13.8t helicopter with a carrying capacity of 27 passengers or 15 wounded with stretchers. The maximum range is 900km (ca. 559 miles). China once announced that AC-313 is the first indigenous copter to fly on high-altitude area excpet U.S. Black-Hawk.

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